Bollywood Blind Item 9 โ€“ February 2018

Today’s first blind item about this actress, a really famous actress who is now known all over the world. This is due to her TV show, which further skyrocket her stardom to places she never thought it would. We were wondering when she was going to come out with a statement regarding this whole situation and she did a week after the government busted this guy. For now, we will have to make do with what the blind item is providing below and it’s quite funny, to be honest.

This is about this lady’s connection with one of the top jewellers of India, who coincidentally got busted for being a big fraud and a scam. The way we see it, this old man’s company got big and rich wa too soon. How in the world can you do that in less than 2 years? It’s something that he has been working on since he was a young man, he just suddenly decided to do it and soon after that, his gem of a business pretty much made it really really big.

As it is with all things that look too good to be true, his bubble bursts and now Indian police are looking for him. This actress, though she had nothing to do with the scam, was the face of this brand. Now that it’s all over, she is doing all she can to remind people that she exists and can still land brands and big billboards. Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 9 โ€“ February 2018


THIS leading lady wonโ€™t be missing her mug across the world, thanks to the giant scam thatโ€™s just been busted. No siree โ€” this clever girl is always one step ahead of the curve. We hear she has had a new clause added to an old contract, just to ensure she remains globally loved and recognised. She has been the face of an apparel brand for over a year now, and she has asked them for a permanent billboard at Times Square, New York City, for a period of two years. So cool, while the rest of her contemporaries are content chasing followers on social media.


OSOP Guesses

Leading Lady: Priyanka Chopra

Scam: Nirav Modi

Bollywood Blind Item 9 โ€“ February 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 9 โ€“ February 2018

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22 Responses

  1. Rekha Rai says:

    I firmly believe there was something between SRK and PC, they were too close and he was too infatuated. The public declarations, kissing, singing to her publicly, kissing her hand in front of his wife the jumping over couches, Gauri’s girl gang, the “quote” from a “source” close to PC, Karan’s tweet, the late night photos and how only they were always paired as award presenters in locations like Macau to continue their illicit affair. She was the only one spotted on his floor during the IIFA Toronto visit (spotted and mentioned in a blog by blogger breathedreamgo.). And then anytime Gauri would tag along to an awards function (like TOIFA in Vancouver) Priyanka would bring her parents along with her because she knew she wouldn’t be invited to any afterparty at his hotel suite with Gauri there. The reason they split up bitterly was due to her father’s death, SRK not being able to be there for her properly and that her father wanted to see her married which he didn’t get to see and that makes Priyanka sad. After that she is the one that felt bitter and lost interest in the unable to commit SRK (who loved her but didn’t commit due to fear of losing his superstar status due to his reputation), which is why now that she has some sort of foothold in the US she’s happy to keep rumors of her connection with SRK going because she pretty much despises him now. I’ve also heard a rumor that somehow SRK was behind her being signed with ABC but I really don’t believe that to be true – firstly she was signed by Interscope Records in 2011 and then with CAA in 2014, the same year she signed her Development deal with ABC. It could be that she got the Interscope deal herself, and then maybe after her father died in 2013 she gave SRK an ultimatum that if he can hook her up with contracts in the US then she will stay there more permanently or else she’ll tell all. There are also reports of the casting agent Kelli flying down to India to try and sign her and reports of her audition and Josh Safran not knowing who she was but knowing she was “somebody” because of the way she dressed for the audition and walked in (heels and dress rather than jeans and t shirt) which is why I’m not 100% sure about the SRK financing her US career, she has the looks and the means and the attitude to get those deals herself, especially when she first started in the states she looked very exotic and like a million bucks! That said I also wish she’s stop talking about him but I think she’s trying to come across as more relatable because of those blind items about her speech at that awards show being all “me me me” and turning off the Hollywood folks.

  2. Hmmm says:

    PC is Bollywood talented and has given some great performances in Fashion, Aitraaz, Dostana etc. Her acting in Quantico is terrible though. Regarding SRK I feel from a strong smart female she has segwayed into Alex โ€œboiling bunnyโ€ Forrest – Fatal Attraction style. She has dropped enough hints for us to figure out who broke her heart. That filmfare interview and jacket gate was behaviour a teenager would exhibit. Sure itโ€™s sad but she is a public figure and he is a superstar married man there was never going to be a happy ending.

