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The remake/remix of a hit song was released last week and it was so badly criticized that everyone went in on bashing the makers of the remixed version, including the original people that worked in it.

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Now just imagine if the blind item below becomes true, everyone is going to lose it! Of course, the superstar will quickly detach himself from it by claiming he had nothing to do with it. To be fair, it is totally the music producer’s call but since this is the case of a very famous superstar, he does have to ask for permission because he does not want to risk pissing him off!

This blind item is not making things up, it’s actually true at that time of this film’s release. They were trying to do everything to make people come and watch the film. That’s why we were saying back then this superstar was like a headless chicken, he did everything he thought would entice people to come and watch his film.

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All these special appearances and the remake of his famous song were meant to make the film even more interesting. What’s even stranger was that he was going to have Aloo be in this song replacing Bhai’s ex-sis-in-law! Just imagine!

Anyways, like a veteran director said on social media. Don’t go watching any of these remixes if you are against them. The more views they get, the more money they make. Why do you think this music producer makes these crazy videos and some more allows his wife to spend money on only-they-know what kind of content? It’s all for views! The more views, the richer they get. So take the easy way out, don’t watch it!

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Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

THIS well-known producer is using this lockdown to get all the unreleased creations released. One of them is the remix of a 1990s hit song, featuring a romantic superstar. The song was to appear in the re-release of film that came a couple of years ago.

It was part of a marketing gimmick to get viewers to watch the film a second time. But since barely any viewers went the first time itself, the idea and the remix were both shelved. Now that the producer wants to release it as a single, we hear the superstar is having second thoughts.


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Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Romantic Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan

Song: Chaiyya Chaiyya

Film: Zero


The video featured Malaika Arora along with Shah Rukh.

“We had approached Shilpa (Shetty) to Raveena (Tandon), a lot of actors but no one did it. Malaika did the song and became a star after that,” said the choreographer, who is “fed up of remixes”.

“I don’t know why they are making them. It’s a call the music company has taken. They say they do very well. Obviously it makes people nostalgic. A retro song, you will always enjoy. A new song takes longer to grow,” said Farah, who recently choreographed the recreated version of Govinda and Raveena Tandon’s iconic song, Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare

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2 Responses

  1. Venus says:

    Malaika ? Star ? What movies has she done after that item number. These people keep hyping themselves for no reason

  2. KA says:

    When Masakali recieved this kind of criticism, i don’t know what will the remix of a iconic song like Chaiyya Chaiyya would recieve ?

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