Bollywood Blind Item 9 – May 2018


The blind item below speaks about a young actress, who is known to date everyone and be best friends with everyone. Actually, she dates whoever her mentor wants her to date and becomes bff with whoever she is with in the moment. Maybe it has something to do with the type of switch on, switch off actress that she is. It’s not surprising at all that IndianExpress had this blind item about her. It does seem strange how there are articles saying she is dating her co-star and then, there are pictures of her hanging out with the same co-star’s ex.

Honestly, it’s like they are all in on this to fool the audience. But, when will they understand that all this doesn’t matter to the audience? At the end of the day, people will flock to theatres only if they want to watch these actors’ films. Speaking of films in theatres, this actress just had a release and it is doing quite well. Now, just think that her mentor will think that it’s because of these fake stories that people went to watch this film. So, even more fake articles are going to come out regarding this actress!

Check out the blind item from IndianExpress and try to be surprised! At this point, she sounds like a robot who has been programmed by her mentor to do this or that.

Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 9 – May 2018


Guess the female actor who can go from BFF to stranger at the drop of a hat

Today’s scoop is about a female actor who changes her stance depending on who she wants to please on a given day.

Today’s scoop is about a female actor who changes her stance depending on who she wants to please on a given day. For this, she can even completely sideline a pal.

So recently at a bash, this female actor was pally with this young actor who danced with her and was enjoying spending time with her. Let us tell you that sometime back these two were rumoured to be seeing each other, but both declined the buzz. So when the two met at the party, sparks did fly. Those present sensed the terrific chemistry, especially a young actor, who has worked with our female actor in the past, teased the two about their cute gestures and dance moves, hinting that something is brewing. Well, all was going great until they again met at another bash.

This time things weren’t as hunky dory like they were the last time. Our lady in question walked in with another prominent actor and gave the cold shoulder to our poor young star. Those present at this bash told us that the situation was weird.

Feeling sidelined and dejected but not to spoil the party mood for his near and dear ones. He continued smiling and moved to one side at the party and tried hard to enjoy with his pals and colleagues. Seriously some real-life incidents in these actors’ lives are more dramatic than the films they do. As far as our female actor goes, all we wish for her is that her habit of dropping people like hot potatoes doesn’t end up happening to her someday.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Alia Bhatt

Actor: Sidharth Malhotra

Prominent Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item 9 – May 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 9 – May 2018

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24 Responses

  1. goldengirl says:

    I really like alia. She is beautiful, talented and sweet . But I find her in a wrong company namely KJO N RK. Means seriously? date anyone her mentor want? why does she needs such tactics when she can act. I agree with the Admin , people will go to watch the movie for good script and songs not because of Actors breakup/hook up etc. Recent example is JJ /Tamasha which flop badly. Alia is just projecting herself as a desperate woman who is ready to throw herself at any man .

  2. Mina says:

    Wow. Some people here are living in their own thriller movie in their head. Come on guys she is a 25 year old kid. stop spreading hate. So she dated Sid and they broke up. So what? You weren’t in their relationship, you don’t know who’s fault it was. What’s I think is the timing of this blind is very good don’t good don’t you think? Me thinks convenient…

    • guest says:

      @mina fyi at 25 you are not a “KID” at 18 you enter into being an adult. convenient is the time of PR article calming AliaBhatt — the greatest female superstar than all those before her

      convenient is how she is called superstar when kjo does lobbing for her roles and saying she is better than all those who entered th industry as outsiders and had to work a zillion times harder than alia and saying she is better thn them.

      But considering dharma had hired reshma no doubt kjo in a about years time this aggressive pr by her will prove alia and ranbir are way better than any outsider ever was. kjo will prove star kids are oscar worthy and there are no other actors worthy of good roles

    • priya says:

      @guest says and FYI, as audiences we want to see good actors regardless of whether they’re from the industry or not ( or would you rather see a movie with a shitty actor instead, then you’re alone ). so learn to appreciate people who put a film worth seeing an appreciating in front of you instead of a shit of I don’t know masala movies. also, this girl has done how many films relevant to women in our society in her career? you do the math and as a girl for me that is respect worthy. period.


