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It’s not that hard to guess who this blind item is about. Known as the perfectionist of Bollywood, this actor works hard for every role that he signs. His focus is more on the look than anything else.

For this film that he is working on, it is the remake of a very famous old Hollywood film. Ironically, it has been said that he is the Indian-version of the lead actor who was in that film. He must know this, but it is strange how he choose this movie to remake out of all the films available.

So for this film too, he is sporting different looks. Based on the blind item, when it is mentioned that he is “in character” it’s not about imbibing the character’s soul, as many actors would do. It’s more about having the character’s look.

For this actor, since we are all on lockdown, it must be annoying for him since he doesn’t know for how long he can keep the same look. But it would be interesting to see how he uses that to his advantage when he has to promote the film! He is, after all, the smartest marketer among all the actors!

Check out the blind item today from Rajeev Masand. Wonder if he’s upset because he already had his cosmetic procedure done to perfection the look and now it’s going to waste since he’s sitting at home?!

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Bollywood Blind Item


Out of Character

A respected A-lister who takes a method approach to his work is reportedly losing his mind during lockdown. The word in film circles is that he remained in character (for a new film he’s currently shooting) over the first few days in isolation, but was finding it hard to adjust to a scenario where he wasn’t on set playing the role he’d completely immersed himself in. His family is said to be bearing the brunt of his irritation over the situation.

OSOP Guesses

A-Lister: Aamir Khan

Film: Lal Singh Chaddha


A source close to the development told a leading daily, “Since a major chunk of the film is being shot at real locations, the next schedule will be decided on a later date, after analyzing the situation on-ground.” He added that the actor has decided to put it on hold for the 12 days. He said, “Aamir was discussing cancelling the shoot much before that.”

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