Bollywood Blind Item 7 – November 2018

The blind item below is a bit from Telegraph India. It is an update on the situation that has been revealed last week about this top star.

Check out the blind item below from Telegraph India.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – November 2018


MeToo: Two-faced stars

There’s a strong rumour going around that a top Hindi film actor, who took a public stand in support of #MeToo and declared that he would not work with those who had been called out, has quietly paid an astronomical sum (Rs 20-30 crore is the whisper) to a young actress to “keep her mouth shut”. It is further rumoured that it was not because of blatant misbehaviour by the actor but because his stridently feminist wife wanted the matter settled to keep their reputation untainted. An exchange of charges between the actor and the young actress would’ve been ugly and unbecoming.

The actor had built himself a respectable name over the years. So, even if he liked to count his money, it was safer to pay up and quieten the actress than have her play with his hard-earned reputation.

However, the actress’s Twitter account continued to reflect her thoughts as she supported the idea that some of the men who were standing up for #MeToo were double-faced. She also retweeted a producer’s opinion on wives who knew what their husbands were up to but were still hypocritical enough to spout gyaan on feminism and the movement.

As in Hollywood, so in Mumbai: #MeToo will have its share of women who’ll make a neat buck by merely threatening to “out” a man.


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Actor: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – November 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – November 2018

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28 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Most of you may not like my comment but think about it.

    It took 21 years for justice in the Ruchika Girhotra case. And the conviction wasn’t even for her death, or her brother’s torture. They were both 14-16 years old when DGP Rathore did this to them. The Supreme Court of India convicted him of molesting her when she was 14 years old. In other words the highest court of the land has called him a paedophile.

    But this year he was invited to salute the flag during Haryana’s Republic day celebrations. Like it didn’t mean a thing to be a convicted pedophile.

    The same is the case with the rape and murder of Priyadarshini Mattoo. Barely any time in jail and Santosh Singh is married with a child now.

    In a country where the law is barely respected, and has no consequences, how do you make sure that women and their rights are respected? Well, you hit the perpetrators where it hurts most. Hit their bank balance, earnings and wallet. Hit their reputation, popularity and public acceptance.

    Relentlessly keep up the ‘Noise’ until the culture stops accepting this as normal. Consistently refuse to buy their products. And never vote, fanboy/fan girl, and endorse them.

    We know from blinds that Akshay LOVES his money. Good for Aditi that she got a tonne of it from him. I have a feeling Twinkle knows how much losing this money will affect him. I am sure too she wants her husband to herself. So, in a way I am happy for the women.

    But, having said that, it would be super fun if the victims use the money they get to file a case, get a lawyer and win it.

    • Venus says:

      I had to re read the Ruchika case,it’s heartbreaking what she,her family and friends had to go through.Such blatant misuse of power,and then people say why didn’t you report the incident when it happened 😑

    • Rashmi says:

      I like your comment and I even like it. I agree with almost every word spoken to you, but I do not like that you consider emotional blackmail of upright justice. Yes, Aditi will be blackmailed by hints, but he will never speak directly. She will demand money for silence. thereby devaluing the statements of all women who suffered in me too. They are looking for justice, she does not rebuke money for silence and openly oppose hooligans, at the same time it depreciates their disgrace and call them hungry for fame and money, while the blackmailer Aditi, who chose this way to earn money, causes genuine admiration. never understand this

    • LondonThumakda says:

      @tina, wow I didn’t know about these cases. but I remember the one of the American girl who was raped by an acquaintance when she was visiting india and the judge threw out the case on the grounds she didnt say no “loudly” enough… like what decibel does a girl have to register to make it clear she’s not consenting smh.

      have you seen this:

      i believe the girls who accused vikas and subhash ghai have backed down from taking legal action, god knows what pressure/harrasment they faced. im glad aditi at least got something out of it. but i cant help but wish she had rounded up a couple of other actresses willing to speak out – that would have been enough to destroy his reputation at least. for now i find it really galling he is tom-toming his next project which apparently has a stellar female lineup – including vidya balan and tapsee panu.

      and i disagree with you on twinkle. i would have a lot more respect for her if she took her kids, dumped his sorry ass and took all his money in alimony/child support…

    • nefarious says:

      @London Thumkda, Agree with you on most points, except dont you think who silence women with money, will only go on to only disrespect women further?

