Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 35

The other blind item for today is about this actress and the current situation she has going with her previous co-star. As reported in the other blind items, she seems to hate the hell out of him right now, especially since he was given major credit for their last hit film together.

The actress is still mad about that and is making it known. Apparently, it’s the actor’s PR who has been boasting about him and his recent success. This was already known, but guess what? The actress shares the same agency as the actor, so clearly they have picked him over her.

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So she ditched them. Rightly so…Maybe he needs this hit more than she does because you know he has to highlight his achievements because that’s how KebabJo lets him back in his group as one of his minions’ understudy! You know, in case one of the star kids fail, there’s a backup.

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Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 35

Actress left fuming after agency couldn’t get her an award

This hot Bollywood star was keen on winning an award, but wanted her agency to swing it for her

The film industry is known to be an insecure space and actors are known to go to great lengths to overcome their insecurities. Often facing the brunt of their insecurities are their agencies. And while the actors have to worry about competition from their contemporaries, it’s not uncommon to see one actor or actress in the same film being favoured more over the other co-actor.

It’s worse when one of them walks away with all the credit for a film’s success. But that’s exactly what has happened here. The young jodi’s film released recently and while all seemed fine until the film had released, their equations changed overnight after the film hit the big screens.

What had triggered the change was that the actor was being showered with all the praise and the credit for the film’s success, while the actress did not agree that was the case. But it wasn’t the filmmakers who were to be blamed here.

The actress who shared the same agency as the actor thought that they were pushing his career more than they were doing hers. Not just awards events, the actress even felt slighted with the actor finding more mention for the film than she did. The actress directed all her ire towards the agency, who tried to reason it out with her.

But the nail in the coffin was when she was keen on winning an award at a recently held awards event and she didn’t. Now naturally, the agency had declined and made it clear that it was not up to them to get her award and they could not swing it.

This upset her even more. Furious, the actress has now gone ahead and ditched the agency and signed a new one. Now let’s wait and watch to see how this helps her turn tables in Bollywood.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Kriti Sanon

Actor: Kartik Aaryan

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 35

This has created a rift between the Luka Chuppi actors and if industry insiders are to be believed, Kartik and Kriti have reportedly been at loggerheads with each other. So much so, that Kartik and Kriti, who shared an excellent chemistry on-screen, are not even on talking terms anymore.

A report says that Kartik has tried to hijack the success of Luka Chuppi, making it seem like he was the sole reason behind it.

”Kriti and some of the people around her were of the opinion that Kartik was trying to hijack the success of the film. They felt that the actor was making it seem like he was the sole contributor to the success and that others like the director (Laxman Utekar) and leading lady (Kriti) were significantly unimportant to the process,” revealed a source.

Kriti, who believed that she had a parallel role in Luka Chuppi, earlier told a newspaper that both the actors were carrying the film on their shoulders. However, the male protagonist took all the credit and the leading lady was overlooked.

Revealing more about the crack in their equation, another source told the website that after their film release, Kriti herself had to promote the film on various platforms.

”What started as niggling unhappiness soon took the form of extended silence. It’s been conjectured that Kriti did her own damage control by getting herself covered in the media because she had a parallel role to Kartik in the film. And, as such, she should also get equal credit,” the source said.

There are cold vibes between Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon now it seems, and we wonder when their fans will be able to watch them together again on big screen.

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18 Responses

  1. Mila says:

    Two average actors. Yawn! But the boy is irritating.

    • whiskermole says:

      SSR is a good actor. Watched Kedarnath recently. He pulls off an understated role and steals your heart while at it.

      • Mila says:

        Huh? I was talking abt Kriti and Karthik. SSR is actually good unlike many so called talented actors of B/W.