  3. Monalisa says:

    When Alia made Kjo to invite her again on KWK along with Pari, after she recieved backlash for her dig at Pari, made me realize that she is not the sweet, dumb, naive person she pretends to be. It is just an image and when her real self came out unintentionally papa Kjo and Alia made sure to rectify it. And Pari fell for it. Same goes for her dig at outsider Kirti in Vogue bff which was totally uncalled for.

    I usually don’t belive things written on internet forums by people claiming to know celebs IRL, but his/her comment is kinda believeable because I always have the feeling Alia is way cunning and manipulative than she pretends to be. But even still I will take that comment with a pinch of salt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Below speaks about a young actress, who is known to date everyone and be best friends with everyone. Actually, she dates whoever her mentor wants her to date and becomes bff with whoever she is with in the moment.”

    OMG ADMIN, a more apt discription hasn’t been given on this site of a celebrity, its so on point it’s like you just described her soul. Hats off for the honesty.

    She is just a rubish by product of nepotism, and her and KJo always spread random shit like she just went in as a normal girl and gave an audition. What shit, she was in my school and always showed off about how her mother knew KJo and her father knew srk, and how they were going to get KJo to make a movie for her. She was literally the biggest bitch and bully in school. We all school peers thought it was insane how she managed to create this innocent “good girl” image. But finally the truth is coming out after 6 years, she was the same in school a serial dater, she would try to hook up with all the rich and popular guys to get into their good books and gain popularity herself, she even made one of guys buy her a branded bag that tossed around school. I mean please we don’t need such fake, immoral, 10 faced, sly and manipulative person to be a so called idol for young people in our country. What is she even trying to teach young kids, that nepotism rocks? or that fake PR and being a puppet and getting Used and Using other people is the way forward? She literally does same role in every movie with a melodramatic crying scene in the end to make people think wow she can act. LOL.

    Also trying to create an image and making young girls believe that being “DUMB” is cool and that’s the only way to get attention and move forward ! That is NOT cool at all, this is so harming to the society in the bigger picture.

    She literally dates every costar, and then try’s to get away with it by trying to act innocent and saying dumb stuff. So bloody manipulative. I mean walks in with Ranbir at sonams reception, then cozies up with her Raazi co star at the press meet while hugging him and putting her head on him and sitting. Flirtly talks about Varun in every interview. Fucking sociopath is what she is.
    This chick needs to be dropped like a hot potato asap. 🥔🥔🥔🥔

    • Anon says:

      Bitter much?

    • leaps says:

      @Anonymous well a woman who was able to fool so may people isnt a fool is she? she is smart one getting things going her way. She is essentially is your typical entitled star family kid who used to getting what she wants whether its scripts,producers, directors, boyfriends you name it. She seems to be enjoying her link up with ranbir she has in the past been going gaga after him now she has that link up too.
      She recently told masand na her things come from kjo even her handbags she asks him where is it. By now she has cemented the i am bit nuts, good actor image.even masand shahed her by saying have you ever had to fight for a project her ans makes it obvious no she hasn’t

    • Akanksha says:

      Admin – Help I unliked Annoymous’s comments BY MISTAKE. why don’t you have an option to correct this. Anonymous really well written, Thank you for this insight, I always felt like she was one those people that pretended to be all sweet and innocent from outside but was maha chalu and super fake and matlabi from the inside, just like in aap ki adalat the host said to Alia directly “ki Duffar ki image bana ke apna sirf apna Faida Dekha PR Bhi kitni hogayi”.

  5. pooja says:

    Hmmm sorry the whole ” Raazi is doing very well ” thing is just by paid analysts or critics who are afraid to write against Kjo gang. The movie’s budget is around 50 croes , movies distribution rights are sold for around 35 cr, so basically the movie will break-even at 75 cr. This numbers are according to krk box-office, this dude’s always right with his number’s. So in reality the movie’s doing bad business, Kjo’s next ventures Kalank and Brahmastra will be effected by Raazi’s bad performance, loss of goodwill for dharma and alia.

