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The only person happy with this is Mr. Khiladi! That is, if no other big film clashes with him next year. Shoutout to KebabJo who produced such a huge bomb so his Aloo can get this film!

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The shooting of this upcoming film is going to be epic. If this is what is happening before shooting has even start, you can bet more drama will be happening. Just stay tune!

This filmmaker is really passionate about film-making so on his set, other than him, no one has the right to be a diva. The thing is now he has hired this superstar for his next film and that superstar is also a diva and does whatever he wants on the sets of his films, including waking up anytime he wants and coming to sets anytime he wants and shooting for however long he wants. Yes, he da boss on his sets!

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Ironically when this filmmaker signed this superstar on, we were wondering why he did that since he’s way past handling superstars’ airy ways, which was why he was working with new stars instead of big stars.

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The filmmaker has his own way of doing things so naturally it is his film so he is the one who gets to decide on the people to hire. But this superstar also works on films bringing in his own people because he is generous like that. For years now, he has had his sister on his team so obviously, he thought he would bring in his sister again.

Now, you know how he is about family?! So obviously, he will be mad that this filmmaker doesn’t want to hire his sis. Who knows?! If this goes on, he might even refuse to wear clothes throughout the film! Nothing new in that.

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Anyways, this is just the beginning. It will be interesting to see if they can really complete the film on schedule. Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


Superstar threatens to WALKOUT of a big budget movie if the filmmaker didn’t use his buddy’s work

The filmmaker tried to reason and even argue with the actor that the relatives and friends weren’t equipped to handle a film of this scale, magnitude and characters.

When the cast of the superstar’s next movie with a famous filmmaker was announced, it was spoken of like a dream casting. The filmmaker was working with the superstar after years AND the actress opposite the superstar (though a trifle young), was an extremely talented one. It was a fresh pairing. The romantic drama was a big-budget extravaganza shot over many countries.

Dates were locked, locales were finalised and almost all the technicians were sorted – till it came to the costume and wardrobe department as the superstar insisted on having his own way. It was a deadlock with the actor staging a walkout till the filmmaker had to give in – as his movie would get postponed!

The superstar and the filmmaker had stopped working for a few years as the actor felt deeply let down by the director over another movie. But after their patch-up, the filmmaker narrated an unconventional love story which the superstar loved and gave an immediate nod to.

The movie was announced and technicians were being finalised till the filmmaker received a roadblock from the star. The superstar said his own relatives and a close buddy would do his costumes (they do for all his movies, events and television shows and are known to charge extravagantly for them) and styling in the movie.

The superstar is known for his own style of working as he’s moody and temperamental. From his team to the cast, music and his clothes, the actor picks and chooses everything, according to his own satisfaction and those who don’t listen, are dropped from his date diary.

He is known to launch newcomers and promote wannabe actors and actresses even though they fail to leave an impact at the box-office. And when it comes to his family and friends, his love is so unconditional, that even though he has faced much criticism, he is always promoting their work.

Now, the director likes his own team of technicians. He has his own style of working and is known to hire newcomers, so he doesn’t have to pay too much. The filmmaker is also known to be moody and temperamental, but his grandiose blockbusters mounted on a lavish scale are not just super entertainers but churn in the moolah and pump an actor’s career to an extreme high. In fact, most stars, fall over themselves to work with him and are known to reduce their fees too, so they can get a role in his musical extravaganzas.

The filmmaker tried to reason and even argue with the actor that the relatives and friends weren’t equipped to handle a film of this scale, magnitude and characters. He is playing a stylish tycoon and his look demanded something different. The superstar and his styling, in recent times, have been getting plenty of flak from his fans and audience for his backdated (and repetitive) style of dressing. But no argument or calm reasoning could change the superstar’s mind.

He was adamant that it would be his relatives who designed his outfits or he wouldn’t do the film. The hapless filmmaker had no option but to bow down to his demand. After such a big announcement and locking almost the entire cast, crew and locales, it would have been terribly expensive to postpone the movie and begin searching again for another top hero, again!