  2. Z says:

    Kriti has the complete package to make it in Bollywood. She has good looks, body, decent acting and dancing. It seems like she’s slowly learning the ropes of how the industry works and has been quite vocal on issues she feels strongly about. I don’t think bringing ladoos for someone is going to cut it. She’s a smart educated girl who’s doing well in her career. Some other outsiders like Vaani, Yami are nowhere to be seen. Kriti is the most successful outsider in the commercial space. She seems quite ambitious and has total of 4 projects this year one being Luka Chuppi. Yes she doesn’t have an aggressive PR like the nepo kids but she’s found her space and happy doing good work. People need to give credit the girl is self made without riding on the back of a sugar daddy.

    • Crazyworld says:

      She most likely has a “helper”. Nobody in Bollywood is self-made.

    • whiskermole says:

      Hey, Crazyworld, nobody in any industry is self-made. We all need mentors, advisors, people who believe in us, support us, put in a good word for us. Having a ‘sugardaddy’ or being favored for being someone’s relative is not considered ethical because these practices are not about one’s talent and hard work in the field but about things we can’t take credit for such as the family we are born into.

  3. Crazyworld says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t see Kriti lasting long in Bollywood. She’ll likely get married to a rich man then quit. There’s just something missing.

    Same with Karthik though. I don’t see his success lasting long. But Ranveer proved me wrong after Ram Leela so I might be wrong too.

  4. Joe says:

    As I mentioned earlier, Kirti hasnt got the game of BW, which Karthik has (like Ranveer). Agency is not it all, it can only help you get this far, beyond that is your own connections, networking and blowing your own trumpet like Kjo, Alia, Karthik, Ranveer etc etc all do. Kirti expects to sit on the sidelines doing good work but not speaking about it herself, expecting others to appreciate her! Lol! Why would anyone who has limited 15mins of interviews or 5 min of Press time, not praise themselves but praise others?

    Kirti – you’re work is liked, just mature up, and expect others to do your work. Remember, Katrina secured her own deal with the award agency recently which she cancelled when award was cancelled. Agencies dont help, you also start giving mithai to Kjo and enter his camp for the initial boost, be Ranveer.

  5. Two cents says:

    An average actor with below average looks. This guy is just annoying.

  6. KA says:

    Oh GOD, this one thing came across my mind, Kriti had no films in 2018 released, so why would she expect to get an award, when she would not be even nominated as the awards were given for the films released in 2018.

  7. KA says:

    Kriti and Kartik had busted the rumours of them not being on talking terms with each other on their twitter and instagram accounts, recently. Also i had read in oct 2018 , that Kriti was being managed by the company Kwan while Kartik Aaryan is being managed by Raindrop Media of Rohini Iyer since last year. So Kriti being managed by the same agency which manages Kartik Aaryan Tiwari might not be true. πŸ™‚
    Not saying this as a fan but genuinely i think this might be just a misunderstanding on the part of some people and the blind item writers that some cold war going on between them.
    Kriti had in general said that Ladies should be given equal credit for a film, if her and the male lead have contributed equally to the film. She might not be shading Kartik on the sly. During Luka Chuppi promotions Kartik Aaryan in many interviews on his own, praised all his co actors in film including the ones who played the supporting characters in the film.
    He might have had the intention to make people notice that he has arrived as the recent film he starred in has done so well, but his intention might not have been to steal someone’s credit.
    What i wanted to say we might end up creating a false or a wrong image of a person/celebs in our mind based on what is written about them, but whatever is written about them might not be really true. Celebs are humans and do keep a significant parts of their lives a secret, so apart from GOD, nobody knows what they are actually. It might be peaceful for all…us to see them in a positive light , sometimes πŸ™‚

  8. NewGirl says:

    Good for her!

    So Salman’s after KJo? Bharat looks like a blockbuster in the making.

    Post Kalank, KJo must be having sleepless nights thinking about Bramahstra clashing with Dabbang. Even Kesari underperformed. The only sureshot blockbuster from the Dharma stable looks like the Rohit Shetty movie.

  9. Universal says:

    Why this guy always gets more credit than his costars? Not like he acts like Bacchan or something

  10. whiskermole says:

    It’s high time female actors stood their ground. Good for Kriti.

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