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You might have heard about this recent earthquake that happened in the Indian cricket team. It was a while ago, but apparently things are not cooling down. It’s kind of silly, if you think about it. This is not even about them, the team. It’s about their husbands and now sh!t is going down that will make it hard for them to come back from it.

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There was a blind item months ago about this actress and how she has been putting herself where she shouldn’t have, such as attending official events with the team and so on. It is strange because official events are meant for those associated with the team and not for those, who are married to the team’s players.

Obviously, people notice the exemption they made for her and the other wives also noticed. Someone has to bow down and let the actress take lead, but guess what? That ain’t happening anytime soon.

It’s funny, though. WAGs used to be a thing in the UK when the football world cup period is on. It wasn’t really a thing in India. Did this actress now make it a thing? Most importantly, do we need to make this a thing? Is this because she is a famous actress so more focus is given on the WAGs?

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Such a headache! If only, boundaries weren’t crossed, they wouldn’t be in this mess!


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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


THE latest from the Indian cricket dressing room, we hear, are WAG cliques. One famous omnipresent WAG is using her chatty-social media skills to make a group of her own with fellow WAGs and players.

She is also taking advantage of the limitations of a rival who cannot be part of all the tours because of her own professional commitments. This coterie formation is still on the boil, and everyone, including us, is watching keenly.


OSOP Guesses

Famous Omnipresent WAG: Ritika Sajdeh

Rival: Anushka Sharma


Speaking of their wives, in the same press con, the questions about the differences between Rohit and Virat’s wives were also raised. However, instead of them answering, it was Ravi Shastri, who was also present at the conference, has a very interesting take on this question.

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7 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    Nothing says bitch face like the one Anushka’s making in this pic πŸ˜›

    The more we see her true colors everyday, the more i get why Ranveer dumped her. she seems to be too controlling and attentions seeking..every other interview she talks about how she doesnt drink at parties and people reveal their secrets to her. Fat lot that makes sense!
    When you hardly at parties and after advertising that you dont drink , you want us to believe ppl spill their secrets to you?

    I remember in one interview RK said hes not sure if Anushka pretends to be weird or is actually weird. Waiting for the day when Virat stops worshipping the ground she walks on

  2. Universal says:

    It was coming isn’t it? Anushka Sharma attending official team receptions posing in front row while vice captain languishing at the end had to blow up. Virat Kohli is calling the shots in the team as there is weak BCCI. Then his wife too throws her weight around. This double whammy for other players will have a blowback.
    Apparently, sometime back Anushka and Dhawan’s wife Aisha had a fallout. Dhawan family is close to Rohit family too. So groupings had to happen.
    Major reason is one player wielding too much power in the system. Now they have given power to the captain to even decide when players wives can join the team! If not corrected, things will get worse.

  3. Rad says:

    In my opinion Anushka should back off immediately. Virat is performing well now so he is indispensable to the team. But good form is not permanent and when he’s not doing well, as a captain, he will need support of each and every team member. And if he doesn’t have an important player like Rohit on his side it will detrimental to him and that will surely create resentment in his mind towards Anushka. I am surprised how she even finds time to make herself available for matches and social events.

    • Rad says:

      Also to add, looking at the pic in the blind, all the wags on one side and Anushka on another, she seems to be completely isolated. Why would she want that? And that must make Virat’s position very awkward too. Why would she want to do that to him?

  4. abcd says:

    It’s very disheartening to see team suffer not because of poor team management or bad performance, but due to ego of those people who are not playing on field. I hope virat starts Disassociating anushka from his work so that at least during the next world Cup the team doesn’t suffer. Anushka can make good use of her skills in movies, either through acting or resuming work on her production house.

  5. Tanuja says:

    Don’t know who got this news out or whether it’s true or not but the only person who looks bad here is Anushka.Anyone who follows the Indian cricket team on social media knows how she was the only partner present at the high commissioner’s thing and if Ritika is airing her opinion along with the other WAGs,she’s not wrong is she?anyone would be annoyed….unless Anushka had attended through a personal invite but it seems unlikely

  6. dsang says:

    i don’t belive this… all seems spread by anushka’s PR. she’s the one who is omnipresent.

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