Bollywood Blind Item – August 2017 4

We have another blind item for you today and this time, it’s from PinkVilla. This blind item is about this actor, who happens to dominate lots of blind items. This time though, it’s not about his love life, it’s about his professional life. Since this blind item was posted, news has already come out that this actor has fixed this issue. Check it out below to know more.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – August 2017 4


These producers are FUMING at the actor spreading FAKE stories!

An actor was recently asked to leave a movie he had signed by the film’s producer, but he has been telling film industry folks that he walked out of it. News has reached the makers of the thriller he was thrown out of and they are livid. The actor signed the contract earlier this year and had even launched the film’s poster happily – months before the shooting date. But then as the actor got better banners and more money from other producers he gave away the allotted dates. He kept stalling the makers of the thriller till they couldn’t wait anymore. When they confronted him about it, he said he would do their film but after he completed his other films – which he had signed much later and would take months to complete. Industry insiders say that the arrogant actor didn’t like the down-to-earth way in which the makers treated him. (they refused to treat him like a big star) One of the makers spoke to him and realized that, it was one of the reasons he was giving them a hard time.

The actor was to leave for his new film’s shoot after the meeting where the confrontation took place. The angry makers told him to take a hike, and pulled the plug on the film. But a few days later they heard stories being circulated about how he had walked out of the film. This, after the actor had signed the film, taken a signing amount and done a photo-session of his first look. The makers are upset now and feel that the actor and his team have been unprofessional as the actor messed up his date diary and delayed their film. They are deciding what to do now as their signing amount is stuck with the actor.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Film: RAW

Bollywood Blind Item – August 2017 4

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