Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 1

You have seen a video of them walking together in a building compound and now, there’s the official news in the form of a blind item, in case you didn’t believe the video.

Even though, most of  the world is at a standstill and people have been advised to stay inside and only have one member of the family go out for important stuffs. Clearly, Bollywood people don’t think this rule apply to them since they are still moving around and even bringing their pets with them.

The other day, the video came out and many thought how weird that someone managed to catch them in that exact moment even though they were walking quite fast. Soon after, a dozen of websites went ahead with the same PR-titled article on whether these two are living together.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that they are together and the wedding is happening in December, their source sent out the below blind item to strengthen your belief in their relationship.

Jokes apart, shouldn’t he be staying with his sick father and mother? Isn’t this more important at a time like this, especially when his dad already has a serious medical condition?

Reportedly, he was occupied with his family which is why he couldn’t attend her birthday which later on was twisted into stories that he was there but preferred to stay off camera.

To be fair, how will he continue with his recreational activities if he is stuck at home with his parents?

Let him experience living in the same house as her, she ain’t the bossy type as he has previously experienced before so this will be interesting!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. Wouldn’t it be fun if this was an April Fools joke?!

April Fool GIFs | Tenor


Bollywood Blind Item


EVERYONE isn’t unhappy about staying in. Several of our stars are delighted to have the muchneeded break. Some of them in fact are making the most of their downtime – a case in point being this pair of lovers.

Even though they have been filming and travelling all over the world together, the lockdown is a great excuse for them to play house. Until a couple of days back, they were shacked up at his Bandra home. Yesterday, they moved to her Juhu home. May as well practice this living-in thing, since their wedding is being planned for December.

OSOP Guesses

Couple: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt


A  source  informs that   Ranbir Kapoor  has now moved into Alia Bhatt ’s place with his dog.

“And that’s  a sensible  decision considering the prolonged  isolation period.Alia and Ranbir might as well spend  this time together,” says  the source.

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58 Responses

  1. selig says:

    @Admin, who was the south actor that Radhika Apte spoke about? was it Balakrishna?

    Also whats your opinion of Rahjahnikanth…is the as nice a gentleman as the media makes him out to be?

    • Admin says:

      What did Radhika say? Btw, Bala is Katty’s fave south co-star. She praises him and his wife to this day because they took really good care of her when they did that film together.

      Rajnikanth is a gentleman, which is rare in this industry where men make everything about themselves. Have met him a couple of times, he gives off a respected vibe and will stand up. Our family are all Rajni fans and our old lady to this day praises how much of a gentleman he is because she met him at the same time she met her favorite actor Big B. And it was Rajni who impressed her the most! Other than his naughty times when he was young, he has lived a decent life for a really long time. Really admire him for not caring about how he looks and just be out with it with no f@#ks to give! Here we have AB who still wears a wig, not just him most of all B-town male superstars and top stars do this!

  2. selig says:

    it was more onesided affair

  3. selig says:

    it was a sudden decision I guess…some sort of arranged marriage….Im not sure if Andreah would have fitted into a hardcore Mus family

  4. selig says:

    yeh…it looked like it was a one sided affair….Fahad was madly attracted to her….he even got reckless….given thatFahad was from a conservative Muslim background, I dont think Andreah would have fitted in…he ended up marrying Nazriyah after 2 years

    • Admin says:

      Sorry for the late reply. Didn’t know Fahad was that into Andrea! How does he go from someone as independant and mature as Andrea to a child-like Naz?!

  5. selig says:

    but she dodged a bullet

  6. selig says:

    ah Andrea was spunky…hope she comes out of her depression soon…I thought Anirudh and her made a good pair. i dont know the details tbh….

  7. selig says:

    Sonia had a great screen presence. people couldnt take their eyes off her…have you even seen what Dhanush’s brother looked like…not to forget how much of a psycho he was/is.
    He later married a moneybags…Poor Sonia, hope she is at peace

    • Admin says:

      Yeah well, he has that superior thing going on with him. Like if he did her a favor, just the way he spoke to Andrea in these leaked emails.

