Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 1

Today’s first blind item is no April Fool joke. From PinkVilla, this blind item talks about the sister-in-law of a very popular actress. We kind of feel bad because we had no idea what she was up to. What to do? We don’t keep up with society ladies.

But for her…It’s quite interesting. Clearly, the fame and popularity that she has been enjoying does come from her actress SIL’s side. That’s how it works, right? Other than winning a beauty title, she has not really done anything that can be called the reason for her fame.

It’s amazing actually because a look at her social media page shows how she is literally putting her life and her family’s life out there. She is using every opportunity to make money online. She has set up a social media account for her sons as well and from there also, she promotes things.

So basically, she is an active promoter on social media. That’s about it. If what the blind item is saying is true then that’s not right but makes sense as to why she gets these many products to promote.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2019 – 1

This GORGEOUS actress is MIFFED with her relative for using her name to promote the BUSINESS

The actress’s relative is an ex-beauty queen and much-married to boot. While a housewife till recent times, the relative apparently became ambitious after winning some beauty contests and starting her own business lifestyle venture, which included being on social media. Once she became more known through her writing, the freebies including luxury holidays at exotic destinations, started pouring in.

It was more so because she was related to the top actress and the more the relative became well-known, the more the freebies would pour in, till the time the actress discovered the relative was apparently, using her good name to get deals and even arrange meetings on her behalf.

The beautiful actress started digging around, especially after a few people called in on her to check if the relative was stating the truth. Both had never got along right from the beginning. It started post the relative’s marriage when the actress felt she was indifferent and often callous while treating her family.

The actress is devoted to her mother and she felt the relative was not treating her well – the reason why everybody was staying separately.

The relative’s husband, who is very close to the actress, was oblivious to the simmering tension between the actress and his wife.

After finding out what the relative was up to, the actress decided to talk to her. It was not a pleasant discussion where the relative denied everything.

The actress is known for her professionalism, so her next step again was true to nature. She did not even consult her husband (also in movies) but put out a stern but discreet message through the media and her acquaintances that all business dealings had to be done through her and her manager and nobody else.

Deed done, everybody behaved like nothing had happened and the relative is still seen at all family events.


OSOP Guesses

Relative: Shrima Rai

Actress: Aishwarya Rai

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11 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    One obnoxious and elitist snob Shweta is not enough that her brother’s wife also turned out be someone who is cashing on Ash’s fame and goodwill to get freebies and whatnots. πŸ˜‚

  2. Mangloo mama says:

    Two cunning mangloo mamis within the family fighting. Who is a mangloo Mami. Pet name for cunning and shrewd ladies from mangalore

  3. nona says:

    The SIL gives Mira Rajput vibes. #Bleugh

  4. Sara says:

    Osop no article on weird kiss/greeting exchange between alia and ranbir during two recent award functions? So looking forward to the article

  5. Kiran101 says:

    What is so wrong if Shrima kind of uses Aishwarya’s name for her biz. I do not understand wat is Ash’s problem if her own brother’s family benefits with her name ? She also uses Bachchan name where she is married into ? wat is wrong if Shrima does when married to Rai’s.

    • Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

      The thing here is Aishwariya’s built her name and finances on her own steam and professionalism . No easy feat for a non Bollywood kid who could have easily been wiped out after the Salman fiasco , or who is NOT the best or most natural actress around . This tale hints that Shrima’s not been nice to Vrinda Rai which will naturally aggravate any daughter while Aditya (like many other men including AB Jr) is closing his eyes to the situation. Shrima’s also accepting money and lucrative freebies wheeling and dealing on Aishwariya’s behalf which Ash won’t do (& thus be branded unprofessional) . You can’t make money offering your beautiful famous sister-in-law as bait without even bothering to check with her . Let’s face it ,there are a zillion people acting like an authority on the net ,the only reason people look at Shrima is because of Ash. As there’s no denial from Ash ,I’m inclined to believe it and she is definitely shooting from PV’s gun.

    • kiran101 says:

      @Lady Its true Aishwarya imade her own name but when you are a celeb there is no way that someone esp a family member wud not try to profit from ur name.

      My only point is its her brother’s family who is profiting. All celebs use their connections…I agree Shrima is no force of nature but there are many times and even now Aish uses Bachchan name as anchor…she hardly gave hits in the last decade frankly .

      Its a different matter if Shrima isnt nice to her MIL and Ash does not prefer her name to be used. I am just saying in a dog eat dog world …this isnt that much of an issue.

      • Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

        Of course Ash is not the superstar she used to be , but her name still counts for something .
        Even without the Bachchan surname she still has /had her looks which is how she made her career .For the Bachchans (including Ash) , it makes sense promoting themselves as a family unit for publicity and money . Were it not for his wife, AB Jr would have crashed way sooner than this. They are all celebrities who make use of each other. Remember the Big B’s pride when his son carried away the most wanted beauty & all his blathering on about how wonderful his DIL is ?? ! It’s not very clear what Shrima has done ,but falsely promising a relative’s cooperation and accepting payment/ free holidays/gifts is unethical. People will naturally assume Ash is being unprofessional and avaricious ,accepting ( maybe an indirect) remuneration and not following through . People must have contacted her to reconfirm what is happening which is probably why she’s taking this indirect step to refute it.

  6. Pooja says:

    This is aishs way of letting the world know that a certain relative is using her name to gain professional benefits.
    My guess she released the blind through her team. And what better medium than pinkvilla. All society ladies and even ranbir,kjo follow pinkvilla .

    • Pooja says:

      Lol y then she not use swecha bachchan for blind rather than own brother’s wife.when in reality she is very close of own family compare to bachchans.

      • Pooja says:

        Hiii pooja. We dont know if ash is really that close to her shrima. She might be super close to her brother and might have troubled relationship with Shrima.

        I’ve just made my comment on the assumption that they might not share a good relationship.

        Ash is very gaurded about her family and personal life. Nothing about her comes out until she wants the world to know.

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