Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 11

This blind item was released last week, which is in no way based on today’s news. It could be that today’s news was derived from this blind item, which a little more details added in.

Alright, so many of you are going to ask, “If these two are fake then why are they tying the knot?”. Well, it’s the age of taking it to the altar now as you have seen from both Bollywood and Hollywood. Heck, some of them even have babies and then when their contract is up, they just split up amicably citing irreconcilable differences.

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So back to the blind item

Word on the street is there will be 3 big weddings next year in 2020. Out of the 3 big weddings supposedly happening, 2 are the real deals. As of now, it is left to be seen whether these 2 weddings will really happen. The first couple is quite a controversial pair, not because of their age difference but because of the scandalous back story of how they got together. If they do get married, it will be interesting to see who shows up, who among the big stars and big families in Bollywood. Unless they decide to go for a private wedding. If only his stepmom was here to see this! By the way, will they be serving BBQ ribs at the wedding?

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The second couple has been having a few problems lately. It’s mostly from his side. He seems to think that his career will be destroyed he gets married. People won’t be interested in him anymore as he thinks it’s him being single that makes him appealing. Who knows?!

Well, his fans won’t be too happy to find out he enjoys going on the merry-go-round. Somehow the blind item mentions how his parents are against this dalliance, which is not true. For his part of this blind item, it probably came from him as it is also mentioned how he HAS to marry her since her parents gave him the ultimatum!

The third part of the blind item is about Bollywood‘s golden boy! The one and only that they keep pushing out in front as the most talented and most deserving of them all! Yeah, only to KebabJo and gang. So, it seems his parents want him to settle down next year. Note how in the blind you get their side of the story on how the girl now is good for him and his exes were unsuitable partners.

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Seriously? Who cheated and who ran away? How is it always the girls’ faults? Their darling son can do no wrong, can he now? Let’s see how far this relationship of his manages to go. Of course, his parents like her because she is young and has a great career and let’s not forget, they think they can control and manipulate her. “Their standards” – she has managed to live up to that! His family went through a tumultuous year so there’s no way he is going to say no to his family. Let’s see next year what happens, his parents would already be home by then. Can he keep a relationship long enough?

Check out this melange of blind items about the upcoming shaadis next year from Hindustan Times.

Bollywood Blind Item


Wedding Belles

So, our filmy jasoos swears there’s going to be a spate of weddings in Bollywood next year. β€œThe svelte divorcee and her hunky actor BF are definitely on,” he says, β€œShe is keen to settle down and get the media and paps off their backs. So that’s definitely on,” he says , adding,

β€œAs for the successful actor and his non-industry, long-time GF, though it will be suicidal for his career, since he is one of the few bachelor stars left and much of his public adulation is predicated on his singlehood, much against his parents’ wishes, he is going ahead with matrimony as his partner’s insecurities mount with every passing day and her parents have given him an ultimatum that either they get married next year or the relationship is off.”

But, it is the third couple that had our ears pricked. According to the jasoos, the couple du jour, both A-list stars hailing from distinguished filmy families, who are very much in love, despite their age gap, are also making plans to tie the knot next year. β€œThis time, it’s the boy’s parents who are insisting he settle down, having emerged from what they feel are a couple of disastrous relationships with unsuitable partners, the fact that he’s finally found someone who is appropriate by their standards, has prompted them to make their wishes amply clear to their son. And for once, he is prepared to take their advice on board.”

So, shall we expect band baaja and baarat all over again? β€œAll three will take place in 2020 and as far as the grapevine goes, are being planned as destination weddings,” he informs.


OSOP Guesses

Svelte Divorcee & Her Hunky Actor BF: Malaika Arora Khan & Arjun Kapoor

Successful Actor & His Non-Industry, Long-time GF: Varun Dhawan & Natasha Dalal

A-List Stars: Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor




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17 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Since when is Arjun Kapoor a ” hunk” ?

  2. Sarita says:

    @ admin – on side note, do you think Kjo has some hidden agenda with the non nepo actors? He basically invites them to his parties, make them feel part of his group, make them sign his mindless movies. And finally ensure they fade off so nepo kids rule? I recently read that sushant movie β€œDrive” is not going to be released. He did all this sushant… I wonder kjo has plans to do the same with rajkumar, aayushman, Vicky etc. Rajkumar is smart guy. He won’t fall to kjo evil plans. He did not even want to come to kwk show. I hope the other 2 learn to be smart as well.

    As far as these guys being invited to his parties, he attaches himself with success and right now, these guys are a hot commodity!

    • Admin says:

      It does seem this way. He wants to be in control and by doing so, he will be the most powerful man in Bollywood. That has been his new thing since he launched Alia and took a special interest in her career. He has many more star kids to launch and there’s just not that much space to accommodate everyone. Besides he himself said, people are more interested in seeing the son or daughter of who’s who than the son or daughter of nobody!

    • Nefarious says:

      But if he is investing in them , why would he invest in a mindless project that are bound to be flops?. I suspect he sees if they will give him returns, if not..he kicks them out of his coterie.

