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It’s funny, with this actor, the films that he officially directed flopped big time but the films that he supposedly ghost-directed became huge hit! Is it superstitious to think this is really the case or is it just pure coincidences?

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The actor must think it’s superstitious since he’s already putting out this rule before he even signs his next film. Why not? The man changed his name because he was superstitious that the new surname will help him and be more positive for him.

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Since he wants to direct the film, but has already put out the rule that no one outside the production should know about this means he does really believe he can do a better job than the director. Why not since he himself is a veteran in the industry and if’s a South director that’s directing a Hindi-film project then the actor’s guidance is much needed.

You see the difference? When the actors do it, it’s normal but when the experienced ladies do it, it’s hijacking a project to the point that the directors cry to the media that their leading ladies stole their job. You think a director would dare to do that to a male star? Yes, only Amol Gupte dared to challenge Aamir Khan but in the end it didn’t matter since Mr. Perfectionist stuck to that story that he directed the project and not Amol!

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Bollywood Blind Item


This superstar wants to ghost direct his next, a remake of a popular South film

He’s known to be super interfering with all his movies, and he’s at it yet again.

Would it be wrong to say that more often than not, male actors, or should we say, our top heroes, call the shots on a film set. From deciding the cast to changing the screenplay, they have active involvement in almost every department of filmmaking. Such is the case with this superstar, who’s known to be extremely nosy with his movies, too.

The superstar has delivered three back to back hits and is reigning high on the scoreboard of A-list heroes today. Now, he has been signed on as the lead for another big project – a remake of a very popular South film that hit the marquee last year itself.

The studio that had bought the rights of the film were keen on making the film with another actor, also a superstar, who happens to be friends with our hero. But when the other actor couldn’t accommodate this project and instead liked another project that the studio was putting together, the banner decided to approach our star.

He, although was keen on taking the film up anyway, told them that his schedules are completely blocked but he would place this in between, only on one condition. Well, he wants to ghost direct the remake, just like he did with his last release that turned out to be a gamechanger for him. He doesn’t want this news to be out in the media and asked the studio to keep it all hush-hush.

The studio agreed because they needed a star face for the project and is happy that the superstar immediately signed on the dotted line. But we don’t know if the director of the original film, who’s also mostly going to direct the remake, will be too happy with this clause! Uh oh!

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Superstar: Ajay Devgan

Popular South Film: Kaithi

Last Release: Tanhaji


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