Bollywood Blind Item – August 2018

The first blind item for this month comes from PinkVilla. It’s about this senior actor, who has been happily enjoying the attention that he got since his fake life story released on the big screen. We think you know who we are talking about. The blind item below is not what you would have expected of this actor. If we go by his calculations, this must be his 309 time or 310? We were thinking the other day after reading a headline by his female co-star. The headline mentioned how his female co-star said that this senior actor was very shy during their intimate scenes together in their film.

It’s not that far-fetched considering how years ago Vidya Balan said the same thing about him in her debut film. They had to shoot an intimate scene together, which is a dream sequence in the film. She mentioned how he couldn’t look her in the eye and was very shy shooting the scene. This brings us to the 308 women! How did it happen? Oh yes, that’s right. He was high on drugs. So this must mean that he cannot get intimate without being high? Or is he just shy with the cameras around? But then, how was he comfortable telling the many stories about how he conned girls into sleeping with him? Doesn’t make sense!

Anyways, the blind item below mentioned how the real intimate action was happening off the screen with this senior actor and his co-star from the film. Apparently, his wife caught him red in the act and a verbal cat fight happened between the heroine and the wife. All this happened when the film was in the middle of shooting. Since then, it has been released and has flopped because no one cared to watch it. Actually, the first part of this film was really fresh and new. They should have never attempted to make a second one. If we are not mistaken, the second one was a flop but still the director went ahead and made a third one. Talk about wasting money and talent. He could have used that money to make a new film with a new story using the same two leads from the first film of this franchise. Such talent should not go to waste.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – August 2018


Senior star’s wife catches him red-handed with his co-star and has a HUGE FIGHT with the actress

This couple projects themselves as the most in-love couple in Bollywood. Pics of their loving poses are plastered over their social media but apparently, cracks have developed in their marriage in recent times with the wife going on holidays mostly solo, with their children.

A much-touted film said to have the senior actor in a menacing role was shot mostly outdoors so he could have his flings with the starlets he was acting with. The film was said to have been made to keep the macho senior star happy. His one condition was that it would be shot outdoors in North India. His wife was busy with the children’s schools and couldn’t accompany him outdoors. It became one long ayyashi outdoor for this senior actor when the film began. Among the many actresses, one was a happily married one who kept to herself and didn’t participate in any of the ongoings. She would shoot and leave along with a senior actress but a couple of the other actresses became a part of the senior star’s love brigade.

The actor was having a blast till one of his close colleagues (who was in the film) quietly spilled the beans to his fiery wife (who keeps a tight control over his finances too) who came storming down and caught him in the act red-handed with the actress who is also known for her acting skills. Naturally what followed was a blazing row with the wife almost coming to blows with the actress and warning her to lay off her man!

The actress is also known to be fiery in her way and gave it back shouting, β€˜ek haath se taali nahi bajti’ etc and the wife should keep her man in control. The star was a mute spectator who kept apologizing to his wife knowing there was hell to pay when he returned home. Finally, the wife threw out the actress from the star’s hotel room and told the movie’s makers that there would be no more scenes with the actress and husband till the shoot got complete or he wouldn’t shoot anymore. Naturally, the makers had no choice but to agree.

The movie has been completed and released and sunk too and now the couple too is as happy and loving as ever to outward appearances. Celebrating birthdays and throwing parties, going on holidays abroad together – it is back to one happy marriage for this couple again. Looking at them one would never think that this incident happened.

There’s no place like showbiz after all where the real becomes unreal and vice versa!


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sanjay Dutt

Actress: Chitrangada Singh

Wife: Manyata Dutt

Film: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3

Bollywood Blind Item – August 2018


Bollywood Blind Item – August 2018


Bollywood Blind Item – August 2018


Bollywood Blind Item – August 2018

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6 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    The numbers add up because there are so many ‘actresses’ who are willing to compromise themselves to act with a ‘big name’ actor, like chitty. Imagine the gall of that woman who left her husband who worshipped her and sleeping around with actors for jobs now, everyone talks of her, everyone have had their way with her, she is trash now and everyone knows it yet when she got caught she gets fiery? lol she looks pathetic. As for sanjay, maybe it is true about his shyness but once a woman wants you, you could forget about that shyness, it doesnt exist. The only numbers that I would love to know is on akshay’s side, I bet my money it is 10 times more than that lol

  2. bj says:

    wonder how he gets film offers. he looks old, haggard and drunk most of the time

  3. Tina says:

    There was a blind in Mumbai Mirror after Sanju released. It said an actor’s wife had an affair with a good looking singer when the husband was in jail. I thought it was about Manyata…

  4. Bollywood insider says:

    Sanjay Dutt is a misogynist asshole. He has never had affairs with 300+ women as claimed in Sanju. Of course he has exploited plenty of women, thats a different story. Such insecure men mostly take advantage of their powerful positions. He has met his match In Manyata, who is a major gold digger, and wont leave him despite what he does, as he is her source of money n lifestyle. Very smartly she has taken complete control of his business, money and finances, as well as popped two kids, so he wont be able to leave her without bankrupting himself. She has a very colourful past as well, but thats a story for a different day. Mahie Gill was also a part of the rang raliya, but it was Chitrangda wbo was caught red handed and who is fiery enough to put manyata in her place.

  5. GeekyGal says:

    Why not Mahi Gill?

  6. Amanda says:

    Manyata looks very weird with those cheek implants…… For a playboy like Sanju, she is the right match.. Fiery as hell ……

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