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The blind item is about this acclaimed film that was recently in the news for winning India’s most prestigious award. We don’t know why this situation is being highlighted now since the actress did not even won anything at this award.

It would have been nice, though, if she was awarded something. If you read the blind item below, you might think that this actress won something, which is why it is surprising that this story is being brought up now.

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Now that we know the other actress was suggested by the studio boss, it is interesting to think what the other actress would have done with the role. It is also interesting to think that the studio boss, one of India’s richest men, has the time to read scripts and decide which actress he wants in the film. Maybe his wife suggested her, who knows?!

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Again, this actress who was cast was perfect for this role. She does mean and cold characters best. How did she not even receive a mention for her portrayal of this character, we’ll never know!

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand. By the way, it’s nice that producers are still considering the other actress for roles and even willing to fly people to the other side of the world just to give her a narration. Well, some people couldn’t care less about what she did. People with money, that is. See, making connections is good. And also, inviting these special people to your wedding!

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Bollywood Blind Item


In Director We Must Trust

One of 2018’s biggest hits and a critics’ favourite, this delicious Bollywood thriller scooped up a slew of awards at every ceremony, including a clutch of National Awards. One of the dark suspense film’s biggest strengths is the bravura performance by its leading lady: a celebrated star who took a decidedly negative role.

But the story goes that if the studio coproducing the film had its way, the actress might not have landed the role. Those who worked on the film say the director had his heart set on casting this actress, who had committed in principle. But the studio boss was keen on casting another actress, with recent international stardom and success. The other actress was also interested; she summoned the director for a narration to the US where she was filming then. The studio offered to fly the director out, but he refused to go.

Later when the β€˜other actress’ was in Mumbai, the studio set up another meeting with the director, but he didn’t show up. Finally, the studio boss gave up. The director’s choice signed the dotted line, and the rest is history. The studio boss admits nobody could’ve done the role better than her.

OSOP Guesses

Film: Andhadhun

Director: Sriram Raghavan

Actress: Tabu

Another Actress: Priyanka Chopra



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7 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Thank god the director didn’t budge. Tabu was the perfect choice. So glamorous yet mysterious

  2. Nancy says:

    Well thank God PC didn’t do the role

  3. Vicky says:

    Casting of Anil Dhawan was also masterstroke since it was his old songs played in the background and 70s 80s Raghavan fixation is well known.Nothing negative about it it’s his forte.PC playing Dhawan’s wife would’ve surely ruined the entire film.better sense prevailed.

  4. Sara says:

    Priyanka can do negative role really well like she did in Aitraz and 7 khoon maaf but she has no talent of Tabu. For casting Priyankia Shriram Raghav had to make some changes in script as Priyanka would not agree to play midlle aged woman and she’d not even look like one. Tabu was perfect for the role, she looked the part and played that character so well that Priyanka would never be able to do

  5. Rad says:

    This character required someone who looked middle aged, older than Ayushman but still glamorous. And I can’t think of anyone who would have fit this role better than Tabu. It was perfect casting, glad the director knew what he wanted and refused to budge.

  6. Samantha says:

    Tabu played a middle aged woman role! I dont think PC wud have accepted purely cos it showed an age diff between Tabu n Ayushmann’s characters

  7. NARS says:

    Hmm now has me thinking – But yah! PeeCee chops would’ve really sexify the role, the chemistry with her and Ayushman would’ve really rocked. The climax might’ve had a stronger impact. However, Tabu was wonderful, just thinking out loud.

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