    • Amanda says:

      I just hope pc stops ruining her face with all that cosmetic procedures… She was pretty when she started, but now with her ever changing nose and excessive cheek implants, she is looking weird… I have started hating Sridevi’s face because of her excesses, hoping that I won’t end up hating pc’s face in future….

      • Rashmi says:

        Oh Amanda …. I’m tired of arguing with the fans of Sridevi. they are convinced that Sridevi only twice has changed the nose, only the nose! and no longer had plastic surgeries. but I see that this is not true, there were several plastic operations. Priyanka also did something other than nose and Katrina, too. but the fans are completely blind and we are forced to be blind (I’m not against the intervention of surgeons, but this should be a plus and not a minus

      • Hmmm says:

        Yes so true re PC plastic surgery. What has she done to her face? It looks different from before, her nose looks bulbous and face very full. She kind of looks like Miss Piggy from the muppets now. Why oh why did Priyanka and Katrina mess with their faces? I know itโ€™s their wish and none of my business but both have gone overboard in their quest for beauty.

  3. Green says:

    On the contrary, I dont think she ever wanted to be his wife.

    SRK is a megastar even after his back to back flops. Maybe she likes being known as the one who got his attention. Iโ€™m guessing they had a thing long time ago. Early last year, I saw Shahrukh greeting PCโ€™s mom very warmly with a hug on manishโ€™s show.

    I donโ€™t feel sorry for PC at all. Why? from the blinds earlier, iโ€™m assuming she got a lot of material benefits out of her relationship with SRK.

    I am under no illusion that SRK is a saint but why would someone get involved with yet another married man is beyond me… looks like she comes from a good home.

    • Amanda says:

      On the contrary, PC lost lot of acting opportunities due to akshay and SRK affair… She never got to star opposite them after that despite having a hit track record with both…She was outlawed by KJo who was a big producer at that time and also by all of gauri’s friends and their husbands… PC was not invited to agneepath success bash at hrithik’s home despite her being a cast member of the film

      Surely SRK might have helped her in some way(behind the camera) long back and but can’t give all the credit to SRK for whatever pc has achieved… PC is workaholic and I have never been disappointed with her performances, both acting and dancing… Not that I want to defend her affairs with married men..

      • Green says:

        Oh! I absolutely dont want to discredit her for her success. Even if SRK helped her, contacts can only take u so far. Iโ€™m glad sheโ€™s doing well.

        I just donโ€™t like this lovesick puppy act. Sheโ€™s a super successful, attractive woman. Sheโ€™s better than this.

        Priyanka looks good with SRK and if Don 3 gets made, it would be foolish to let her go.

        Also, i find it incredible thereโ€™s not one picture post don 2, a fan account or have they been spotted like anywhere with each other.

        PS . โ€˜m new here and lovin this place so far. Good job admin.

        • Amanda says:

          Yeah…. She should stop all these comments hinting as SRK… I have grown sick of her statements… I just want her to focus on her work and stop ruining her face…. She better find someone and settle down..

  4. Monalisa says:

    Admin, do you have any idea why every post of PC on pinkvilla get so much hate comments regarding her alleged affair with SRK? I love SRK (he was my childhood idol. One of the reason why I fell in love with bollywood movies) but even I feel disgusted and sorry for PC after reading some of the comments on her posts.

    Also why is PC all of a sudden so open about her love life. Talking about wanting to get married since she was 12, the jacket-gate episode, wanting to have many children but not having a guy to do it with, how she is a serial monagomist, being in a commited relationship up until a year ago, calling her ex a MF etc..Is there some kind of power play, threatening, passive agressive shading going on between SRK and PC. Can you shed some light on this as well..

    • Nefarious says:

      Your right Mona
      I guess a case of sour grapes, and a lil bit of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I dont think she will achieve anything out of this except that when you love intensely you want to hurt intensely. She prolly wants srk to be worried anxious etc. I do think at her age whens shes beem there done that, she wants marriage

      • Monalisa says:

        I’m not blaming only PC for the affair unlike people commenting in pinkvilla. It takes two to tango and both SRK and PC should be blamed for it.

