Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 34

There is no other couple that fit the blind item below as perfectly as this couple! Since the lockdown began, they have been regularly sharing their personal moments on social media. Obviously because how else will they stay in the news and this goes for all celebrities with a social media account.

These two are also known to preach about doing the right thing. Whether it’s littering and other things, they are not afraid to film other people illegally doing what they shouldn’t be. Of course, there are instances when they think they are better than others as their cars must be washed with bottled water and not tap water.

But hey, maybe that’s why they need to find ways to make money during this lockdown period. Bottled water is expensive!

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Jokes apart, check out the blind item below from Etimes. Like we said before, now is the time that people will actually know what these celebs are really like. Do they practice what they preach or are they all about building their image only?

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Bollywood Blind Item


Money comes first for this A list celebrity couple. While the husband is a national treasure the wife has delivered big hits. Despite their philanthropic gestures in public and association with social causes, this hugely popular star husband and wife shocked a NGO when they asked them to send a message for corona relief work.

The couple quoted a six figure fee that had the gentleman gasping for air! The wife even added she could throw in an air kiss at the end if the price was met!

Tch Tch. Only if they lived up to their rose tinted glasses reputation.

OSOP Guesses

National Treasure: Virat Kohli

Wife: Anushka Sharma


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2 Responses

  1. HateKjo says:

    Is this true? How insensitive and disgusting attitude. All they can think is money and self promotions when people are dying.

    They are already super duper rich. Both Virat Anushka donated for PM relief fund (now doubt they have. It might just be an announcement to maintain an image in public)

    Well everything has to be about money and attention for these celebrities. How easily they fool people who idolize them.

    Only few celebrities are helping people whole heartedly without self promoting themselves or thinking about Making money.

    Anushka is well known for her arrogance and hypocrisy. She never acts upon what she preaches. Even she took indirect digs at celebrities sharing excercise video, or cooking video etc . Later she herself post such stuff and got trolled by those celebrities fandom.

    Most of her videos are senseless. 2 and 3 are copied by kylie Jenner too.

    But Virat seems to be a nice humble guy. Didn’t
    expect this from him.

    These celebrities have dual personalities :one for the public and another the Real they. Only people close to them see the real face of these stars.

    • nefarious says:

      The biggest problem is Virat is totally henpecked. He does whatever Anushka says! he worships the ground she walks on. This is the second time news abt their miserly behavior is out. I hear they distributed their staff chocolates post the wedding.

      Anushka seriously believes she better and a cut above the rest! She probably know it will be a while before shes cast in a move post the pandemic.. might as well make money while the fame last!

      @Admin, is it true Anushka gave favours to Ambani for the reliance ad back in the day?

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