Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 10

The blind item below can be one of many things. For sure, this long blind item is better than her debut film! So, this blind item might come as a surprise for many because for starters, this BI comes from a place where usually something like this won’t be released.

It can either be a fake blind item or it can be something that really happened. Either way, someone is really pissed at her because if this is fake, her people are not doing her any favour!

Let’s go with the option that this is a true BI. It checks out several stuffs, including the affair between this male actor and the other newbie in the same film that this star kid made her debut in. The affair is what prompted the actor’s girlfriend to contact his mother to put some sense in him.

So if this is a true BI, it means her mentor could have aired her dirty laundry out. Maybe he doesn’t want to deal with her anymore. After all, he already has a lot of star kids on his plate. Maybe he is mad at her mother, who knows?!

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You hook up with a snake, you might just end up getting poisoned! For the past few weeks, she has been really active online doing this or that, promoting something or someone. Her mentor has been sending her out promoting herself, telling people what’s in her bag and not to be a bully.

It is true that other than this remake, she doesn’t have anything else on her platter. So either, she continues to hustle or like the BI said, she can continue her studies! It’s never too late.

By the way, hopefully while they were shooting her debut film, she was not in character.

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. And the ending snide remark!

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Bollywood Blind Item


THIS star kid threw tantrums & made life miserable on sets for female co star

It is true that those who come from filmi families have a better deal than a rank newcomer. The newcomer cannot complain but has to grin and bear it, especially when everybody insists that it  is best for her – no matter how much emotional harassment she has to face from her co-star actress.

While the much-awaited bubbly, youthful college drama, starring a young action hero has come and gone, we have come to know that the great friendship portrayed between the two actresses was all fake. Both were newcomers but one comes from a Bollywood family.

Her father, who comes from a wealthy family, was a hero at one time but now takes on character roles while the mother hosts corporate and social events for a certain fee. The Bollywood newbie actress made life hell for the rank newcomer during the shoot and after and made sure that even during the post release she was kept out of the movie promotions as much as possible.

During the making of the film, she’s-my-buddy posts, declaring their warm friendship, would be posted all over social media. But contrary to their friendly chatter, the Bollywood newbie actress made her co-star’s life miserable on the sets of the film. Almost every day, the rank newcomer would go to her vanity van and quietly cry her heart out. The only person she could confide in was her male action hero co-star who lent her a sympathetic ear and his loving arms (so much so that his long time girlfriend too broke up with him).

This made the Bollywood newbie more insecure and she would insist on the best of everything – from makeup to hairdresser to clothes. She would check with everybody on the sets what the rank newcomer was wearing and keep tabs on her scenes. If not given what she wanted, she would throw a fit – contrary to the sugary sweet persona that she portrays.

The rank newcomer has been appreciated by Bollywood and signed some good movies. But few know that the Bollywood newbie is extremely insecure about other issues too. As her first movie tanked at the BO, she managed to sign one film post that – that too thanks to her mentor, a big producer in Bollywood (who gave her first break). But in that movie too, her role is not much.

Her media managers tried to keep her in the news by linking her with her male co-star in the love triangle but he is head-over-heels in love with another newbie actress and does not even look at her.

The other actress in the movie is not a newcomer but has a powerful studio backing her. She is fiery and definitely won’t eat humble pie, as the Bollywood newbie’s first co-star did. She is very talented and can eat up anybody on screen with her performances and this is making the Bollywood newbie actress insecure. Her mentor too, is now giving all the plum projects to another newbie from a prestigious Bollywood family.

The Bollywood newbie has been launching all kinds of apps to keep herself in the news, but filmi folks feel that she is too young for this right now. But with her media managers and publicists who claim to know what’s best for her, nobody is listening.

