Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 6

The first blind item for today is from Rajeev Masand in his weekly column. This time, the blind item is about this actor. Mr. Masand does a good job of trying to describe this actor differently because he has already feature him in several blind items this year.

It is true! This actor was once touted to be a superstar in the making, one that could potential take the throne away from King Khan. Why do they put so much pressure on these young actors?

By they, we meant the press. Back then, it was the press who was doing that. These days, it’s mostly KebabJo! Then, the press used to love pitting this actor and King Khan, much to King Khan’s annoyance.

So this actor, according to Mr.Masand, is going through a tough time. It’s not that hard to see it because this actor has this habit of proclaiming something when in reality, it is something else. He definitely does not practice what he preaches.

Don’t know why he does that or why he thinks he should put up a front. If he’s going through something, he should seek help.

Years ago, after his divorce, he hired a life coach to go around with him, literally shadowing every step he made. The coach was even dealing with this actor’s longtime employers on his behalf, telling them what to do.

First of all, if you are hiring a life coach, someone who is going to tell you what to do every step of the way, this is a sign that you need help. Usually, you just attend a couple of classes and you are inspired.

By hiring someone to be with you all the time is not fixing the problems you have. Your problems are fixed when you get help getting in that direction. Not when someone else tells you what to do on the spot.

Maybe this actor thought he can afford to hire one to shadow him so he did. The life coach just vanished one day, most likely fired because he was meddling in every aspect of this star’s life. The actor was OK for a while then went back to his old ways.

Anyways, things have not been going so well for him for the past few years. So much has been going on, so much negativity. He clearly feels there’s an expectation and he has to live up to that.

Look at one of the previous blind items about him, which mentioned he now feels ashamed that he has dad-bod so he covers himself up and has stopped posting upper-body pics. He doesn’t really look bad at all.

Everything in life is just a phase and it’s all about how you deal with it. Look at Britney Spears. She checked herself in a mental facility to seek help because she has not been doing well lately. Her father’s health has taken a toll on her mental well-being. Good for her for taking that step. Everyone remembers the sad period that she went through years ago.

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There’s no shame in seeking help, especially when you have a family and kids depending on you. If you can afford it, it’s even better. In his case, he can even go away quietly to somewhere no one would know about.

He mentioned that his father was doing great, so perhaps there’s more than what he is letting on. Or it’s just the stress of going through that, which is affecting him now. No one would have known his dad is seeking treatment if the star didn’t announce it on social media. On top of that, he had to show that they are strong enough to go through this. Having a parent going through an illness is never easy and can take a toll on you.

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Well…Imagine being at a position where you have to constantly fake it for the world to see?

Some weeks ago, Uday Chopra sparked panic when he mentioned something depressing on social media. He disappeared then later came back to say he’s fine. And, he too has been reportedly going through depression.

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand. By the way, it is mentioned in the blind item that this actor has “potential partners” – meaning more than one. That’s nice, especially when no one knows anything about it.

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Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 6

A Rough Patch

Rumour has it that this once undisputed A-lister who was poised to be a serious threat to the superstars reigning the box office for over two decades is currently feeling defeated both personally and professionally.

Insiders have been whispering that the actor is unable to focus on work because he’s distracted by more urgent matters, crucially the health of a parent. This setback has reportedly thrown his schedule into a tailspin.

At least two projectsβ€”one in post- production, another still in scriptingβ€” have had to be postponed, causing some inconvenience to other cast and crew. The director of the second project will now helm a web show while he waits for his film to get back on track.

But it’s not just the actor’s professional projects that are in a mess. Those who know him say he’s also struggling with his personal relationships.

He’s trying to put up a brave face for his children, sources say, but he’s having trouble trusting friends and potential partners; he appears to have withdrawn into a shell.


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Star: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 6

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19 Responses

  1. Nona says:

    He’s not been OK since that head injury he suffered.

  2. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    HR has never been the partying, charming types from the very beginning itself but he seemed to have retreated into a deep hole right from the time the divorce happened . Masand had written way back that HR’s employed an expensive ” life coach” to help him through the bad times. Every single star comes in for their share of criticism including Kangana . HR’s problem is he needs to lighten up and not take things so seriously . Another star who looks very sad these days is SRK who (unlike HR ) has been putting out movies regularly with all off it crashing . His personal life appears to have also changed .

