Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 26

You might not think this is the actor that the blind item below is talking about. It is him, there’s no one else. It has already been reported how irritated he was when the lockdown has happened as he was already in the midst of completing his next film. The reason why he was pissed was he was still in his character’s look and that can be annoying because he doesn’t know how long he has to maintain that same look.

Staying at home and doing nothing must be hard for him to stay the way he is. Apparently, also Junior B has put on weight for his next and his director was concerned whether he will be able to maintain that weight for continuity purposes.

So this actor, as most actors are, was a heavy smoker. Even though he quit smoking years ago, he did not quit huffing and puffing on other things. It’s funny how smokers would argue with you that they have quit smoking but then they are still taking in that pipe or vaping, not realizing that they are still putting smoke in their lungs.

What good is that?

So now, guess the actor is going crazy home probably both piping and smoking ciggies at the same time! That must be quite a sight for his family!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


WE all have different ways of dealing with anxiety. Some of us bite nails, others chew on hair. But this popular actor has taken to smoking once again, after successfully quitting years ago. It seems the shoot for his big film, like all other films this year, has been stalled due to the lockdown. The actor has a lot riding on this project, more so since his last outing was a giant flop.

OSOP Guesses

Popular Actor: Aamir Khan

Big Film: Lal Singh Chaddha

Giant Flop: Thugs of Hindostan


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4 Responses

      • nefarious says:

        Really,she looks fine to me.. And never thought she needed lip fillers! I mean, sure Anushka maybe did.. but sush was fine.

        • Admin says:

          It’s not really to make her lips look big, per say. It’s hurt after a certain age parts of your face become droopy. Injecting at these areas help hide aging signs on your face. Then once you get it, you have to keep on updating it.

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