      Aditi just diluted the the victims agenda seems questionable,….or will be looked upon with suspicion. Men will continue to assert their power through the money and clout they have and view women as objects or mere gold diggers. Just my 2 cents on the whole thing.

      • LondonThumakda says:

        @nefarious, no I agree, not just Aditi most women in Bollywood seem to have decided its not worth it to speak out. that way, what the women in the malayalam film industry did is truly admirable. they closed ranks and formed the Women in Cinema Collective and protested loudly when the male superstar accused of ordering the rape of an actress last year was reinstated by the industry’s main association. for all the progressiveness of kerala in other respects, its patriarchy is deeply entrenched, their male superstars are as revered as the khans are in north india and the women who spoke out against the misogyny endorsed on film by these superstars faced trolling, rape threats, death threats you name it. but they stood their ground and supported each other and (i think) won the respect of society at large..

        here’s an article if you want to read more about what happened/is happening in kerala:

    • Tina says:

      Rashmi, Nefarious and London Thumakda

      I completely understand where you guys are coming from. In a way, it’s like a choice between the Devil and the Deep Sea. Do you go for justice in a country where it’s not respected/followed OR do you take the money and cast doubt on the #metoo movement?

      In this case, I am going to side with Aditi. At least until one ‘Anirban Blah’ is put in jail. Right now, I blame the legal system and rule of law in India for diluting the movement. It unfortunately has not stood by 50% of the country, it’s women.

      But, the fight doesn’t end here. I absolutely agree that even now all the women that Akshay cheated can expose him together, and hope they do.

      Hell! I hope the Women’s Collective takes a Class Action suit against the Producers Guild of India. I will donate money to the former!

    • nefarious says:

      @Tina, my only concern about extracting money is that, he can always earn more money, but real damage would be is if he lost respect and had a tainted image. That loss is irrevocable.

      hit them so hard they are never able to try this again. not even in their dreams.

    • Anon says:

      If you’re talking about hitting where it hurts the most, the ideal case would be Akshay getting punished by not getting any more offers for films,ads, functions and he paying each of the victim 10 crores. And the industry shins him completely.

  2. Smita says:

    Twinkle Khanna has come out looking like a hypocrite here. Guess your first instinct is to try and shelter your family but then don’t go around giving virtue signaling statements on the metoo movement or propagate your half baked feminism. These social justice warriors always get caught.

  3. Fact says:

    The blinds are obviously misinformed if not even fake, this is why you see such idiotic speculations ranging from 10 crores to 20 crores to 30 crores. Besides there is no chance of someone blackmailing the khanna-Kumar combo in India, they are the most politically influential couple in Bollywood.

    Most of the Bollywood is Congress supporters, some of them are BJP supporters but this couple is the smartest of them all, Twinkle is a Congress stuge and writes and tweets against Modi and BJP while Akshay is the opposite with his support for BJP. This way both the bases are covered and every thing can be handled without much problem.

  4. truthordare says:

    Who are we to judge the actress for accepting the money to keep quiet? There are accident victims/ their families who lose a family member who accept compensation in exchange for letting the people go scott free. Should we judge them as well? Maybe some victims feel money is the best way to hit people the hardest as money means a lot to everybody.

  5. leaps says:

    well next all these abusers will now add NDA’s to the contracts of the female leads cast along side them in the movies

  6. nefarious says:

    Aditi can still out him, if she wants to. I didnt think she could be silenced with a few crores.
    RIP any strong, educated and woke women for BW.

