Solved: Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 8

UPDATE: This young male actor and this senior actress were totally getting jiggy with each other during the making of their film. Our sources have confirmed that story and said it has been happening during the shoot!


This is quite the roller-coaster of a blind item you will read below. While it may sound like make-believe since it appears to be quite creative, there might be some truth to this blind item.

Had this particular incident not happened, we would have said that the blind item below is full of creativity and whatnot! But…The incident did happen and we went and found the link for you below. Why it happened? No idea! Even the media were finding it strange at that time that this happened and this was how she reacted.

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So…Something must have happened, right? And let’s also go with the fact that the source of where this blind item comes from is connected to those who know the truth.

But why go to this extend to make us all believe in this story? Why put down that lady so cheaply, like if she’s just available?! Maybe they wanted to make this look scandalous to hype up this boy.

Sure for a while now, he has been reported to be having the hots for her. Why not? But the fact that they are involved might be a bit hard to believe unless the lady involved is feeling frivolous!

Also, they keep bringing up the relationship with this young actress and the boy. They were never involved so there’s no reason of him cheating on her! Clearly, someone wants to make a triangle love story happen or a forbidden love story, which you know is his favorite.

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. About the elder brother, a lot of women he was involved with seems to hate his guts. There were those that were forgiving and there are those that walk away at the mere mention of his name!


Bollywood Blind Item


This actor is having a fling with a senior heroine who his elder brother once had a scene with

Nepotism might be the most discussed topic in Bollywood, but it’s thanks to nepotism that we have these two actors, who are not just industry kids but also considered terrific actors. While the elder brother has taken his time to establish himself as a commercial actor, he was always one of the best performers from his generation.

His younger brother very recently joined the film bandwagon and impressed everyone with his top notch act. Now, our little birdie informed us that apart from films, the brothers have another thing in common – a close affinity with older women!

The younger brother is currently working on a project, where he will also be romantically paired opposite this senior heroine who’s double his age. Sources from the sets tell us that although the actor was already in a committed relationship with another young Gen-Y actress, he got closer to this heroine and soon, rumours of their steamy affair became the biggest piece of gup on the sets. While the two got involved in a cosy fling, one that’s completely no strings attached, the girlfriend also got to know about it and stormed out of his life.

While the senior actress, who’s also been happily single for years, and her new boy toy are still a roaring thing, what makes it even more shocking is that the hero’s elder brother also once had a scene with the same actress, who he shared screen with in a rather dark film.

The actress and the older brother continued their ‘friendship with benefits’ for quite sometime before he decided to go the marital route. News of his sudden marriage had shocked the heroine and they had a major showdown back in the day. With the chhota bhai now following his footsteps, we wonder what the bade bhaiyya’s advice to him would be.

OSOP Guesses

Senior Heroine: Tabu

Elder Brother: Shahid Kapoor

Younger Brother: Ishaan Khatter

Gen-Y Actress: Janhvi Kapoor

Dark Film: Haider



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3 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    I do believe Shahid may have had a scene with her. I am curious to know if Ishann is FWB with Tabu or is it just to create hype around his upcoming movie with her?

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Tabu has dated a lot of men including Sanjay Dutt (where they were caught by a cop in the car) when he was with Rhea & Irfan Khan . Well ,we see plenty of Bollywood old goats chasing after young girls ,so why shouldn’t Tabu do it too if the boy is single and ready to mingle?

  3. KA says:

    Why put down that lady so cheaply, like if she’s just available?! , so true.

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