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This not-so-famous Bollywood actors got married out of nowhere surprising even their colleagues in the industry. They used their out-of-nowhere marriage and new status as husband and wife to their advantage. You imagine, no one knew they were even together and suddenly when they got married, their management thought it would be a great idea to make them happen as a Bollywood couple.

Well, this is what happen when you flaunt your relationship way too much. And the husband did not even think about their public status as a couple before he stepped out of her!

What to do? After all, he did cheat or rather ghosted his girlfriend after he met this actress, whom he later married out of nowhere. So his wife shouldn’t be surprised if he is already stepping out. Actually, blame it on technology making it easier for cheaters to cheat!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, nice of this actress’ friend to let the media know what’s going on! Way to go!


Bollywood Blind Item


THINGS don’t look quite so rosy for this newly married Bollywood couple, we hear. Their shotgun wedding garnered much attention, but now that the dust has settled they seem to be a little bored of each other.

We are told the husband has already begun straying. He is believed to have sent some naughty messages to a newly single female actor. The wife, meanwhile, is going through her own struggles, crying on the shoulder of one of her best friends.

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Newly Married Bollywood Couple: Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi


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3 Responses

  1. Nefarious says:

    Who is the newly single actress…

    I think Angad married her due to her connection and rapport with the whose who of BW..

  2. Niks says:

    But they were just recently spotted having lunch at a restaurant…AFAIK,they said that Angad had a crush on her since the past few years and it was Neha who kept rejecting….

    • Kit says:

      They told that story to make them look better.

      I have a feeling Angad never wanted to get married though. I think when Neha discovered she was pregnant, she chose to keep the baby and family pressured Angad to take responsibility for his actions. Also, Neha has close ties with industry people like KJo and Angad needs her connections. It would have been career suicide for him to refuse to marry her.

      Who’s the stupid new actress though? Don’t they ever learn?

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