  8. selig says:

    Nayan also had a bad episode with MohLa, which made her move to Tamizh…there are so many stories of him being a predator.

  9. selig says:

    true, but Nayan is Nayan..she is making her movies, making it into superhits and ruling the roost…I have tremendous amount of respect for her…Shriya Saran probably gave up. I dont know why she was made to be the slut for an affair with RanaDug, who was equally complicit in the affair.
    Dhanush has the image of a family man, whereas you know he has been sleeping with his SIL. Sruthy hassan dodged a bullet.

    I dont know if you remember her, there was this actress called Sonia Agarwal (sooooooo gorgeous), married Dhanush’s brother only to be dumped a few years later. She had so much potential to be a top actress. She was so good in 7g rainbow colony

    • Admin says:

      Yes, remember her. She was also treated like dirt. The men get away with a lot over there. Nayan became like this because of her fans, her audience. She hanged in there and did what she had to be where she is today. Thats a lot of crap she had to take by men, especially by Simbu and Prabhu!

      • selig says:

        you mean Prabhu Deva? his brother almost destroyed Simran’s career and she fled the industry. But Nayan stuck on,,,i thought Simbu’s episode wasnt that bad, may be I was wrong.
        It surprised me how the audience stood with Nayan. they were unforgiving to Silk Smitha, Simran and Shriya Saran

  10. selig says:

    lol..thats news to me, the Ayesha one…

  11. selig says:

    not sure if it was PC, she said that actresses of the 90s were ostracised after affairs..may be its another actress.

    • Admin says:

      Could be! She herself accused Ajay D of cheating on her with Karishma and in return, was blasted and called crazy by him! Just like Kangu was!

      • selig says:

        thought it was about Ayesha Jhulka, may be I was wrong.

        Also, I remember how Mamta Kulkarni was called cheap and vulgar.and all the journos trashed her. She was beautiful and ahead of her times may be, but with limited acting chops unlike Kangu, MD or Sri

        • Admin says:

          Ayesha, contrary to her demure image, was living in with Nana Patekar who was married and still is.

        • Admin says:

          Notice how outgoing women are always given labeled like u mentioned. Down south Nayan, Shriya and a couple of other ladies were also given similar labels. Just because they were the way they were.

  12. selig says:

    Admin akka, last question for today? what did you think of Raveena Tandon. I thought she was quite the firebrand. She mentioned in one of her interviews (the same when she supported Kangu) that actresses who had affairs with top stars were ostracised and chased away. Who was she talking about?
    I remember it happened to Nagma in the south, but not sure which bollywood actress she was talking about?

    • Admin says:

      Raveena has always been bindaas! She trashed Khiladi and didn’t spare words in describing how he took women as toys. The actress she was talking about had to be PC due to the Khiladi connection. She always speaks slyly when it comes to how Mrs Funnybones takes Khiladi’s girl of the season!

  13. selig says:

    I mean. i agree with are right.
    Was surprised to see SIMI Chandokes take on it.
    black buck, the footpath incident, slapping Aish and Somy, the list might be more.

    And people like Katrina, with no acting talent suck up to such men, probably which is why they cant take strong opinionated women like Kangu, MD, SRI

    • Admin says:

      After seeing the response a Miss World aka Aish got, no other woman would dare to come out and say it at that time. Even Aish was asked about it during MeToo and she said she already said something years ago and no one cares!

      • selig says:

        true, we had our sparks of metoo in Indian film industries. Aishwarya talking about Salman (poor Vivek), WICC in kerala film industry, the criminal case against actor Dileep in Mollywood. Sad that our media didnt support it then. Also, in hindsight it might never happen in India as long as you ahve starlets who giggle at sexist jokes, pampering male egos to get work.

        • selig says:

          did you follow that news though? the kerala actress one..she was a spunky girl and he hired goons to rape her and film it,…she went to police and the matter is still sub judice…a few top heroines and technicians came together to make a women collective..

