Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 33

The blind item below might shed some light on why this senior actor decided to suddenly join a political party. He spent all of his money on launching his son and ending up landing himself in debt.

So now, he is joining this political party because they offered him enough money to clear his debts and continue on working on his son’s debut film.

Maybe that’s why the son was spotted taking the metro to go to his shooting location.

Now that picture of him with his son makes sense, ’cause he is looking at the son like: I can’t believe I have to spend all my money to launch you!

Jokes aside, it will be interesting to see how his son will do. Also, why did this actor use his own money and borrowed money to launch his son? He could have joined hands with some big production house or he could have just showed up at the Ambanis for one of their weddings.

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Why join a political party when he clearly doesn’t want to? If things don’t go well, his name will be ruined.

It’s scary how politicians are using Bollywood to help them get the votes. Not just any politicians, even the PM. Now, his sudden friendship with the film industry makes sense. He got the senior actors by his side and with KebabJo, he got his minions in his hand. So in all, he gets the seniors votes and the youngsters’ votes.

It’s like they do in the U.S., bring out Hollywood stars and musicians in the hope to get more votes. It’s crazy!

Are you waiting for the debut of his boy?

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla. You know what’s funny? This actor has to launch his son and he is also helping with the launch of his longtime girlfriend’s nephew.

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It ain’t easy to move nepotism forward! Just imagine if he had two wives and a girlfriend? That would have been more star kids to launch!


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 33

This macho superstar gets paid WHOPPING MOOLAH to be part of elections

This macho action star has been involved in the launch of his son for some time now.

A lot of celebrities are campaigning for various political parties this year for the upcoming elections and Bollywood is not far behind. While some are campaigning openly, others are contesting and the rest are discreetly supporting on social media.

But a recent and sudden decision of this top action star to contest elections took many by surprise and even, shocked many including his Bollywood friends. We just got to know the reason behind it…

The macho action star has been involved in the launch of his son for some time now. A lot of time has gone and plenty of money has been spent. Yet, the film is not complete which has been a cause of worry and stress for the star whose financial debts have been piling up for his well-established production house, which has been there for years.

The actor recently announced his entry into politics but what we heard was that he was being pursued by political parties since months now but kept turning down various offers as politics didn’t interest him. He is an introvert who is happy to be with his family and close friends. The last offer to contest the elections this time again came 10 days ago but again, he refused it.

This time some close friends of his stepped and requested him to change his mind. Apparently, he has been neck-deep in debts for years now and political parties were offering him big money to contest. His debts had run over Rs 50 crore and when he could pay off all his production debts with that amount of money, his well-wishers insisted, why not accept the offer?

He had to launch his son too in a rom-com and the process had been long-drawn till now. The money would come in useful to begin and complete the movie and help in clearing some debts too, his friends said…

After much deliberation, the actor finally said yes to the political party. Naturally many of his Bollywood colleagues were shocked but his face will add a much-needed boost to the campaign as he is known for his nationalistic movies and honesty to his craft.

A man of few words, the actor is devoted to his family and has even acted in a movie free of cost for one of his family members. He has always been driven more by emotion than anything else… But money makes the world go around as they say… Aur, naa naa karte, haan kar baithe…


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Sunny Deol

Son: Karan Deol

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 33


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15 Responses

  1. Miss says:

    To add that many Bollywood actors came out and openly requested not to vote for Modi and that is completely OK but it is not OK if some Bolywood actor supports Modi. It is Democracy and everyone has their choice and freedom.

  2. Miss says:

    How is Sunny a family man? Wasn’t he spotted with Dimple at some foreign location secretly?

  3. Miss says:

    What is wrong in joining political parties? Why is there no post about Urmila joining another party? You have been constantly retweeting all anti-Modi news. I enjoy your Bollywood posts but I hope you do not use this for propaganda.

    • kiran101 says:

      Not just Urmila , there are string of Bollywood people in favor of opposition but people are after Modi like he is not elected democratically. And most of these BW folks are involved in shady activity themselves.

      BW stars meet terrorits, Dawood , Kashmiri seperatists , Khalistani seperatists and rant on twitter 24/7 about politics. But pray someone meets their own country PM or Kangana says something about modi they cry foul.

  4. Sanjay says:

    That comment about
    Bollywood being used for politics,
    *PM developing sudden friendships with Bollywood older and younger actors
    Karan Johar and his associates , Akshay Kumar etc..
    is so well written.
    Your candour in your write-ups is just wow!

  5. nefarious says:

    @Admin: In other news,just wondering did Disha have to do favours for Salman to be cast in Bharat? or did Jackie’s and tiger’s rapport save her?

    • Lucy says:

      I have a feeling that’s the sole reason disha is sticking like glue with tiger inspite of his behavior and cheating him automatically extends a sort of protection blanket other wise Akshay,Salman,Ajay,Sajid nadiadwala and hrithik would already be planning to prey on her like hawks.wasnt there a blind about hrthik asking her out even when she was dating tiger.had she been a single girl most probably these guys would have forced her to succumb by taking away her film opportunities.

      • Lucy says:

        Just like Katrina stuck to Salman and Deepika to Ranbir intially.if she becomes successful which she might,then perhaps she will breakup.the slow motion songs looks like she is on her way to be the next Katrina.

    • Admin says:

      Yes, Jackie is close to Sallu. Calls him “Salleh” #nojoke

  6. Drina says:

    So basically Sunny paaji is joining politics to clear his debts and not to serve his constituency. How will India be called a developed country if all politicians are serving their own selfish motives. So for the next 5 years there will be no development in that constituency.

  7. NARS says:

    What a mess.

    Anyways admin please find yourself on twitter and figure out the story behind the royal affair. News/theories are going out of hand. Baldy found himself with a Rose πŸ₯€ ; threw media behind Meghan to hide his tricks and Kate might move out.

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