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There have been so many blind items about this young actress before her first film released. All these blind items about her had one thing in common: her romantic relationships!

The motive behind these previous blind items were not known, as in why would she herself want to release such blind items that portray her as the male version of Raymond? If these blind items are from her rival’s side, then are this young actress’ relationships all there is to talk about?

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If you read the blind item below, you might think you are reading the synopsis of a Mills&Boon novel! To be fair though, this actress has not done any exceptional acting work yet which explains why the focus is on her dating life.

Officially, she has dated only two guys. The first before she was launched in her debut film, he was a star kid and their relationship lasted for about 2 years. If we go by the previous blind items, he found out she was cheating on him hence broke it up with her.

Now for a while now, she has been with this star kid who had a failed launched. It was not really a failed launch when he was launched by one of the top production houses, it just didn’t work out for him. He might come from a famous film family, but he doesn’t have that famous family name! So you know what they did to make sure people knew whose grandson he was? They made him pose in front of pictures of his legendary grandfather!

So why would she get involved with a failed actor who’s trying to relaunch his own career when she herself is just getting started? It could be that this is the real thing for her, but it’s strange considering how this guy too had a steady girlfriend who is now nowhere to be seen. Unless they had her go underground the same way a female star’s boyfriend had to do only to re-appear now.

This blind item comes out at a time when this actress’ video song, a remake of a famous track, is out. Is this how her team plans to promote her or it’s not coincidental at all?

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Only they know! Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item


This Bollywood couple went through a rough patch, broke up and got back together

A failed affair, a roaring fling to now a comfortable relationship which went through a turbulent time, this heroine is living it up.

There are several Bollywood couples who are currently giving all of us couple goals. But among the many new lot of lovebirds are these two – one who belongs to a film family and the other is an outsider who just made her big screen debut last year.

The hero, despite his heavyweight legion and being launched by a big production house a few years ago, failed to make a mark in the industry and has been lost ever since. On the other hand, the actress has been a head turner ever since she made her big splash in 2019.

The heroine was already dating another starkid but she quickly dumped him to find solace in the arms of the rather macho hero of her second film. But that turned out to be a mere fling or an affair that existed purely on basis of physical needs and not love.

Once the film got over, their relationship too went kaput and she found love in our actor, who’s struggling to put his failing career back on track and sign a second film. Everything was hunky dory and the actress could be seen present at all family gatherings.

But a close friend of the two gives us the inside goss. Apparently, sometime around January-February, they were having endless arguments and their fights wouldn’t stop. It became so serious that they had even taken a break from their relationship.

We hear it all started with the news of the actress’ closeness to one of her former co-stars who she also had a fling with during the shoot of her debut film. The boyfriend found out that the two are still in touch and all hell broke loose. It took the girlfriend sometime to get back with a proper explanation and settle things. Now, they are back to being a couple and are pretending like nothing ever happened. Such is life….in Bollywood!

OSOP Guesses

Failed Hero: Aadar Jain

Head Turner Actress: Tara Sutaria

Another Star Kid: Rohan Vinod Mehra

Macho Hero: Sidharth Malhotra

Co-Star In Debut Film: Tiger Shroff…Or Ananya Pandey!



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