      I guess thats why we dont see Sid at his house parties anymore. He probably gets chances cos he was Kjos ex ….but he met the same fate as John Abraham. Glad to see JA found a way around to survive BW sans KJo

  3. nefarious says:

    Also, without Kjo’s help Aloo wouldnt get RK. Shes signed up for it and do think and they deserve each other. They may want to be the power couple but they look odd, no one roots for them…

    id root for PC and Jonas more than them.. at least theres still some semblance of love between them as opposed to RK-Alia..

    Its just sad to see the Bhatts support her in all this. I expected better from Soni and Mahesh… but they are just full of gas no substance.

  4. Joe says:

    RK-AB are a match made in heaven, both deserve each other and since they both are marrying each other, not only they saved 2 lives from getting ruined, but their marriage issues will also be unique to them lol!

    Hypocrisy, evil, manipulation MUST always marry their likes.

  5. abcd says:

    Just saw evil aloo’s latest music video, just could not stand it. Cruel aloo is trying too hard to look pretty, but she looks like a confused teenager stranded in an adults party. Unethical Aloo still looks like a crow and not a peacock. Wait, crows would be hurt for comparing them to that heartless
    aloo, so then poor rk must be pulling his hair, scratching his head and crying in front of neetu kapoor and kjo for throwing aloo in his life. This is
    rk’s karma.

  6. Sheena says:

    God riddance i say to Kat – no one deserves to suffer with Rat only if you are evil manipulative arrogant baby Alia. Let the baby get her toy and then cry all her life with the druggie cheater sadist husband

  7. Monalisa says:

    Ranbir must be cursing the day he agreed to the fauxmance with Alia. His parents are pressuring him along with kjo now he is stuck with Alia forever or will he run away like he always does.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. nefarious says:

    As hard as i try, i will never be able to understand Kjos affection and love for alia despite all the newcomers that he has launched, she seems to be special for him. He went as far as to get her wish to get RK…

  9. Samantha says:

    Alia n Ranbir will not get married; Alia n Ranbir ll not get married; RANBIR N ALIA LL NOT GET MARRIED! Period! Kjo, Ayan, Manish Malhotra, Alia n Ranbir should STOP this nonsense!

  10. KA says:

    if alia and ranbir are really getting married, its time for sara and kartik to back off, especially kartik has to take a stand or else in future he might end up losing kriti, true love comes by chance so wise not to forgo it. lets see what unfolds in future πŸ™‚

  11. Rad says:

    The irony in this blind item is that despite the age difference, the only positive relationship seems to be that of Malaika-Arjun. It might not last but at least they seem to be getting married for the right reasons. The other two are going to end up with cheating husbands and a life of misery.

  12. abcd says:

    If kat’s past was a reason for rejecting her,then kapoors are hypocrites of the worst kind. Standard means what? Are they not aware of rk’s bed
    hopping activites? Bhatts are carried away with kapoor surname. Can’t they see in what kind of hell are they throwing aloo? Aloo’s emotional and mental suffering is assured throughout her life, if she marries rk. Aloo seems to have decided to make a fool of her self. Wonder how kat must be feeling after seeing all this nuisance. Her fading career must be adding insult to the injury.

    Malaika must be aware of some arjun’s dark secrets, so he agreed to marry malaika, otherwise boney would have not let this marriage happen.

    natasaha is a living example of how money overtakes loyalty. Both are rich, so it is a win win situation for them.

    The 3 grooms: rk, arjun and varun would be having the last laugh in these marriages.

    • Crazyworld says:

      Boney has no moral justification to stop the marriage. He abandoned Arjun and his mother to be with another woman. Arjun’s mother died of cancer before his first film. I can understand him seeking solace with an older woman especially one like Malaika who seems to be in control. The part of her being his girlfriend’s sister in law is bad though.

      I believe Malaika was also cheated on by her husband but typical society would make her husband out to be a saint. Even if she hadn’t cheated, they would have found a way to make her look bad.

      See the comments to know how typical society reasons. All are blaming Alia calling her names while somehow the man who cheated on the other women is pitied. Funny thing is most of the comments come from fans of the other actresses because Alia was supposedly Katrina’s friend. Please. They were never friends. Besides, it was about a year after RK broke up with Katrina before he started a relationship with Alia. And Katrina is throwing herself at Bollywood’s favourite “Bhai”. She obviously hasn’t learnt her lesson.

      My point is, Focus your insults on the jerk who cheated. If it wasn’t Alia, it would have been someone else.

      As for Varun, I’m disappointed he’s turning out to be the typical Bollywood hero, cheating on his longtime girlfriend to the extent he’s been forced to marry her. My heart goes out to her. If only she’s smart enough to get out of the relationship. Doesn’t she have family members to give her good advice?

      It’s truly a man’s world after all.

      • abcd says:

        i have mentioned it several times, saying once again, please check several chat shows and interviews where aloo has referred kat as friend. be it casual or best friend, betrayal is betrayal. aloo could have either helped in patch up or stayed away, but she chose the wrong way. as far as the guy is concerned, he is not getting the amount of stardom that justifies his talent. rivals are far ahead. if you have purposely decided to ignore the truth, then what is there to say? kat supported her family without money, father and education, what is that one responsible thing evil aloo has done till now? if aloo was in kat’s place, would she still stoop to such level? nobody deserves to be in that hell.everyone has a different kind of troubled past, does that give aloo the right to demean and use others? she just used the situation to benefit herself.


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