Bollywood Blind Item โ€“ April 2020 โ€“ 25

This actress is one of the popular actresses in the South Indian Film Industry. She has come so far after playing flower pot roles in so many films until she got to be the lead star in her own films.

The blind item below is about her, but it sounds way too far-fetched. Sure, the first two romances might have happened but the third one? Don’t think so!

These industry people, especially the ones who grew up in film families, know everything. It’s hard to believe that this actress, given how busy she was, has time to plan all of this which is supposedly her revenge on this family.

But still, the film industry is a weird place where weirder things have occurred. You decide for yourself.

As for this actress, she has done so well for herself. The superstar in question might be a huge star but his sons have not yet managed to be near his level and at this rate, it doesn’t look like they will! He is a handsome star, though, there’s no denying about that and his affairs have kept the media busy since he first got involved when he was married for the first time.

One of the greatest stories coming from him was having his girlfriend at his own home that he shares with his wife. The girlfriend of many years, also an actress, had her own room in his house! The superstar plays this off by saying his wife is good friends with all of the ladies he was linked with.

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Funny, isn’t it? The same thing was said by this late Bollywood superstar’s husband when he was asked about his relationship with the superstar. At that time, he was married to his first wife and had the female superstar stay in a room in his house. Of course, his late first wife never suspected anything!

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Now the star looks his age and the stories about him seemed to have stop. All these men do eventually give up on temptations after reaching a certain age and realize their wife is the only woman that matters!

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Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

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This top South actress had a fling with a superstar hero and his two sons

After being dumped by the father – a superstar actor – unceremoniously, this actress chose to take revenge by having flings with both his sons.

Relationships and link-up rumours of actors always make it to gossip columns and are sometimes, an extremely interesting read as well. Extra marital affairs, hidden same sex relationships, friendships with benefits – nothing really shocks us anymore. But what we heard recently left us wide-eyed. So apparently, this top actress who’s a big name in the South film industry had an affair first with the superstar and then his two sons as well! Awkward, right?

The heroine has slowly and steadily climbed up the charts and is now known as a flagbearer of top female oriented films down South. On the other hand, the superstar South hero who has also dabbled a bit with Hindi films, was the one who found the heroine and mentored her.

They were a huge thing in the past where they romanced each other in almost every film! But luck had its own way and the superstar’s wife barred him from working with the actress after the rumours of their affair started getting stronger. In fact, the wife threatened to leave him and spoil his family man image, which is also why the superstar stepped back.

But our strong femme fatale was no less. After being unceremoniously dumped by her leading man who was over 20 years older to her, she started having a fling with his older son, who was a little younger than her. When the father got a hang of their roaring affair, he threatened the actress and asked his son to back off. Little did he know that the actress had other plans.

She jumped from the older brother to the younger brother, almost immediately! Now, the chhota bhai was infatuated with our pretty actress but he had no clue that he was just a bait for her to get back at his superstar father. When the family realised her master plan, they all cut off ties with the actress and have decided that none of the three men from the family (all of them actors now!) will be working with the well established heroine anymore.

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Heroine: Anushka\Sweety Shetty

Superstar: Nagarjuna

Sons: Naga Chaitanya & Akhil Akkineni




Even at the story of his engagement with Anushka?
Yes, that too. He was shooting in switzerland when that rumor spread. I called him up early morning and said, ‘hey, you got engaged to anushka last night and you didn’t even tell me…’ He said, ‘Woahh, really…’ and laughed aloud. I called anushka too and we all had a good laugh.

What’s Amala’s equation with the girls you’ve been linked with?
Well, they are all her best friends… and that is the best part. everybody, every single one of them is her best friend. in fact, they talk to her more than they talk to me…

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5 Responses

  1. selig says:

    there was a strong rumour about Anushka and Chai…I can believe this.

    Nagarjuna is no saint

  2. Ria says:

    Its impossible to do that. A superstar is powerful in the industry in South India and no one dares to mess upnwith them. Anushka might have had affair with Nagarjuna or may be mentor relationship but its impossible to believe about affairs with his kids, its untrue. She would have never been in the industry this long if that was the case, gossips should not go to this bad level

  3. KA says:

    a blind item based on false story it seems, anushka doesn’t genuinely seem to be that kind of a person to me, she is into meditation and all, which keeps her to sorted and happy to think about doing all these things.

  4. Neep says:

    It looks like someone is very angry with Anushka Shetty because there’s a stream of gossip of link ups from an unknown cricketer to her director Prakash Kovalamudi and now Nag’s son Akhil. The time line looks shaky. Anushka was introduced and mentored by Nag and there were rumours about them. Then a rumour about her and Nagchaitanya. Big gap. Years later she’s linked with Akhil. So the story of revenge seems weak. All these link ups could be PR for her movie. She’s grown as an actor but at 38 finds herself without work. The rumours about her and Prabhas were just PR. Prabhas may just be like KJo, who knows? But attacking an actor with sleaze is just not done.

  5. abcd says:

    Except for most of the female star kids, other outsider actresses have to do all dirty deeds to get work & survive at work. Anushka shetty doesn’t seem to be the one who would take this kind of revenge. It’s good to see her grow in movies. Star wives know that marrying a poor/middle class person would weaken their financial condition. Hence, they silently ignore cheating spouses.Rich guys from rich families choose rich girls from rich families. Outsiders go on trying with what ever comes their way for stable future, that’s when rich men take advantage.

    If they open their mouth, they would be called kangana 2.0. Money becomes priority and other aspects take backseat.

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