Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 11

So much has been said about this young cricketer. Well, to be fair, most of that came out of his own mouth and landed him in trouble. As usual, they all had to pretend that they were really sorry about what what said on NaaginJo’s show.

Did you see both of them drunk as hell and getting jiggy with it at that Ambani’s wedding? And, they were supposedly soooo sorry about being sexist and misogynist!

After that episode, any girl who chooses to date this guy should know what she is getting herself into. Get ready to be the topic of his bragging to his teammates.

Apart from his comments, there were also other cases where pictures were taken and something about him sleeping with multiple women at the same time.

Oh, well. Give him time. In some years, he will calm down. They all do!

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. By the way, no idea who this girl is…Feel free to share if you know who.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 11

THIS young cricketer, who was briefly benched after shooting his mouth off on national television, is back to his usual antics, your diarist has learnt. He’s rumoured to be dating a foreigner – a model and dancer, who is a reality TV contestant.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is old news, because not too long ago the same cricketer was seeing another European beauty who was also a reality TV show contestant. The bad press he got is clearly long forgotten, as this player’s on a roll again.


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Cricketer: Hardik Pandya

Earlier, in his apology to the BCCI, Pandya had written: “I made an appearance on the chat show where I have made certain statements without realising that these could be disrespectful and offend sensitivities of viewers for which I am sincerely regretful.

I would like to assure you that there was no malice or any sort of ill-intent on my part to offend anyone or portray any section of the society in bad light. I made these statements in the flow of the show and had not comprehended the extent to which my statements would be found offensive.”


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22 Responses

  1. abcd says:

    people like aloo prove time and again that women are their worst enemies. she is bigger jerk than kat and there is no denying about it.@venus your paid comments prove that aloo has sold her conscience to kjo so morals/ethics certainly do not prevail anymore in her. so the tears of kat’s heart will make her suffer in marriage with rk. you can continue to live in your aliawood….do not bother me ever again!!!!

  2. Universal says:

    Ok, unpopular opinion but I think Hardik is more of a bragger. In bollywood, cricket high fi circles, people do throw themselves on whoever is successful and rising. Be it a girl or boy.
    Thing is the one who gets caught is the thief. Smart ones get away. I am by no means justifying what he said or did. Just trying to put a diff perspective. Pandya is no saint. And neither are those hobnobbing with him.

  3. SA21 says:

    admin pls post about how alia bhatt classified herself as an β€œaverage joe” in an interview with rajeev masand. will make for a good laugh

  4. whiskermole says:

    Hey, admin, saying they’ll calm down in a few years, they all do is tantamount to saying β€œboys will be boys”. We have to privileged men as accountable as we hold the rest of us.

  5. abcd says:

    @venus if alia was really a friend she would have helped in patch up or at least stayed away and not take advantage of situation to get a guy. dp & kat were not friends at that point of time. betrayal from friend is a lot more painful as compared to getting it from an acquaintance. stealing movies/bf: how much more can one stoop? Are you trying to say that all mistakes are fine absolutely for star kids just because of surname and money??? nobody has the right to wrong anyone: be it rich/poor, star kid or an outsider! No self respecting woman in her right mind would stoop to level that alia did? aloo should always be put on pedestal and wrongdoings must be ignored just because they want frequent ego massage!! if this is what she wants, then it is unethical on her part. it is not about being some kind of watchdog, but about spending money as audience to watch; so people can’t punished for finding faults of stars. nobody is telling to lead an ideal life, but at least avoid bad deeds. such nuisance getting supported for money turns it into a bigger nusiance. sorry for post’s topic diversion, but morally felt the need to answer it.

    • Venus says:

      I am not saying alia is right.But neither was Kat when she started pursuing Ranbir when he was already in a relationship with Deepika.The question of Alia’s morals doesn’t hold weight here cause Katrina herself is no saint.And please,alia and Katrina were never best friends,they were friends maybe for 6-7 months .No one is a teenager here,in the real world this exactly what happens.Casual friends don’t think twice before dating friend’s exes,and people pursue commited men.Everyone is selfish,including your precious Kat

      • abcd says:

        be it casual friend or best friend, betrayal remains a betrayal. tolerating a rich hot headed and abusive partner can get very emotionally taxing even though the benefits are plenty. leaving sallu was kat’s mistake but are all not aware of his anger issues? he does have a heart of gold and has helped people, but does that change the truth about his yelling/hitting tasks? i am not kat’s fan, but i am just being neutral. did aloo ever give sid the respect and relationship acceptance he truly deserved, who is far better than that rich spoilt rk womaniser? sid showed big heart. even if alu mocked sid on kjo’show, it was sid who did not create drama. if you have to count who has done how many mistakes, aloo ‘s mistakes would be the highest. rk has seen his bad marriage of his parents;so he does not value love and goes around bedhopping. even others have seen bad marriages, but they come out wiser and evolved. in all of this, alu comes across as very horrible human that people must avoid. that jerk uses her clout to steal work of other actresses and now throws herself constantly on rk through family, kjo & media so that rk is forced to marry her. let’s watch what happens to kalank: i see it as a disaster as she has lost some fans in these months