Maybe she should have just completed her education and then entered Bollywood


OSOP Guesses

Bollywood Newbie: Ananya Pandey

Rank Newbie: Tara Sutaria

Actor: Tiger Shroff

Actor’s GF: Disha Patani

Male Co-Star: Karthik Aaryan

Another Newbie: Sara Ali Khan




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10 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    I don’t know Ananya and haven’t seen her film but there is something very unlikable about her and her creepy smile is freaking me out. You know there are people who have this sweet-fake smile all the time and you know that they are evil in real life so I have same feelings about Ananya. What about Sara-Kartik love, it seems staged to me, like one more fake couple to promote Imtiaz Ali’s movie and make Kartik look desirable. Sara seems a smart girl I hope she’ll stop this fake dating thing and will not turn into KJ’s every made up fake couple

  2. MotherOfDragons says:

    Lmao Bollywood is slowly fading away. Cannot remember the last decent film I watched. So much drama off sets and on sets. So much link up stories, all these and yet no substance in the films.

    You forget that the world is now a global village, everyone has access to well made movies and shows from ALL over the world. Yet someone thought that making something like SOTY2 and Zero (and a long list of others I dont care to name right now, mostly cos I cant be bothered to remember the names) is a good idea. You snooze you lose.

    The world moves on, and it moves onto better content, better actors and worthy films.

    Oh well!

    • KA says:

      people might be even watching old films on internet

    • Rad says:

      Totally agree. The excitement around big movies is completely gone. People prefer watching Rajkummar Rao or Ayushman or Vicky’s movies rather than the khans’ or kapoors’. Moreover, I don’t remember the last decent bollywood song I heard. These remixes give me a headache. I’ve gone back to listening to Rafi, kishore and Lata songs.

  3. abcd says:

    One thing that clearly comes out from all of this is that kjo is angry at ananya and tara. Ananya: interference from mother discourages kjo to hookup ananya with others. Tara: kjo doesn’t promote her as mentioned in earlier comments, just trying to make tara and ananya look bad. This could be a masterstroke for evil aloo to continue maintaining her position at kjo camp. The good thing that comes out from all of this is that filmmakers will think of casting outsider actresses.

  4. nefarious says:

    So are Disha and Tiger over? she says, things are not progressing too slow and he says uski aukaat nai hai toh date disha

    the question is : are tiger and tara an item?

  5. KA says:

    i dont know if this blind is coming from Kjo or not, i dont know about ananya much, as far Kartik Aaryan is concerned, he is in love but with Kriti, and Karan Johar is promoting him with Sara as the aam janta have taken a great liking to his pairing with her, it might be a benefit for kartik too as his his relationship with his true love gets hidden, recently got to know from his long-time fans that he broke up with fake or real (i dont have any idea) girlfriend dimpy around august and kriti did too break up during august, because her family unfollowing sushant and her break up news both happened during august. Its nice that both found love in each other, they seem to be really good for each other also both have same backgrounds and are outsiders too, therefore, can understand each other’s professional problems as well.Also its for the good that they are keeping it under wraps as people cannot help but judge their relationship, media making a sushant-kriti-kartik love triangle and talking about it for years, Kjo getting upset with kartik and writing fake blinds on him and kriti just like he did with sushant, so its really for good that they are trying to hide it. but really their off-screen chemistry is full of love, even their nok-jhok is like what family members have. in a interview for their film, kartik was asked if he ever had a 1-night stand and he immediately turned towards kriti and said never, kriti was surprised and why did you look at me,it shows the guy’s commitment and fidelity to the person he loves, the journalists too couldnt guess things as they thought they were just collegues and friends. although a sushant fan, i can assure that i have not seen kriti being so much in love and comfort with sushant as she seems to be with kartik, her eyes speak volumes.

  6. Joe says:

    “Maybe she should’ve completed her education and then enter BW” ROFL!

    Sadly, she thinks PR will sustain her career instead of acting and dance! Seems like another one caught in the glamour part of movie biz….on the way to downhill.

    • Niks says:

      We should be thankful to Kangana at least for planting the nepotism lens in our perspectives…Because of this I am not able to appreciate these newbies,KJo’s pets anymore…And anyways this one is ranked last in terms of star potential.The only good product of nepotism these days is Sara…maybe because she chose to get educated first…That does make a hell lot of difference!!


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