Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 21

There was a time when actors would go to great lengths to prevent the media and people from knowing who they were dating. So many things they did. Pretending said-partner was like a sibling to them or their kid’s friend, arriving in different cars at the same event, going to each other’s house in late hours of the night and so on.

This was back then when the media wasn’t that intruding in the lives of stars and had the freedom to write what they want.

Alas, such time is gone now. Everything you get, everything you see – it’s all planned.

With KebabJo controlling so many things, the fake stories are increasing. One such story is the one that the blind item is talking about. If you remember, this news was spread by the media first. They highlighted the chemistry that these two actors shared on a talk show.

Should we go ahead and say bots were the ones spreading this rumour? If you don’t know, bots are paid services hired by PR-agencies to spread positivity or negativity about people working in Bollywood. Usually, it’s the relevant ones that are targeted. Yes, bots are a thing or things!

Anyways, so the blind item below is also along the same lines. These two are not dating each other but they, for sure, are enjoying the attention.

Man, this KebabJo can be quite toxic. Anyone, who has an irrelevant or not-so-famous partner, can forget about them once they get in his group! It’s like he only wants to link up his people with other famous people from his group.

One perfect example is this newbie actress, a star kid, who is still hiding her non-actor and non-famous boyfriend and pretending to be in a relationship with another star kid or rather star’s brother.

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So, yes. This is how it rolls in B-Town. Don’t be fooled.

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We told you this actress will never settle for this actor.

Check out the blind item below from Mid Day.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 21

This top actress’ link-up with young actor is just a convenient ‘affair’

The actor (seems too early to call him a star) recently broke off with his actor-dancer girlfriend. He, too, is playing along as he feels it will work wonders for his image.

This young actor, who has struck big in recent times, is being linked with a gorgeous top female actor. As they belong to different worlds, it’s a rather strange union.

What is even more unusual is that the female actor is known to deny even a whisper of truth, but she seems happy with the link-up stories.

The actor (seems too early to call him a star) recently broke off with his actor-dancer girlfriend. He, too, is playing along as he feels it will work wonders for his image.

He does not miss an opportunity to serenade her when he sees paps around.

It also helps that the two remain in the news as their upcoming projects are months away.

We wonder if the female actor’s close pal, a top star, who is known to carry a torch for her still, knows about the ‘affair’?


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Vicky Kaushal

Actress: Katrina Kaif

Top Star: Salman Khan

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 21

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5 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Vicky has entered KJo universe of snowflakes. If he doesn’t exit soon, he’ll turn into one soon.

  2. Inverted says:

    Are janhvi and ishaan really not dating?
    If so then Kjo can really manipulate the public because even i was sure that they were.

  3. Inverted says:

    Janhvi and Ishaan are not dating?
    Wow if that’s true then KJo sure knows how to fool the public.

  4. Inverted says:

    Are you sure janhvi and ishaan are not dating? Because they do look like a real couple.

  5. Two cents says:

    Vicky’s break-up timing is suspect! If he did it for fame and glory, he truly is a jerk. Guess we will never know…his ex seems to be a decent person who does not spit venom.

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