Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 40

There is no one else that fits the blind item below more than this senior actor. He is always known to be this way. In fact, he and Mr. Perfectionist used to knock a few at night as they both can’t sleep.

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This senior actor was away at his farm house when the lockdown was announced. He wasn’t interested to rush back home as that place is his heaven. So instead of getting back to his apartment that he shares with his wife and two kids, he opted to stay back and enjoy at his farm house.

Based on the blind item below, clearly he is. It is good that these people have their domestic help as live-in otherwise they wouldn’t really know how to cope. Even Bhai has live-in help at his farm house. These domestic helpers stay there even when the stars are not around babysitting the house and protecting it from ghosts.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


A SENIOR actor, who has been isolated minus his missus, has taken to a peculiar form of debauchery to drift through the lockdown. Lately, his idea of a good time has been knocking back vodka coolers while bobbing his head to qawwali beats booming from his Bluetooth speaker.

To sail through the loneliness, he’s keeping the company of any gent from the neighbourhood willing to partake in such an evening. Before calling it a night, he dispenses worldly wisdom and drunken embraces.

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Actor: Jackie Shroff


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