Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 14

The blind item is coming out after news came out in the local paper earlier this week. Frankly speaking, it’s tiring! News about this film has been going around for years now. It’s like they are just randomly releasing news about this film to keep it in the news and remind people that such a film is still in the works.

Now why is that? Is the director doing it to remind people that he is a director other than being an actor? Or is it the superstar who pretty much has been running around like a headless chicken in his desperation to get that one big hit that will put him back among the reigning superstars?

It’s tiring…They should just retire the franchise already. As of now or as of the last few years, the superstar is in no state to be working in this film. Now when he thinks he can change the film’s script into a superhit film.

He did the same thing with his film last year. The director came to him with a good script and the superstar took that script and turned it into something that only he knows what he was trying to do.

If this blind item is true, then it seems this superstar has not yet learned his lesson.

So based on this blind item, it seems this filmmaker was pissed that this superstar did what he did. In retaliation, either he or his sister who si also a filmmaker, went out and started telling people that this young actor has been cast in this franchise and that he is going to take over this superstar’s role since the superstar walked out of it.

Then came the decline in a big way from the filmmaker himself. Seriously though, journalists don’t sit around and imagine things. Another possibility is, his sister might have told this young actor that he will be replacing this superstar and naturally, the superstar got enthusiastic and his PR spread the news around. Because you know it is BIG.

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Well, either way. Who cares?! This director is not going to drop his acting dreams and start directing again. Unless, his sister takes over. But can they afford to piss off this superstar? He will definitely not be happy with someone else taking over this role from him.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 15

A-list actor has a fall out with his director friend, opts out of his film

Bollywood is a very unpredictable place. Friends turn foes within minutes and vice versa. We have known many actors and actresses fall out with each other over issues best known to them and we also know of those who have buried the hatchet and are back at being besties.

Unfortunately, the case in concern has gone from good to bad. This A-list actor has been friends with a talented director for years now. They have worked together on many films, that have done exceptionally well at the box office. And the audiences have been eagerly waiting for them to collaborate again.

While there were rumours of them coming up with a new project, probably a film that’s part of their franchise, nothing officially was revealed by the actor or the director. Slowly, the reports died down, until recently, the speculations of the same movie hit headlines, however with a new hero. A relatively young face has replaced the superstar. Naturally, the tongues started wagging.

When we tried to dig in deep, we got to know from someone in the know that the talented actor and his director friend had issues with the script of the film.

While the actor was suggesting certain changes, the film-maker refused to budge, leading to a fall out between the two. The issue wasn’t big enough that it couldn’t be sorted. But one thing led to another and the trouble brewed bigger. Hence, the actor preferred to walk out of the project.

We are sure you guys have figured it by now as to whom are we talking about!


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Shah Rukh Khan

Filmmaker: Shah Rukh Khan

Franchise: Don 3

Young Face: Ranveer Singh

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 14

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 14

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9 Responses

  1. NewGirl says:

    Why will Farhan or Zoya put out a blind and deny it the same day?

    Maybe Ranveer’s PR didn’t expect a retaliation from
    Farhan Akhtar himself almost the same day this blind came out lol. That Ranveer was approached for another role sounds like bogus to pacify SRK and his fans. The way media hounds Farhan/Excel about Don everytime any of their movie is up for release, one would imagine this is a 300 crore franchise.

    If SRK and PC were okay with each other, i think they would have made this movie long ago. Farhan would have made this, cuz this is a guaranteed. money spinner.

    If Farhan is busy with his girlfriend, then DP/RS and half of Bollywood wouldn’t be making any movie at all. Nobody does more nautanki than Deepveer.

    • Monalisa says:

      Please read what I wrote carefully. Farhan is too busy with his ACTING career and parading around with his gf. He has not directed or written anything in ages is a fact. His last direction was Don 2 in 2011. Since 2013 (when BMB became a hit and he got awards for the role) his main priority has been acting with Ritesh handling production of Excel. Last year was the only year he had no releases since 2013. And that is because he was touring US giving concerts with Shankar,Ehsan, Loy (his tour was called self tour) and started filming Sky is Pink post tour. He is a singer, writer, actor,director, producer fyi who is concentrating on singing and acting these days. Even during GB promos he was present at one trailer lauunch event only. his partner Ritesh was at Berlin, did interviews with GB team so clearly he is not doing much production work even. The rumour of Don 3 was always around but it started again this year when in February during GB trailer launch Farhan said he was going to announce his next very soon which actually turned out to be his next acting role, Toofan with ROM. He has denied doing Don 3 since begining of this year even denied the news at GB trailer launch. Google can help you with the timeline.

      RS was not the only one who was supposedly approached for Don. Before RS rumours there were news reports of RK being approached for Don in Nov 2018. Here is an article that came out way before the RS rumour in 2019.

