Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 22

Reading the blind item, we were actually trying to figure out who this actress who “is not known for her acting chops” is?! Like, for real! Until reading the rest of the blind item, we finally figured it out.

Who would have thought this actress would one day be deserving of an award. Ok, maybe she wasn’t deserving but this is like one of the few best performances of her career. So, obviously she would like to be rewarded for it.

After all, this is the same actress who thinks she is going to get a National Award for her role in an upcoming film starring the ever so big-hearted Bhai. Not her bhai, if you are asking!

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This is the sad state of award shows these days. The only reason stars attend is because they are already promised an award. Then they pretend to be surprised when they win.

You all know the drill. It’s pretty obvious by now.

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Anyways, so this big-name award show also did another version in the Middle East and a couple of actors attended. Apparently, this actress was also supposed to attend but then when the organisers decided to give away the award they promised her to someone else, who was more deserving, she refused to go.

In case you are wondering, they gave the award to Sonam Kapoor for all of her achievements in films last year.

Have a look at the blind item below from Mid Day. By the way, do you think this actress deserved the award over Sonam?


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 22

This actress felt betrayed as an awards event organisers made false promises

This top female actor agreed to attend a recent film awards in exchange for a Best Supporting Actor gong.

She is not known for her acting chops, but her performance in her last outing was appreciated even though the film was a damp squib.

But later, the organisers felt the other contenders were more deserving. She felt betrayed as they had gone back on their word.

In retaliation, the smart cookie – who had confirmed her presence at their overseas event – bowed out at the last-minute citing sudden work commitments. Soon after pictures of her vacation did the rounds of social media. She had made her point!


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Actress: Katrina Kaif

Award Show: Filmfare Middle East

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 22

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 22

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11 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    Add,she is also the one who wanted national award for item song even knowing malaika’s munni was bigger hit.

  2. Aura says:

    It’s the theory of relativity. Someone who has “zero” acting ability finally gives a decent performance and the audience goes gaga over it. Now she demands an award. How ironic. Not that the other person (Sonam Kapoor) is any better. They are both horrible actors.
    You know what they say, in a race of donkeys, one donkey has to win…!

    • Ana says:

      why insult poor donekys by comparing to these morons, they are more hard working and talented

  3. Dt says:

    I actually was rooting for katrina to finally have a movie where she gave an acting β€œperformance”. I saw ZERO n was like β€œwait… that’s it?” She definitely needs to thank her stars for being around for so many years.

    • kiran101 says:

      @dahlia that is so true…mainstream actors are limited performers. I saw gullyboy in Prime Alia was fine but its not a challenging role , nothing complicated and finally it was a normal performance .

      I dont understand the hype of her acting talent …Look at Neena Gupta’s performance in Badhai Ho…for me the this year best performance of actress in main role is Neena Gupta.

      Finally , Katrina is not such horrible actress , she has her element in modern roles, NRI roles and she does the needful.

      Anuskha did not live upto her role in ZERO , Deepika was horrible in ‘Padmaavat’ and I can say the same for all other actors. Give them real challenge and you will see how flawed they are.

      Atleast Katrina acting talent is not over hyped like Alia, Deepika and ANu . Yes , Katrina did not conquer her accent for BW , but so did not Deepika too.

      Yes, Katrina is not unreasonable to expect an award considering enough horrible actors are getting it.

  4. dahlia says:

    Which popular Bollywood actress is really known for her ‘acting chops’? Nobody. Those who are, aren’t popular like the ones who can’t act! Oh the irony. Being popular for being in the movies but not being able to act! Those who can’t act are given movies and those who can aren’t given enough or good opportunities. The state of Bollywood.

    • Pooja says:

      User Katrina is cunning and manipulating person she always prove this by herself I too thinking that corrupt Filmfare will give her award bcz of her zoom party appearence n not performing still came to filmfare award function thank god the deserving one win was disaster her acting is pathetic in zero,she just played herself without sugercotting n goody n innocent like she played in past fooling public.

    • dahlia says:

      Pooja, it is one thing to not like an actor. But from all your comments, your hatred for Katrina seems to border on bitterness and obsession which is rather unhealthy and bizarre. Do you or for that matter others commenting on such gossip portals-Including I – know these celebrities personally? One would imagine, she has caused you great personal harm for you to bear ill- will of such great magnitude towards her!

  5. HateKjo says:

    Katrina can’t act. It’s universal truth. Good organizers gave it to the most deserving person.

    This is very shrewd of Katrina to confirm her presence and ditch them. Oh! She is known for ditching people.

    • Joe says:

      Well ALL film awards are give-take contracts. To make these events watchable and talked about, actors with huge fans are important, to get people talking about the award event. Hence the event organizers can get the money from brands.

      Actors are always hungry for any xyz award and they who wont buy it if its on sale? The trick is event organizers promise awards in return of actors attending/promoting/performing at their events. Dont you see, awards for given under weird categories “sunshine award”, “rising star star”, lol.

      Rishi bought Filmfare best actor in 70s, SRK said he bought a Filmfare at Rajat Sharma’s show years ago. Very few dont attend this worthless marketing project – Ajay, Aamir, Kangana. But the intelligent ones monetize it, saying you keep the steel award, rather give us crores to perform for 15 mins on stage, they make a killing!! Akshay, now Ranveer, PC, several have found it as a way to monetize. Well if you get 5-6 crores for 15 min work, who wouldnt take it up, but other award hungry bollywood actors are largely brainless.

      Coming to the blind, its a contract – Katrina attends, and event organizers give her fee in the form of an award. Event organizers broke the contract, so why will Katrina attend it for free? She isnt getting anything out of it – no work, no awards, no fans, just a waste of time. I may not agree with her “acting” and consider her as an ace dancer and Salman’s GF, who was born with exceptional stars, but this blind is pretty regular work – give and take.

  6. Waterlily says:

    Acting chops….lol. she is a star n that’s abt it , no “act” in there.

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