  3. Rami says:

    The problem as far as BW Superstar, goes,,they wants to be leading men would thinks that being part of a filmy family, HR would have a better understanding, watching his own father, adapting to changes, when fame diminishes. Yet, HR looks like, he has not planned well, he needs to pick good scripts,and do different types of roles,not just big budget films. One would thinks he is not needy money, so,that itself gives him freedom! Plus, personal issues, are something he needs to work on himself. He has kids, developed good relationship with them. Also, take care of your father ,HR has a sister that had cancer, too,so, be there with family, that does wonder with healing! Go,, slow in relationship! Get a sense of humor about BW, fame ,and BW relationships, it is a delusional world!

  4. tiyda says:

    Im appalled at these senseless “kangy” fans…kangana herself is giving bck to back unsuccesful films..

    she has been trying hard to portray manikarnika as a success through her pr..but almost everybody who follows boxoffice in social media is clear about it not being a hit..

    on the top of that she is now following that fraud sadhguru..

    you should worry about her not hrithik..

  5. Pooja says:

    Why even bring in kangana? Why make it kangana vs hritik?? This man is clearly suffering. You might not like him,but at least be a bit less harsh on him.

  6. Aura says:

    The problem with Hrithik is he had a massive blow to his ego. And his dad being sick, with no hit movies for quite some time, his support system and career has been shaken up. New kids are here already, new superstars. His reputation got hit bad, career at an all time low, especially after being laughed at on social media. Depression is understandable.

    He was the first in a long list of BW people who severely underestimated Kangana. Thought he was indestructible and indispensable. Evidently she had been just one of his many flings, and a mere outsider on top of that. He thought he’d destroy her. The way he fought with Kangana was dirty, with the entire BW behind him. But, made a huge media mockery out of a stupid statement which he could’ve easily ignored. He underestimated Kangana’s massive fan following. The whole thing backfired. And It’s been a major blow for him. He could’ve easily taken the high road and ignore the whole “silly ex” thing at the first place, without instigating or engaging (just how KJo gang has wisened up and learnt over time). If he did that, nobody would’ve believed Kangana. Over confidence was his downfall. Too bad what he’s going through but he had it coming.

    • tyda says:

      there is no fling…just an imaginary relationship and a stalker called kangna
      and please…kangana and massive fan following..what a joke….just because lot of people support her rants against the establishment ..don’t have delusions about her status in the industry..
      an even greater number of people are fed up of her rants and finds her repulsive to the core..

  7. Pooja says:

    I like gif but I really have no idea when u mention Hollywood ppl personal life n their problems in life.

  8. Adira says:

    If Hrithik is innocent of the claims made by Kangana, I sincerely hope karma hits her really hard for messing up an innocent man’s life.

    If not, he should sort out himself and apologise. Only then can he move forward.

    • Sheena says:

      @ Adira: wow so if Kangy was wrong karma should strike her but if HR was the evil one he should sort himself out, apologize and move on? Do u even realize your double standards?

  9. Laila says:

    Whatever you might feel about him, it’s always sad to see another human being going through a bad phase, especially emotionally/mentally. I have sympathy for him. Hope he can work his issues out in a healthy way and find some inner peace and contentment. Life without inner peace is the worst.

  10. whiskermole says:

    I’m learning quite a bit about how to deal with life situations by observing these people. Nobody is perfect but everyone has something to teach you.

  11. HateKjo says:

    Most of the rajeev masand blinds are fake and paid by stars.
    He first posted a blind about Vickey and Katrina affair and after few days called it a friendship and nothing else.

    Hrithik has gone into his shell and keeping a low profile . It’s nothing wrong in it. Some where in life we all go through severe crises but we put a smile on our faces in front of the world.

    Even Katrina hided her depression and issues and fake to be happy when she was going through her worst.

    @sheena its kangana who attacked Hrithik and falsely accused him. Her lies are exposed . He was harassed by her its proved.

    As far as suzzane is concerned, she herself admit that it was her decision not his. Also, there were rumours about her affair with Arjun.

    Bebo is not a saint. She went for him. Infact she said I left Kjo film because Hrithik is not doing it anymore. I only signed because of him.

    Dont go with one side of the story when there are always 3 sides to every tale.

  12. Sheena says:

    Sorry, he is paying for his sins, how he attacked Kangy and even his wife after separation putting all the blame on her. He messed around with Bebo as well when she was so young…

    • tyda says:

      hrithik has faced greater obstacles in life and came out victorious…his positive attitude will never let him down

      trust me your kangy is going to screw up her life and you will be there to see it..

  13. NARS says:

    Kangana really messed with his brain 🧠. Seems the ex wife and friend dished on him at their latest media outing. Sigh!

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