If the superstar is not careful, his arrogance and unreasonable demands (especially that of promoting his kin), may lead to an even bigger downfall. Pride, they say, comes before a fall…

OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Famous Filmmaker: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Trifle Young Actress: Alia Bhatt

As per an insider close to the production house, “Sanjay only narrated the first half of ‘Inshallah’ to Salman. He wasn’t ready with the post-interval sequences. Salman asked Sanjay to also read out the second half and how the film would play out, especially the climax which is very important in the film. ‘Inshallah’ is a sweet love story and the way the film is treated will be very different from any of Salman’s films that we have seen in the last few years.”

It seems that apart from the second half issue, both Sanjay and Salman felt that ‘Inshallah’ might not be the right release for Eid. The source added, “’Inshallah’ isn’t a staple Salman film. It doesn’t have over the top action or applause-inducing power-packed one-liners that Salman’s Eid releases are famous for. They both felt that it would have a more organic feel if it came out later in the year. As of now, they are thinking of December 2020 as the time to release the film.”


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Inshallah’ starring Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt which was earlier scheduled for Eid 2020 release, has been postponed and the new date is yet to be announced. Taking to his Twitter account, superstar Salman made the announcement. However, as per reports, theatrical rights of the movie have been sold for a whopping amount of Rs 190 crore! For the uninitiated, ‘Inshallah’ marks the reunion of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Salman Khan after 20 long years post ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and the two actors will be sharing the screen space for the first time.

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24 Responses

  1. Bollyfangurl says:

    I read somewhere that Sallu wanted his other protegees in the film. But in Koffee with Karan he had said that he loved Alia.

  2. Neep says:

    It’s official, the movie will not happen. Cheers. It was going to be a pedo disaster. And it serves Aalia and her mentor their just desserts.

  3. Universal says:

    So glad this film is shelved for now. I hope it stays in the shelf. Let bhai make Kick 2,3,4 Race19, Tiger 25 baar zinda hua etc etc
    Bhansali needs to stick to his art and give us fresh faces.

  4. Self-Love says:

    Looks like luck isn’t favoring Alia these days. First Kalank flopping, then Brahamastra getting postponed and re shot, then Kangana calling her out, then Takht getting pushed ahead to 2021, then no national award or special mention for Raazi, now Inshallah getting shelved. No wonder these days she is doing special numbers to stay in the news but that too is not working out as she is hardly getting any praises for her dance moves in those songs. The funny thing is as soon as the news of Inshallah getting shelved came out yesterday, she was spotted outside KJO’s house. The girl can never be independent and make her own choices in life. No wonder the Kapoors like her, as they know she can be easily controlled and manipulated by them.

  5. Sheena says:

    Guys the movie is shelved as of now! Yay. Aloo deserves it.

    • abcd says:

      If this is not beginning of evil aloo’s payback karma for all her evil deeds, then what is it? It seems that heartless jerk will be cast opposite srk in another Slb movie. Backstabber aloo is also set to work on dulhaniya series again with vd. But now that her ugly face is now out in the open, working equation with vd would change. Also, except for trapped rk, people who need work from chameleon kjo and chameleon Kjo himself, nobody from Bollywood has appreciated uglia’s music video. Suffering in bad marriage through rk all her life will take evil aloo’s suffering to another high level.

  6. KV says:

    I’m so looking forward to the dramas….icing on the cake will be the movie hits the screen after multiple dramas by the actors/director and then fails miserably. I loathe Alia and KJo.

  7. Universal says:

    Why SLB, Why?! Why would you ruin your dream run in recent years for the whims of an ageing star. Salman can’t carry hefty roles and that is for everyone to see in past 4-5 years. Alia can’t do it either. Instead SLB should have taken fresh faces and make a movie in his style. This is going to be a disaster.

  8. Rad says:

    All recent movies that Sallu has interferred in have turned out to be disasters, tubelight, race 3, bharat etc. So its in his benefit to obey the director. Also I feel Alia is going to stand out like a sore thumb. Somehow I’m not able to envision her in a Salman movie.

