Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 39

Many things are uncertain for the film industry when it comes to what lies ahead. Although everything will change when we get over this pandemic and what used to be our normal will be our new normal.

For the film industry, there’s a huge chance that cinemas won’t open that fast unless they are able to implement the required distance between seats. This is not some instant thing that can be implemented, it costs money and it will definitely make producers, cinema owners, distributors and exhibitors lose more money.

Obviously, most people are not thinking of going back to the cinema. They have much bigger problems to think of. So it will be a while before films will get the same response as they used to before this pandemic broke our usual normal.

These two films were being talked about since last week. Rumor has it that they will be releasing on an OTT platform. Another film has already been confirmed, though. Don’t know why the producers thought it will be better if the film releases on OTT. Sure, there was a lot of money involved and maybe they weren’t that confident it will do well if released in theatres.

The two movies in the blind item below are two very big-budget films and two of the most awaited films this year. Luckily, the movie studio that financed the film is loaded so the producers don’t have to think of selling the film and not releasing them in theatres.

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There are a couple of things that haven’t been cleared up with OTT movie premier. Will these movies be eligible for awards‘ nominations if they premier online first? Will the actors be eligible for nominations? Will these films be released on television later on or will it stay OTT only?

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

A big production house, backing two huge upcoming projects with A-listers, has been offered a humongous amount for an online release. One of these is helmed by a director with consistent blockbusters to his credit.

Yet it’s the other film that has been given a considerably higher amount. The differential treatment has surely left some people scratching their heads.

OSOP Guesses

Big Production House: Reliance Entertainment Group

Director with Consistent Blockbusters: Rohit Shetty (SooryavanshiΒ )

Other Film: 83 by Kabir Khan


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  1. nefarious says:

    i think Bollywood will really struggle to turn back time.. it seems like a point of no return for them…star power, nepotism, charisma…all these will die…

    with a global recession and job cuts, films and stardom are the last thing on peoples minds..Brahmastra will def fail now!

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