    • Z says:

      But pooja, KRK, your paragon of truth and honesty, is now saying Raazi will be a hit:

    • pooja says:

      Of-course the portal will now talk positively about the movie and call it a hit blah blah etc, cause they got a call from Movie-Mafia Kjo and Kjo might have paid the required 25 lakhs. So all the “movie Hit Tweets” are paid up , the portals first tweet about the movie was negative, but they instantly deleted the tweet- Guess some one got an emergency call??
      And why the dig at Krk, yep he might be a jerk , but this guy is way better than other yes-man’s and minions in trade like Faridoon, Taran and that BOI guy.

    • Z says:

      But pooja, the film has already earned Rs 48.80 crore: And it is still running in the theatres and holding up well: Plus, there’s no big film releasing tomorrow.

      So let me get this straight: he always speaks the truth and now that he’s saying that Raazi will be a hit film, you’re saying that K.Jo has paid him Rs 25 lakhs to speak positively about the film. That makes him as bad as the rest of them.

    • pooja says:

      Basic math—- the movie will be a hit after if breaks-even and makes a little profit. So if anyone concerned is calling the movie a hit at 48 Cr [ and the movie still has to do biz around 27-30 Cr to break-even ], then what should we call them???

      Here goes my ananlysis—- the movie opened on a very low occupancy note on Friday , people like taran were tweeting why the movie was worth-while so as to create positive hype around the film. Critics only gave out good reviews—most of them were scared to give bad reviews. Film picked up on Saturday and Sunday. When will some-one call a film hit or super-hit even if it has to do more than 27 Cr to break-even??? When that some-one is paid-up or scared to give out the truth.

      The movie is for multiplex audience , and these kind of movies doing around 30+ cr business in second and third week is difficult. So i’ll call it a hit if the movie does around 80 cr business. And god know’s even if these numbers are true.

      So most trade Analysts and websites are highly biased towards the likes of Kjo gang—
      —these people called October an above average movie , when the verdict should be Flop.
      —these people called Pari a Flop , when it actually did an above average business or Comission earner.

      Every website has a price let it be Bollywood Hungama , BOI or TOI—pay the price and get you’r shit done.
      P.s — Krk box-office was amongst the very few portals who openly declared padmavat did only 285 Cr business, when other portals were writing about the movie doing 300 cr businesss. All trade analysts are trash , but with Krk-box office attest you get to know certain extent of trurth, after that you make your own interpretations.

    • Z says:

      pooja, the film has collected Rs 74.50cr now: So whichever way you look at it, it’s a hit.

  6. Hmmm says:

    Her sister Pooja Bhatt might not have been a big star like Alia but at least she is genuine, intelligent and capable of thinking for herself.

  7. Monalisa says:

    Admin, I think you maybe right about how Kjo might think it is because of this link-up and the hype they tried to create using paid media (and failed miserably) that Raazi is a success.Now we will be bombarded with even more photo-ops, pr articles and blinds. Hope Sanju flops so this will stop for the time being or else this will continue till all parts of Brahmastra releases.

  8. Pooja says:

    After all she is mahesh bhatt daughter find her very pretending she behave so nicely to bebo dp n user kaif but whey mebline newyork ask her to do ad with athiya shetty in 2015 she rejected called athiya newcomer when she herself hardly done 3film that time then I realise she is nice to only success ful n famous ppl.

    • leaps says:

      @pooja alia being nice to only success ful n famous ppl. is a very kjo , bebo thing to do no wonder they get along

  9. leaps says:

    “about a female actor who changes her stance depending on who she wants to please on a given day.” sums up alia and her Bollywood persona. Fact is out of all films more than 90% are produced by kjo that is how dependent she is on dharma. Kjo basically buys her the scripts by agreeing to produced them if only alia is cast. Directors agree on this surely because it gives them a producer. No wonder she is his puppet . ALso everyone is so effing tired of their pr by now

    @admin lol the gif game is lit

  10. Rad says:

    Blushes and covers her face? Considering all the dirty things these people are upto, like they even can blush about anything. All just and act. How obvious can you get?

  11. Samantha says:

    Despite her getting all accolades and all big films; i really really feel sad for Alia! What a disgusting sad little life she is leading.. brilliantly described by admin before the blind! KJo is one shameless pathetic person; n Alia falls in same category when she agrees to play along with KJo’s third class hookup stories! YUCK!

  12. Amanda says:

    How many blinds about Alia… Baap re Baap… Kjo should take a break from pr.. Rk too should rest..

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