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This star son started shooting for his debut last year and up until the lockdown was announced, he was still shooting for it. According to the blind item below, he has seen the first cut of the film and isn’t quite happy with it.

Now, of course, he is going to be more careful now since his last releases were heavily criticized for having no story and no great performances! The film did manage to make money, though, but not as expected since word of mouth quickly spread that the film was crap.

So naturally, the director is being more careful now as he is trying to make money from his films and not lose money! It will be interesting to see how this star son fares. His sister made her debut some time back and she has improved a lot in her third film. As for the boy, he will be compared directly with his dad who was a star in the 90s. Even though he hammed his way through some films, daddy dearest was still a bigger star back then than the Kumars and Devgans.

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Let’s see how it works out for them. These are loaded people so they are going to bounce back after all of this is over. Nothing to worry about here!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

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THIS prolific filmmaker hasn’t had any luck with his productions lately. In fact, his last couple of projects have been absolute washouts. While we hear he’s desperately looking to give his production house more personalised attention, one of his other films has been stuck in the cans for too long.

This was to mark the debut of a star son. The filmmaker saw the first cut but wasn’t pleased with the result. So he is holding on to it till he figures out the way forward. We hope the star son is not compromised in the process.

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Filmmaker: Sajid Nadiadwala

Star Son: Ahan Shetty



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