Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 30

Even though this superstar is far away from his city, he has still been helping out in ways that he can to the people of his city and other places. He has been doing this for a while now and other than helping out the people who work on his sets, he has also been helping those who don’t earn much.

Though its the ladies that are staying with him that are hogging the limelight, he has not disclosed that he is sending out food trucks to cities to help out those in need. At least, it wasn’t mentioned in that silly song he made! It’s nothing surprising considering how he’s always known for his big heart.

At this time, people need money and food directly sent to them to help them out. Many people are sleeping with an empty stomach and it’s nice to see so many good Samaritans helping out both people and animals during this time.

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Check out the blind item below from SpotBoye.


Bollywood Blind Item


Don’t Ask This Star About His Generosity During The Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

Low profile, Big star. That’s the story of this Good Samaritan in the current crisis of Coronavirus

He’s doing a lot in providing food to the needy and hungry but isn’t keen to make it public. He’s getting a thousands of blessings in return as his tempos move from one locality to another in the city, every day. He’s personally monitoring that the vehicles reach the destinations without fail. And, this big star is providing quality and quantity both. Woh kehte hain na- Karm kiye ja!

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Star: Salman Khan


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  1. KA says:

    May GOD Bless him for this very good deed !!

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