Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 14

There might be many contenders for the blind item below, as these days most producers are micromanagers! Since no other clue is given other than this producer has quite a busy domestic life, let’s go with this producer as our guess.

So this producer has been busy filming and putting out his kids on social media. Sure, they are so adorable and so-white-looking have been keeping the producer busy with their antics. It’s funny because usually the producer is busy on the gram with other young stars and now that going out and partying is not possible, his kids are his center of attention.

Alia GIFs | Tenor

Anyways, all of these producers must really be biting their nails. They have so many big projects in the pipeline and everything has stopped. By the looks of it, cinemas might not even be a thing until September, that is if things become safer. Otherwise 2020 is doomsday for the film industry and many other industries.

Well, there’s still the option of releasing their films online but who will risk a big cinema opening for that? Unless the film is bad!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.

How are you keeping busy during the lockdown?


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item in Bollywood

A film producer, infamous for being a hellish micromanager, has been taking WFH rather seriously. From team meetings to auditions to narrations, everything seems to be conducted over that popular video-calling app.

But in a recent virtual meeting, when this producer vanished to attend to a domestic task, the rest were left twiddling their thumbs for over an hour. With the whole world wielding a broom and a mop to get by, we’re only too considerate for such untimely disappearances.

OSOP Guess

Film Producer: Karan Johar


The video begins with Roohi asking KJo to stop making noise. To this, he responds that he was just singing a song. Kjo’s son, Yash, backs his sister and says that he doesn’t like it when he sings. The filmmaker then stars singing Channa Mereya from his film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. To this, his kids respond, ‘Dada, no’. Later on, his mother Hiroo Johar, also joins in and says that the filmmaker should not sing.


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2 Responses

  1. KA says:

    good for karan to spend time with kids and do some domestic work, his mind will deviate away from churning out PR love stories and other unecessary gossips, i hope he becomes calmer in this period of lockdown values simple lifestyle, spending time indoors , and spending quality time with the family.the buisnessman in him has made him quite ruthless, at least this lockdown will amke him much more humane.

  2. abcd says:

    many people are now watching movies in digital platforms, very few people watch movies in cinema halls these days. cinema seats would reduce due to need to keep social distancing, few seats would then lead to rise in movie tickets, so now there would fewer set of people watching movies in cinema halls.

    kjo should have spent some time in helping kids pursue their education, but he’s busy following footsteps of bebola–treating kids like accessories. many bad deeds are happening all over the globe; and in such a scenario he is making pictures/videos of kids in public platform..also hoping his kids don’t become like him after becoming adults

    as far as meetings are concerned.many organizations who have their employees work from home make sure that their employees remain present throughout the meeting, keep checking on their staff to see whether they are actually working or not and in turn employees end up spending more time at work from home than actual time spent at workplace…here kjo takes his own sweet time in remaining absent ..terrible work ethics from kjo

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