Bollywood Blind Item – April 2018 3

It wasn’t that easy to guess who this blind item is about because once you read it, you will realise that it’s most of the new ladies in Bollywood and that’s pretty much what the situation is. Not just the ladies, even the new actors are in the same situation. Whether it’s any of the star kids or any of the newcomers that just found fame, the blind item below is the situation that they go through.

Clearly, this lady doesn’t really know what’s best for her career. We are guessing that she thinks that the ones who advised her to go through this want the best for her? It’s clear that she doesn’t know that they have been making fun of her publicly. Or maybe she knows and they told her something and she had to agree because you know how it is when you want to get with the popular gang?

In Bollywood, the popular gang is the one that has star kids and is handled personally by their favourite uncle.

Check out the blind item below from IndianExpress. By the way, we want to say how linking someone up for the sake of getting attention and publicity is so passe now. No one cares about these things unless the actors are really popular and have actual fanbase. Let’s hope that this lady doesn’t think that her link-up with this director, who swings the other way, is going to get her mileage.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2018 3


Guess the starlet who wants to be linked up with her co-stars?

Though a couple of her friends who also happen to be from the entertainment industry advised her not to take this path, she seemed pretty sure that it was the only way she could be the center of attention.

In filmdom, linkup rumours and flings are a promotional gimmick. It is an old formula but it still works. While many A-list actors and actress detest this but somewhere at the beginning of their career, they too were rumoured to be dating their X film’s co-star. And, the media and audience both have understood this tactic. However, some newbies still feel it’s the best way to grab attention. And today, we have one such starlet who will be debuting in films soon. Not that she is new to the glam world or entertainment industry as she has worked in the past on some hit shows, but Bollywood is a whole fresh gamble for her.

A close aide of the actress divulged details about her plan of action to be in headlines for her film. Recently, she was chilling with a group of friends and started discussing plans as to how she can hog all the attention during or around the film’s release. Well, she is playing an important role but isn’t the lead actress. So, she bounced off a superb idea of spreading link-up rumours with the movie’s lead actors. Obviously, this will grab everyone’s attention and will end up getting a lot of free publicity for her film. Though a couple of her friends who also happen to be from the entertainment industry advised her not to take this path, she seemed pretty sure that it was the only way she could be the center of attention.

Well, girl, this isn’t your first tryst with media or audience as you have had your share of fame and adulation and some controversies too. So, will you risk your filmy career if the cast member you mention or producers learn that it was a marketing gimmick done by you? Besides, what about your boyfriend? Have you discussed this plan with him yet? Has he given the nod to this plan of yours? All we want to say is just like your sane friends, we too feel that you should weigh all your options before jumping the gun.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Mouni Roy

Boyfriend: Mohit Raina

Film: Gold and Brahmastra

Bollywood Blind Item – April 2018 3

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6 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    Must be a fake blind planted by RK to whitewash all the blacklash he recieved for suggesting casting couch to Mouni. Now he is trying to make it look like it was Mouni’s idea to hit on him and Ayan. The rehashed mumbai mirror blind with the casting couch bit and Ranbir’s faithfulness bit (which nobody believed) edited out must not have done the trick. So they came up with a newer version to malign the outsider.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    Do people really still pay money to go see those mediocre movies? Ranbir is in a really bad state right now. His blinds about mouni backfired on him big time. Noone believed the blinds where he posted to embarrass her. Everyone knows that he was the one who planted it and funny thing, even this blind was planted to make people believe that it is mouni intentions of getting popular and to try to undo the damages of the first set of blinds. He should put so much effort and time into his acting instead. It is backfiring on him because she is getting popular, everyone is feeling sorry for her being taken advantaged of but sadly even that aspect I wouldnt pay my money to go see her movie. Just riding with that team is enough to shun her movies. Ranbir needs to take a chill pill and give a few to his grumpy dad who thinks the world is mad for not putting his son on top saying wacko things like Ranbir took after him in acting skills lol I think ranbir is a horn child because he aint got no acting skills whatsoever, none from his dad and none from his mom. Strange eh? Nepo is the only thing that is keeping him relevant. He have failed big time over and over and over. The way Ranbir is heading, I can see he will be or his parents will be sending him to some rehab soon.

  3. Leaps says:

    I am sorry but is mouni really that dum to think an PR affair with ayan who is clearly batting for different team the world knows will help her get fame.

  4. Tina says:

    Can I just say that Mohit Raina is a gorgeous, gorgeous man, like whattay hottie! 😍

  5. Narsβ™‘Kangana says:

    So first the blinds were written about the handsome – superstar – talented lead actor of a certain film having a laugh at this tv hit actress. And now the tone of the blind has totally changed with this tv actress’s plan on using old tactics to get all the attention? Hmm how so interesting?

    Is Ranbir and co. finaly realizing the fake blinds and over praising isnt working out for him? & now he is changing up the blinds or is this blind the only “true” blind about this famous tv actress?

    Lol lol lol

  6. Pav says:

    She has gone under the knife and done what it is for her to look better is alright. Yet I don’t find her attractive

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