Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ August 2019 โ€“ 23

Earlier this year or last year, there were lots of rumours and blind items that suggested one of the top actresses might be pregnant. Months went by and nothing happened, so it was just a rumour, it seems.

Now word on the street is, another top actress is looking forward to making her family bigger. It could be true as she does not have anything else planned after her upcoming film.

It could be true or the media is just making this a habit. It’s like they wait and watchi which married actresses are not signing other projects then they just figure out it’s because they want a family.

Check out the blind item ย below from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


This Top Actress Is Planning Her First Baby

Congratulations in advance! Mrs, err, an actress-wifey is all set to go in for her first kid. The decision has been taken

We love additions in the family and when it concerns a top actress, we want to bring it to your ears. She has settled down beautifully into matrimony, would give her right arm for her husband, and now wants to have her first child. The husband has worn his dancing shoes and you may soon see his smile widen. Meanwhile, Wifey is soft-pedalling on film offers. The stage is set. Pehchan kaun!

OSOP Guess

Top Actress: Sonam Kapoor


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14 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    Who all thought its Anushka?? Me certainly did

  2. Universal says:

    If Sonam Kapoor is top actress then I am leading columnist

  3. Kiran101 says:

    This cant be right . Sonam is not even an A list actress let alone top actress. She is just a star kid like Jhanvi and Sara . Did you hear anyone call Sara or Jhanvi a top actress?

  4. nefarious says:

    @Admin, read an item by blindgossip which said that PC and Jonas boy sleep in separate rooms while on tour…

    so he IS gay and this marriage is a business arrangement.. i am a tad disappointed, almost thot there was some truth to their fondness for each other, although did find it surprising that Jonas who looks really poised and calm could fall for a older woman who behaves so childish around him :/

    Is sophie also a beard for Joe?

    • Rad says:

      I’m not sure about Jonas being gay, though it would make a lot of sense if he was. Bcos he doesn’t seem to get affected or put off by PC’s over the top fakery which is possible only if this is a business arrangement whereby he can stay totally detached. But I know this wedding has made him a household name in India and other Asian countries which follow Bollywood, which is hugely beneficial to his career.

      • nefarious says:

        yeah…..but he has dated other women too. unless all were beards.

        If he is gay, am sure his family knows…but then i wonder what happened between him and Demi Lovato. She seemed quite pissed at him for not being invited to his wedding, Surely shed know if this was purely a business arrangement. Heck, she wouldnt care too much abt the wedding in that case.

        • Rad says:

          If I’m not wrong, Demi dated Joe Jonas, Nick and she were only friends.

          • Rainbow says:

            She dated joe jonas back in 2008 ,on According to many die hard fans she had feelings for him sincea 2016/17 and even wrote the song “ruin the friendship” about him ๐Ÿ‘€
            I don’t think nick is gay most probably bisexual but their marriage is likely to be just a buisness agreement.

    • Admin says:

      It’s an old blind item, isn’t it? The eldest Jonas brother also sleeps in separate room from his wife and this was revealed by his wife soon after they got married. Later on, the wife said its because he snores, that’s why. ๐Ÿค”

    • Daisy says:

      i dont think sleeping in separate rooms is a big deal today especially when both are working crazy lives. I know some couple friends too who follow the same and they are happily married! Also snoring is a big trouble maker too .. haha

  5. Rad says:

    This is one lady who is getting work due to her connections and powerful family. Maybe with exception of Neerja which I haven’t watched, her acting in all her other movies is meh! And she has foot in mouth disease which she exhibits with gay abandon on twitter. If she planning to start a family she has my blessings.

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