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This must be the 5th blind item about the situation in this actress’ home. So much has been written about what is happening and since this actress is not relevant enough or that popular anymore, it’s safe to say no one is making this up.

But the question is, where are these blind items coming from? If this is between 4 people or maybe 5 if you count the sis-in-law, then who among them is leaking this?

Anyways, it’s what gives us gossip.

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So by now, there’s little doubt that this is not true. This blind item does shed a few lights on what has been going on and also gives out more gossip. Apparently, the man has cheated before or rather, has been stepping out on his wife  starting from when they first got married. The wife caught him red-handed, it must have been like a deja-vu for him!

The blind item also answers the question that many of you had, which is why are they being super nice and loving to each other when they are going through this! Seriously though, does this mean every time he got caught, he took them out on holiday?

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Now onto the actress’ mother. There was a blind item way back when Bollywood was shooting its first ever same-sex comedy with commercial stars. This actress just hit fame again after being in a reality show. She was hired in that film just for an item song. So this was a blind item by Rajeev Masand and he said that this actress and her mother was harassing this guy to give her a huge diamond and finalize a wedding date. As in, give her a commitment – speed things up since he was already married with a child then.

So naturally now if there is trouble brewing, the MIL will be concerned again hence why she asked him to sign over the property to their kid. As it is, the man is responsible for the family. But, it is nice that he has patched things up with his ex and his daughter. Men do come to their senses even if it is years later. That poor child, though!

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This actress will not divorce him. Not unless she gets someone else, who’s rich enough. It’s all about bank accounts and image in Bollywood!

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


THIS actress’ marriage is on the rocks and property battle has ensued between her mother & husband

A couple of months ago, the husband was caught in flagrante delicto with a hot television actress-turned-movie actress and this time the actress couldn’t keep quiet.

There have been rumours about this actress’s marriage for quite some time but everyone is in denial. She a fitness freak, who is making a comeback, and launching various apps for the last few years. Her marriage to a businessman has been on the rocks for quite a few years and all because of his roving eye.

He has his flings and usually discreetly but in recent times, he was caught red-handed in a delicate situation with a hot and sultry television actress. His wife walked in on the scene, he cried and begged to be forgiven, said it was his last time, pleaded that he was committed only to the actress and they went off on a long holiday. While everything seems hunky-dory on that front at present, it is not…

It is also the businessman’s second marriage (with the actress) and buzz is that, the husband broke off all contact with his first wife and daughter, at the insistence of the actress and her mother. It seems the man loves his flirtations and news of one, soon came to the actress’s ears, a few months after the wedding. But because it happened abroad (the actress has an apartment there), soon denials came forth and the matter was hushed up.

Everything seemed fine for a few years with the actress settling into domestic bliss and motherhood. But the flings of the husband still went on… With the actress preferring to turn a blind eye… And even supporting him through thick and thin. The actress believes that marriage is for keeps.

A couple of months ago, the husband was caught in flagrante delicto with a hot television actress-turned-movie actress and this time the actress couldn’t keep quiet. She fumed and fretted and they had a huge fight. Both have been fighting like mad in recent times but post loving pics of happy holidays on social media so only both their families know the marriage is on the rocks.

The actress threatened to walk out of the marriage but again he pleaded and cried, said it was his last time and asked for one more chance. It wasn’t just about their marriage, the actress felt, but also involved their families, so she succumbed to his tears. A family holiday was announced and again social media posts of ‘Happy Family’ went up all over, from all members of the family. Interestingly, his family has never approved of his marriage to the actress and is closer to the first wife.

But matters have not ended there. What has now escalated the issue more is the actress’s mother, who decided to take matters into her own hands. She could not sit around and watch her daughter’s life disintegrate before her own eyes. Before the couple went off on their holiday, maa-in-law demanded that the husband sign over his entire property and businesses to his son (and her grandson).

She feels that he has established contact with his first wife and daughter (who is grown-up today) and he may give it equally to both his children. To her shock and dismay, the actress’s husband flatly refused to sign over and till date is refusing to do so. A huge argument erupted between the star’s husband and his mother-in-law and she didn’t accompany them on the family holiday.

The comeback announcement is timely and also, seems to send out a clear warning to the actress’s husband that she can manage without him… After all, she is hot, glamorous and has the star power to pull in the audiences.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Shilpa Shetty

Hot Television Actress: Karishma Tanna

Husband: Raj Kundra


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8 Responses

  1. Harsh says:

    Wow! Separating a father from his daughter and then expecting to have a happy life?

  2. Jhintaak says:

    Shilpa comes across as a kind hearted lady. Hope things work out for her!

  3. kit says:

    Besides, Shilpa was never one of those actresses who pulled audiences on her own. She wasn’t even among the top 5 actresses either in acting ability or box office appeal in the 90s or 2000s so why the confidence that she can pull audiences now?

  4. kit says:

    The MIL is crazy!!! When Shilpa isn’t the source of the wealth? I hope he doesn’t sign it.

  5. Rad says:

    I just can’t understand this desperation of bollywood wives to put up with cheating husbands. Do they lose all self respect so much so that even when the whole world knows about the cheating they still cling on to the hubby? And Shilpa still looks great. I’m sure she must have saved up some money and with her looks can still get good work. They why doesn’t she just kick Raj’s cheating a$$ and show some dignity?

    Btw Admin is this blind being repeated or is the site acting up?

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