Bollywood Blind Item 8 – February 2018

It’s nice that celebrities or Bollywood people have a way to speak their truth, but wished they had the guts to do it via news and not through blind items. This way, the fight has become like husband and wife, who hate each other’s guts. Only they know whether they are speaking the truth or are they saying all this out of spite. The thing is, they can at least wait after other blind items to be released to ask the website to publish their story. The blind item below has been published just a day after the previous blind item regarding the same situation. This is why some readers think that we pick on certain celebrities when we share a few blind items about a particular situation in a row.

In the fight that is currently going on between this director and this producer, it seems that they have each chosen which website to employ to speak their truth. The producer is using SpotBoye and the director is using Mumbai Mirror. If the situations are as real as they are claiming, just come out and say it. But maybe, they are not doing so because this fight is already going to court and they are not allowed themselves to spread any details regarding this whole thing.

There’s nothing more to say except that there’s a newcomer’s career involved in all of this. Until they clear her out, she won’t be able to sign anymore movies. Honestly, there’s something wrong with the director. Why in the world does he keep having problems shooting his films? The producer has worked with other directors before and there has never been a problem. Something went amiss between them because things got really out of hand fast. Maybe the producer realised that the director doesn’t care about her involvement the day he announced his film’s release date without checking with her first. It could be that, which started everything.

Nothing more left to say. Check out the blind item below from SpotBoye below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 8 – February 2018


SHAME! This Director Is Planting Fake Stories Against His Lady Producer

While this director has a clear agenda against the producer, we also hear that his PR machinery is calling up senior journalists to write these stories so that they look credible…

We know disputes are common in Bollywood but we don’t often hear a director going all out to dig his own grave. But now, we have one such. It’s someone who has an extremely negative record in sharing a good rapport with his cast and crew. Obviously, he needs a few relaxants which make him realise that he has committed a cardinal sin of throwing a big spanner in a promising star kid’s launch, whose parents are now tearing their hair out.

Imagine the latest cheek of this man as he is now audaciously giving out false stories against the producer. The devil is in the detail and we hear that his PR machinery is calling up senior journalists to write these stories so that they look credible. Really, what a shame!


OSOP Guesses

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Producer: Prerna Arora

Film: Kedarnath

Bollywood Blind Item 8 – February 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 8 – February 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 8 – February 2018

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  1. Amanda says:

    I think gattu will not get anymore work after this… Who wants to work with such man… Hope this film completes and gets released… Only for Sara and sushant sake…

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