        I also kinda have a feeling that they ended their affair on a bitter note and PC is just trying to get back at SRK with all her comments. But I highly doubt SRK would have promised marriage to her, even if he did PC must be smart enough to know he will not go through with it. Simply because his whole family man image will get tarnished if he divorce Gauri.

        • Amanda says:

          @monalisa,all srk fans think srk is a bhola bhala insaan and she is an evil who tried to cast a spell on him… A person starts seeking love outside when his own marriage reaches rock bottom.. Why srk fans hate PC and throw venom at her is beyond my understanding..

          The statements that PC has been giving to media,I think,are veiled messages directed at SRK… After SRK episode she was not in any romantic relationships,,, not that I have heard of… I think she really loved him and being dumped via sms might have been terrible on her…

          Now SRK looks unwanted,uninterested and lost when it comes to his personal life and career…. He is not a BO king anymore and his films are not doing that well..He is not much seen with his wife and is mostly seen with Abram,projecting a family man image… He needs PC back into his life I think….

          • kiran101 says:

            He cannot have it all . If he wants PC he should let go of his home, kids, wife of 30 years … and much more.
            But, PC eventually wants marriage not not interested in being a mistress probably even a kid in future. SRK is already 50 plus . It would be a bad life choice for both of them.

            Did SRK not love Gauri once upon a time ? There is a great chance that he will fall out of love with PC too given its own time and circumstances. PC had more to lose than SRK…he went back to his family but PC has to find someone who she loves as much and work the relationship to marriage. She is 36 now and she is yet to find such a person.

          • Rashmi says:

            Priyanka had relations in America, she herself admitted it. but now she is trying to carefully hide her personal life, in the US no one is particularly no interested in it, so any rumors are missing

          • Amanda says:

            @rashmi, there are no proofs of her being in a relationship over there.. No pics. Nothing… PC keeps faking that she is/was in relationship, but I highly doubt that…

          • Monalisa says:

            @rashmi @amanda
            She might have dated after the affair ended but her comments like “I called my ex a MF”, I was in a commited realtionship up until a year ago”, were made by her to Indian publications/ media. So they definitely were directed at SRK. Also she later got the magazine to release a statement saying she was misqouted about the MF comment. Most probably SRK’s team hounded her to retract that staement as it was reported by some media she called SRK that.

            she must have known SRK would have been photographed in the jacket she showed off as her ex’s jacket on that tv show. And she was right the Indian media went crazy with that story.

          • Amanda says:

            Maybe she wanted SRK to get affected by this or maybe wanted to hog limelight… Not sure of her intention with that act…

            When she was dating SRK, harman, shahid etc, there were many pics clicked by paparazzi… If she was in a relationship till recently, I am wondering why there are no pics… Maybe pc has grown smart and keeping it hidden.

          • Rashmi says:

            of course Priyanka has become smarter and more carefully hiding her personal life, but I repeat, she is now in the US, not in India, in the US no one cares about the love interests of Priyanka

          • Rashmi says:

            There is never any evidence if any person hides them. There is also no evidence that Priyanka had a love affair with SRK or Akshay, but millions of us believe in this. In the US, no one is concerned about the love affairs of Priyanka, so they are easy to hide.

      • leap says:

        I feel PC is a woman scorned especially after amir left the film she was suppose to do with him and srk is said to have been approached to act that was her only bw project I doubt she will be in don3 . Also I think she wants to be seen as a woman wronged by a married superstar. PC should n’t expect a man cheating on wife with her to be sincere to her.

  5. Amanda says:

    But honestly both pc and sid should be spared from attack due to nirav modi incident.. I don’t think anyone can get to know the details regarding finances for any brand… Sid is facing this awkward situation since he interacting with media for his film promotion… PC is spared by Indian media at least for now….

    Regarding pc, I know she is a smart lady… I have been watching her interviews lately and I feel she has got comfortable in chat shows…

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