          • Admin says:

            Yes, sadly the man is still active making movies. His wife is complicit too in this matter, but he is too powerful. Let’s see how it works out for her. So many women fighting for injustice, it’s not easy!

          • selig says:

            sad, his ex wife who is a top actress backed out of the WICC, she wanted to be in MohLa’s good books…

  14. selig says:

    didnt know this about Bharat..he was also hospitalised before Devdad. .was MD a strict professional?. I have heard that she didnt/doesnt take any crap from her male co stars although she appears to be Ms Congeniality.
    I heard MD made it to Cannes but was late or something.

    Also I have seen a couple of articles written by SKJ where he has blamed MD for being ruthless for breaking up with TADAji after he was arrested. What are your thoughts about this Admin akka. Whats wrong if a woman is ambitious and MD focussed on her career? had she not, she would have ended up being TADAjis wife.Do you think SKJ is biased towards MD or is he being realistic?

    • Admin says:

      TADAji? You mean, Babaji? 😋 Everyone likes to point this out that MD dropped SD as soon as he was arrested. Considering SD proudly claimed he slept with so many girls and used women like if they were tissue paper, what MD did to him was logical. After all, what star at her prime will get dragged down like this and that too for a man who dropped his wife and child like if they never existed! When MD left, SD also forgot her as soon as the other woman aka Rhea Pillai stepped in. The only reason SD keeps bringing this up is because he got dumped badly! 🤣

      Yes, the whole time Bharat was in business he used the underworld’s money. When the police were strong enough to make a case against the underworld, many of his films were delayed including Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. That time, Bollywood likes to conveniently forget the underworld involved and had nothing to do with the stress that got Bharat hospitalized.

      • selig says:

        yes TADAji the babaji. I have even heard Simi Chandoke talking ill of MD because she dumbed TADAji. SKJ even wrote that Tadaji used to get drunk talk ill of MD to all his friends. I sometimes feel that bollywood was kind to TADAji irrespective of his claims of using women and blah blah…

        • Admin says:

          Because in Bollywood, a man with a golden heart can do no wrong! Just the way, most of them sided with Salman after the Aish fiasco. Heck, SK was bad even before Somy but they all used to laugh and say, “Oh, that’s just Salman. But he is the kindest man around!”. Which is true but in Bollywood if the guy stands up for you, their victims are forgotten. SD and SK are two of the biggest hearted men in Bollywood and have selflessly helped others. This is what everyone chooses to remember about them, except the black buck!

          • selig says:

            cant agree with you more Admin akka..they cant attribute layered personality traits to golden hearted people. Ash wasnt that great an actress but I like the fact that she stood upto him

          • Admin says:

            Yes, and all she got in return was being called ungrateful, a liar and frozen! And still, she is kind to the very people who threw her under the bus!

    • selig says:

      Also, if you remember in 1997-99 period, most of MD’s films flopped, except for the critical acclaim for Mrityudand and commercial success of DTPH. I remember, MD got a lot of bad press at that time, asking her to go back and sit at home. Mr Reptile even blamed her for Koyla’s failure, then he retracted his statement. SKJ was also very negative towards MD then.

      The only well wisher of MD at that time seemed to be Bhawana Somaiyya. And then there was filmfare 1998 where she dedicated her award to her critics.
      After Sri and MD, I dont think we have seen actresses with such clout in the industry/box office…speaking of Sri, I cant tell you how much I liked the way you were objective and even suggested the conspiracy angle. The pictures with Urvashi Rautela only validated your claim.