    They can only raise their voice once they have decided to bid adieu to the world of fame ala Tanushree

    • Rashmi says:

      Aditi only wants more money if these blind are true. She will make tricky hints on Twitter over and over and double the amount. it is her goal, not anger or justice. if she really was a brave woman, she would have said everything during the active movement,me too, but she doesn’t have a goal to speak directly, there is a goal to take money and leave with it

    • nefarious says:

      @Rashmi, So AR was harassed to succumb to AK’s advances? Any idea about the back story?
      I dont even think she eyes any roles with AK in the near future, why the hell cant she just out him and the horror tales

    • Rashmi says:

      I do not even know what to answer you honestly. I just saw these tricky hints from Aditi on Twitter. then blind began with a hint that Aditi was talking about akshay, then that she was paid 10 crores, now the amount has doubled in this blind . If Aditi takes money for silence, then her goal is blackmail, not justice. This is if these blind are true.

  7. nefarious says:

    i saw the teaser of Kajol and Ajays KWK episode. Ajay has always been scathing and stealthily about the cheating ways of him and other BW men.. when he talks i can see why women would sleep with him altho hes a douche.

    Even the last time he came on KWK, he said something about kajol trusting him in sly manner

  8. Ron Faulkner says:

    Hi Admin

    Going a bit off track here. Did you get a chance to watch Koffee with Karan ( Arjun + Jhanvi episode). Would like to know your thoughts ? Also, next week Kajol and Ajay would be gracing the couch. Would love to read your analysis on that ( Friends turned Foe turned Friends) . ? Will you be able to post an analysis on that.

  9. Universal says:

    Not that AK doesn’t have skeletons in his cupboards but I find AR being so preachy amusing. Boss released 5 years ago, if you are that woke, why wait? Even if you can’t name, such sly tweets could have been enough then. I don’t trust anyone in Bollywood. Apna kam banta bhad me jaye janta is their motto.

  10. Nur says:

    The blind dropped when 2.0 is releasing. Co-incidence or planned?

  11. Rashmi says:

    Let a little the amount determined. most recently was blind about 10 crores, now 20 – 30, tomorrow will be 100. this is what I do not believe. Akshay was always a womanizer and it is not a secret. He will never change. but to harass? he has the power, the appearance of many women die for his one look, he will force those when he always had a lot of female attention?

    • Tina says:

      For a lot of men, sex is about power. That you can have power over another human being in the most intimately/emotionally/mentally powerful way. That’s the ultimate power trip. To bend the will of those who don’t want to sleep with them.

      Sajid Khan and Akshay Kumar have the same tendency. Even if they already have willing women, they want the unwilling ones. And with the willing ones, they will want them to do the unwilling sexual acts.

      Never think handsome men won’t sexually harass women or ugly women are never sexually harassed. Happens all the time.

    • Rashmi says:

      You did not understand the meaning of my comment. I do not think that handsome men won’t sexually harass women. The point was that Akshay was always a womanizer and women always loved him. since youth Sajid is terrible and I have not heard about its attractiveness for women, but Akshay was always attractive for women and they were fascinated by him. what a fact. the same is said by western items – girls with whom I spoke. They said that akshay magnet for women. they do everything so that he would pay attention to them and he always has a choice. Why use such power as sex for this?

    • papapess says:

      That’s because AK and others like him can destroy actresses careers if they resist, or “recommend” them for other roles if they give in. So it’s not just about sleeping with women or being a magnet like AK – the power aspect comes in because he can control women’s careers. How many of the AK types say to a woman: “ok, you don’t want to sleep with me? No problems, no hard feelings. We’ll still cast you in the role because you are perfectly suited for it.” The only way actresses can avoid these situations is by coming from powerful families or starting their own production companies and creating work for themselves. Even then it’s very hard in a hero-dominated Bollywood system.

  12. Samantha says:

    So, now its as much an open secret tht Akshay is that top actor; as is the fact tht KJo is gay!

    Plain shocking facts

    Twinkle. the feminist messiah trying to shut the actress?? Get separated dear! Walk the talk
    KJo had gone on record in his some shit radio show tht ‘consent is important’ ..he s painting the town red wt Akki; wt 2.0 promotions et al

    HYPOCRISY at its peak!

    Stl think tht actress is not aditi; but Nimrat Kaur! (though none of them fall in ‘young actress’ bracket)

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