      RS grabs more eyeballs than RK these days so people reacted when his name was attached. Whose pr is behind articles about RK replacing SRK in Don and Rakesh Sharma biopic? Peeping moon reported both RS and RK were offered the role but they both rejected the Don series.—Ranveer-and-Ranbir-were-and-its-a-prequel-about-The-Rise-of-Don.html

      RS’s calender is full till early 2020. He is going to start Kabir Khan’s 83 in May, Kjo’s Takht in September. Both movies will release in 2020. Everyone is eagerly waiting for him to announce his next lineup. Meghna’s Sam Manekshaw biopic and Maneesh Sharma’s next YRF movie are the movies that he is currently attached the most strong rumours are that his next are going to be these movies. Ali Abbas Zafar in an interview with Faridoon dropped a hint last year that he is keen to work with RS on his next after Bharat.. Zoya already said that her next movie will star RS. (She offered him Gully Boy in 2016 but because his dates were booked for Padmaavat till 2017 she waited for RS to finish Padmaavat shooting to start Gully Boy in 2018). He really does not need Don to stay in the news. He is getting a lot of offers and his calender is fully booked for 2019 and first half of 2020. Most probably second half of 2020 and 2021 calender is finalized even. They just need to announce his lineup for 2020 and 2021.

      Believe it or not RS is more bankable than SRK currently. RS gave Excel and Zoya their highest grosser Gully Boy. Excel’s last movie with SRK, Raees was not a clean hit but a semi hit. I won’t be surprised if Farhan and Ritesh did approach him for Don reboot or another action movie..

      According to bollywood bubble article Arjun Kapoor was the original choice to reboot Don with SRK but because of his flops they wanted a bankable actor onboard so approached RS..

      So there are several rumours surrounding Don series so take your pick. Also heroines have gone from a newcomer replacing PC to Kat replacing PC to DP replacing PC another rumour to take in to consideration.

    • Monalisa says:

      Ps: Some directors/producers even actors deny rumours if the news about casting get leaked before the official announcement. That has always been the norm. RS denied the news of DDD casting rumour all through Gunday promotion but when Excel made the offcial announcement RS was the male lead. And as I said in my earlier comment even kjo denied the rumour/news reports of RS starring in his next but when the official announcement was made he was the main lead of the Takht and the rumour kjo denied was infact true. Farhan denying does not prove that the news about RS being in the next Don is false and his pr spreaded false news or that Farhan was retaliating in anger. Farhan is not stupid enough to make an enemy out of RS when Zoya is close to RS and he is at the best phase of his career he gave Excel their highest grosser. Bw is all about business and bottomlines.

    • NewGirl says:

      Raees and Don series would have made a lot more money than Gully Boy and DDD worldwide. Even Dilwale made more money than BM worldwide. Why will the producers especially the ones producing SRK movies, not consider that? It will be stupid to replace Shah Rukh Khan in one of his most popular roles with Ranveer Singh.

      Both Zoya and Farhan denied it almost the same day. Like you said, they all are very busy doing other things. This blind just looks like one of the many, many articles which pit Ranveer against SRK post Simmba.

      I literally have nothing to say on Arjun replacing SRK as Don. Even Arjun Kapoor himself wont believe that.

    • Monalisa says:

      As of 7th April GB still running in the US theatres according to overseas bo tracking twitter handle goodorbad so the lifetime collection is still not available for GB. GB already crossed the $10 million mark overseas according to Taran and goodorbad, Raees made $14million something Don 2 $11 million overseas. RS’s last movie Simmba made $13 million overseas SRK’s Zero made $ 11 million. He is the only actor after the 3 Khans who have the most 10 million+ overseas grossers according to trade analysists. GB is a very profitable venture for Excel in every way.

      Don 3 rumours maybe Excel’s way to create buzz around their production house. They used SRK vs RS thing going around to create more impact as the earlier casting rumours did not make any buzz.

  2. Monalisa says:

    When news of RS doing Kjo’s next came out Kjo initially denied the news but after sometime Takht was announced with RS in the lead. This a tactic used by a lot of producers to create more buzz for their movie. Some journalists on twitter (as well as bollywood bubble) are saying that RS was approached for another role in Don franchise but he has not given his nod yet. I hope he does not take up the role. He should do his own action thriller franchise not a reboot of an old franchise.

    Also as you said @admin, Farhan is more interested in his acting career and parading around with his young gf so don’t think he has any desire to direct or write a movie.

  3. mmmm says:

    Or it could be the doing of chichora’s pr, Initially i didn’t believe this website was deepveer’s pr or at least has a bias for them but seeing how you rolled out the option of rs’s pr being behind this news especially with all the pervious stunts of his pr regarding SRK seems like there is no smoke without fire

    • Peachy says:

      I couldn’t agree more. In fact, there is a post on Reddit comparing how OSOP reports a blind item vs just the blind item without any spin made by the admin.


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  4. Ria says:

    They might just give the same script new name. Their PR might have spread the rumor just to see people’s reaction if they replace. I would not mind if RS does it although I like SRK too

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