    • nefarious says:

      @Rad: Ditto. I wont put it beyond Sallu to give her a hard time given how she back stabbed his dearest kitty-kat

      • Jack says:

        When did alia back stab kat? Alia got into a relationship with RK after kat broke with him. But kat back stabbed Salman to date RK.Kat is not dear to Salman. Salman is helping kat to resurrect her flop career.

        • abcd says:

          Aloo backstabbed kat to get rk in the pretext of flaunting friendship through workout/parties and chat shows.Paid tweets of alia can’t change her karma for taking advantage of kat’s past get rk.alia will certainly suffer. Please check earlier comments on previous posts for detailed information.

          • Nacy says:

            I have no sympathy for Kat. Ranbir cheated on Deepika with her , then she left Salman for him. Karma is a bitch. It’s what she deserves

    • Nancy says:

      Lmao this is such a lie. How convenient to leave out Tiger Zinda Hai and Sultan? Also Bharat not a disaster, it was a clean HIT.

      • Rad says:

        @nefarious That I think I will enjoy. No sympathy for her.

        @Nancy The list I have given is where Salman interferred and got his way. I purposely left out TZH and Sultan because it was mostly director’s vision and therefore hits. Bharat might not have been a disaster but it didn’t do the kind of business expected from a Salman movie.

  9. Samantha says:

    Its looking like an improbable blind! Cos SLB is notorious for having his way, his way only; n no other way!! Plus, Salman needs him more at this stage of his fading superstardom than the other way around!

  10. abcd says:

    sallu had recommended kat for the movie. but slb refused to cast kat. the matter did not escalate too much. but when it came to sallu’s family, sallu took the matter in his own hands. slb will realise the value of working with rs during the shoot of the movie. Evil aloo will have harsh reality check. Heartless aloo has been over pampered by all people she has worked with so far, so a mellowed down slb might remove all that anger on her. Horrible aloo will also try to release lot on negative blinds on sallu in future through this movie to make sallu look bad. so whatever happens, happens for good.

    • Ratia says:

      U Know, I am quite looking forward to alu getting humiliated by Salman😂😂.even though she has powerful backups.but when did it stopped salman.he humiliates all his heroines even Ash n Kat.

      • Nancy says:

        This movie involves two people who actually give no fucks when it comes to having their way. I wonder if Kjo is going to interfere in this😄. I can’t wait for Sanjay to lose his temper on Alia or give Salman more attention. I’d like to see if she’ll go running to Papa

    • Jack says:

      How can kat act as a young girl.The film is about unconventional love story between a middle age man and a young girl. Kat is nearing 40 she doesn’t fit for this film.

      • abcd says:

        So it’s okay for older actors working with very young heroines, probably half of their age in the name of so called script requirements?? What kind of mentality is it, especially when in lot of countries where crime is at its peak as younger women are treated as slaves to older men?? This is foolishness at its peak and encourages such horrible mentality. Cruel aloo has proved once again that she’s a fake supporter of equality and blot on womanhood by being a part of such nusiance. Horrible Aloo looks like sallu’s grandchild. Sallu & kat also have age difference, but with selfish aloo and disha, difference is a lot more.

      • Rad says:

        If role requires middle aged man Sallu doesn’t suit either. He is grandpa age 😀

      • Papaess says:

        It’s hardly an unconventional love story. Most Hindi films have much older male stars paired with much younger female stars. Kat may be approaching 40, but Salman is 53. That’s what – a 14-15 year age gap? Hollywood is similar. Maggie Gyllenhaal said in an interview that she said she lost out on a great role because at 37, she was considered “too old” for the 55 year old hero!

        • Rad says:

          Though I do acknowledge the age disparity bet hero and heroine in hollywood too, the difference is the 55 yo hero is either divorced/separated with a grown up child or older guy not yet married. They don’t try to pass him off as a 20-25 year old youth just passed out from college. Also there are a lot of good roles for older female actors like Meryl
          Streep, Nicole Kidman Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Robin Wright….I can keep going, all still acting. Compare this with a Madhuri, Raveena, Shilpa etc who just cannot get lead roles. Except Tabu hats off to her.

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