        • Venus says:

          Lol are you actually justifying Katrinas affair with Ranbir ? Lol. So according to you only Katrina has reasons for what she does,and rest of them are plain evil.You seriously need to take off your Katrina tinted glasses

        • Venus says:

          And just FYI if alia uses her clout to steal work,Katrina uses her realtionships too to get work.How else could a non talented non actress survive so many years in the industry.She is the least talented actress around and still uses Salltu to get roles.Atleast alia has talent,kat is a total zero

          • abcd says:

            constantly forcing rk to get married through kjo & parents has turned aloo into a laughing stock. even if they tie the knot, it would be an open marriage. aloo has no aura. sara, kriti & disha can anytime overtake aloo. the music team from kalank has got more appreciation than aloo. this shows rise in resentment in the mind of public for her. even if kat’s aspect is ignored, harming sid showed what kind of a person she is. you may consider checking other comments of mine for reference. arrogance, paid comments,false sense of entitlement can’t change the truth. i’m ending this conversation from my side. bye

          • Venus says:

            Lol you totally diverted the topic and made it anti alia.All I said was Katrina is no Saint,and you don’t have any answer for it.

  6. Hmm says:

    I think the girls who get entangled with guys like this should be examined. They are just interested in the fame, fortune and popularity that guys like this bring. That’s why the Ajays and Akshays can continue to misbehave – because many girls make themselves available.

  7. MasterThinker says:

    Guys Off topic..
    One thing i noticed on every post whenever Kat Ranbo Saga opens in comments.. some people always write about her Shady past.. I WANT TO SAY THEM HAVE YOU LOST IT? Have we seen her shady past or do we have evidence.. Just on basis of blind how we judge easily a girl who maynot be indulged in dirty things.. The one who leaks or source or NaginJo and DaalChawal do you Bellieve on them if yes then also ship RanLia dobt be hypocrite.. That ranbo is Stone hearted he doesnt care about anyone and we are one who always brag about her shady past whenever we get chance plz guys try to understamd it is very downgrading every one reads comments dont make a girl lose her dignity on basis of blimd by Nagin and Randbir.. I beg you dont ever mention about her past which we clearly dont know… She is girl Respect her plzz .

    • Hmm says:

      Katrina fans should please give us a break. Some of us really don’t care about Kat-Ran-Alia dramas especially when it’s scripted!!! Gosh!!!!

      • Venus says:

        I know these fan clubs are such a nuisance,the just fill all celeb posts with hate comments,thats their only job .And Kat fans are busy painting Kat as a victim when everyone knows she’s done much worse than alia.Atleast Ranbir was single when he and Alia started dating.A bunch of hypocrites these fan clubs are

    • MasterThinker says:

      EXCUSE ME!! Cant someone be neutral fan and give a Fair suggestion & genuine opinion.. stop colouring each opinion into fandom war”.

    • Tina says:

      Am sorry…are you really asking for evidence, and witnesses to her shady past? You do realize this is a gossip site right? These things about Katrina have been coming out consistently. That’s why people give it credence.
      First, the stuff Ayesha Shroff and Kaizad Gustad said about her when she came to Bollywood in 2003.
      Then her and her sisters cozy pictures with Terry Stephens aka One Eyed Jack, a Porn producer and distributor.
      Then the Mumbai Mirror blind when she was dating Ranbir, about them finding out about her shady past…including video proof.
      The fact that her siblings all have different fathers, none of whom are in the picture, and the siblings themselves only got together in the last decade.
      …and the scariest rumor ….her mother being part of the cult, ‘Children of God’ where children as young as 3-6 years old are abused. There are even some forums which still doubt her Mother’s so called Charity Organization….scary scary stuff.

      I feel for Katrina, if in fact she grew up in the cult, no one should ever go through that hell. As for her porn past, we have accepted Sunny Leone too. But telling us that we can’t talk about this on gossip sites is a bit too much.

    • MasterThinker says:

      Ohh please! Have anyone of us seen the video? NO, the video part was included in blind gossip so it remain just passable’GOSSIP’. Other than that a pic with producer doesnt prove her being guilty of alleged activity it could be for other work query cmon guyd dont think uniderictional.. other thn that all are just rumours there is no authentication of that.

  8. nefarious says:

    so, who is he bragging about these days?
    @admin, pls share guesses like you ususally do

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