      • Admin says:

        This is an industry dominated by men, where they expect the women to bow down to them. MD had a great family backing her so she wasn’t scared to do what she wants. In Bollywood, if you do what you want, you are labeled as difficult. Take Kangana, for example. You are expected to follow the men and be quiet, those who don’t are branded as a b!tch. Sri and MD were truly stars at an era where Bollywood was going global, which worked in their favor. Even Sri had her series of flops then she got married quietly. The same with MD, she got married then did Devdas which at that time was a big deal. During Devdas, she was pitted against Aish who was the media’s darling back then and MD was like considered to be on her way out. That is how this industry is, you are eventually replaced by the newer and fresher flavor!😕

        • selig says:

          true…but once Devdas released, the critics including SKJ were singing praises for MD and how Aish was very raw in front of MD.
          True abt Kangana as well. I remember seeing an interview with Salil where he was mentioning that Kangana is a true professional.

          • Admin says:

            SKj fell out with a lot of actors. He currently doesn’t like Rani since he cannot get an interview with her after he wrote something about her back then that she didn’t like. But he does his reviews without trying to be biased. At the end of the day, he is an entertainer journalist who gossips and all that. He also bravely called out Ranbir for being a gossip girl and spreading lies around. When journalists like him get older, they really don’t give a heck. Khalid Mohamed is also like that. Let’s wait for Jitesh to reach his golden years, it will be epic! 😜

          • selig says:

            but the biggest reveal of Jitesh might be about Karan Johar…im sure he knows a lot about KJO.
            Yeh, have heard that Rani fell out with SKJ.
            @Admin akka, have you seen the blind item written by SKJ on metoo movement, He mentioned that an actress was molested in front of him by a top star in presence of a director in SKJ’s hotel room.The actress was supposed to be giggling when this happened, All clues point towards Malkin and the director could be SLB, what do you think

          • Admin says:

            No, have not heard about this freaky blind item! He did tell a story about malkin meeting Khiladi but that was innocent.

  15. leaps says:

    so considering the fact that a lot of scientists are predicating that covid will likely fallow previous pandemics trends according to which you will see another rise in cases in winter and vaccine is about a year away. Why are kjo/rk/alia wasting their money on pr at this time. I mean they are unlikely to have a big wedding to help with movie promotions why are so keen on wasting money now considering how hard they will have to try to earn it back considering world will also be in recession even if the pandemic doesn’t have a second wave

  16. selig says:

    @Admin…I read an article by SKJ saying how Madhuri refused to shoot for Devdas until she received her advance payments. Apparently, she locked herself in a van and kept the crew and other actors waiting. SLB had to get money from sources and the shooting resumed once she was paid.

    My question is that do you think MD is rutheless or is it SKJ’s bias against her? what do you think?

    • Admin says:

      Never heard of MD being like this. But SKJ is besties with SLB so it might be true. Also if you remember, MD was not invited to Cannes Festival and this must be the reason why. When MD was asked about it, she said she was not invited over there. But it is strange how she dared to take panda with Bharat, considering he takes the underworld’s money!

  17. piya says:

    Admin, I don’t understand why you are promoting Aloo, Raymond and KJo. After a long time, I checked in to this website for some fun gossips and what i see is same analysis for same type of blinds of Aloo and Raymond. What is the need to keep on mentioning the SAME ghisipiti blinds? You are better than that. Feels like you are promoting them by mentioning about their blinds (with same content) again and again.

  18. KA says:

    ” shouldn’t he be staying with his sick father and mother? Isn’t this more important at a time like this, especially when his dad already has a serious medical condition?” : well said.
    Let them do what they want we don’t care it’s their life and wedding, if they are getting married only for publlicity, its only their loss

  19. abcd says:

    Alia butt was saying that she wouldn’t be okay with the concept of living in, indirect jibe at Kat… That hypocrisy!!! She went now for live in and after all backlash Alia butt says that she was there just to workout. Next, she began to connect vk-kat Instagram absence for diversion of attention. Her movies this year would fail for sure, she’s been getting loads of hatred on several social media platforms.

    As far as rk is concerned, he is everything that a person shouldn’t be, cold, unethical.

    Let’s see how long do they continue to make fools of themselves.

  20. Su says:

    Still feel all looks is fake and planted by Kjo…since hez not able to direct a movie, he is directing a live drama. Yesterday saw Rajeev Masand web chat, Kjo was putting words in aaloo’s funny.

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