Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 7

Ever since these actresses get married, there is bound to be a blind item about them expecting. Actually, there was even a blind item about this actress who had to get married because she was expecting.

Onto the blind item…This is the second blind item about an actress expecting since the lockdown has begun. Either someone is going via the clues posted on social media or just making a plain guess.

Since this blind item does not mention husband, let’s go with this actress whose hubby has nothing to do with Bollywood or even India. He doesn’t live here but does come over to Mumbai with her.

If we are not mistaken, there was a blind item before reporting the same thing. Not for the same source, most likely, but there was one about her. Since the blind item also mentions that no one close to her has said anything, it means that the people close to her are famous which makes the obvious guess of this blind item this actress who has not been seen in anything lately but has been spending time happily being married.

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Actually, her films flopped so she’s either taking a break or reading scripts. She did make a big noise when she appeared on that magazine cover some time back. You know what I mean?

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Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


STAY-at-home is exactly what the doctor would have ordered for this pretty actor. While no one close to her is confirming the news, we hear the stork is visiting this lovely lady. We’ll hold on to our congratulations until after the lockdown.

OSOP Guess

Pretty Actor: Sonam Kapoor



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