Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 27

While most of us commoners are sitting at home during this quarantine and lockdown period, some people are away having the time of their lives at their farm houses that look like resorts.

This superstar is currently enjoying the lockdown at his farm house far away from his home with lots of people, including his girlfriend and two actresses. This blind item is about this actress that is currently there with her three kids. You might or might not know her. She’s not that famous, but she made her sort-of-debut in another superstar’s film where he played both a star and a crazy fan! She played his wife in the film.

She was once married to this model and fashion person, who previously dated Preity Zinta. She divorced him and has since been looking to make a living and name for herself. She got married before she even hit 20 and her ex was 16 years older than her!

As everyone know this superstar has such a big heart and is ready to help everyone and anyone in need, this lady went to him for advice and guidance. How she ended up during the lockdown period at his farm house, we don’t know. Maybe she was working with him or maybe she was following him around to be guided.

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She was also one of the actresses that this superstar recommended to this director whose film he was supposed to do with Aloo P. That film didn’t happen as the director didn’t bow down to the superstar’s demands.

So now, the superstar is going to save her by launching her or relaunching her in his films. He does really have a soft spot for damsels in distress!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. Must be really nice to not have to worry about anything during this lockdown period. #lifeoftherichandfamous

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Bollywood Blind Item


ANΒ especially beautiful actor, mum to a couple of kids, is trying her luck out in Bollywood. Nothing wrong with that, except that luck favours only who it wants to. So, madame is trying her hand at the next best thing.

That is cosying up to a superstar, also often a mentor to women in dire straits. While the superstar is now planning a film or two with the lovely lady, the kids are happy to have a father figure around.

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Beautiful Actor: Waluscha De Sousa

Superstar: Salman Khan



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3 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    Seriously, how many women are with Salman during lockdown?Lulia, Jacky, Walusha…he is like the playboy founder now..

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    Absolutely correct , maybe she’s doing it to secure her future and that of her children’s . It can’t be easy starting off in Bollywood at 40 years ,the industry is a very sexist place -and that’s putting it mildly !!! I remember her coming in towards the end of Dil Chahta Hai ,paired with Akshaye Khanna.

  3. abcd says:

    waluscha is not a star kid, so she has no other choice. The sad part is that this kind of exploitation has now become a normal way of life for them.

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