Bollywood Blind Item 7 – March 2018

Today’s blind item comes from DNA. It’s about a situation that has recently happened. Honestly, this actor has been involved in so many controversies that when this one came about, we were not surprised. We didn’t pay attention either, which is why we are surprised that this has happened. The lawyer is saying that they are making a scapegoat out of him. It’s not that hard to believe because why else would he asked for the call details of this actor’s wife from a private detective? We are thinking that this actor asked him to do that and he did. When men ask something like this from their lawyers or private detectives, it is an indication that they are looking for proof. Could it be that this actor was going to leave his wife or his wife was going to leave him hence the curiosity of getting the call details to support either one of them and their case against the other?

It’s also strange that this actor asked his wife to show her support to him to the media via a letter. It is strange when she has managed to stay out of the limelight all this time. Reminds us of this creepy-looking actor from Hollywood, who was in the TV show ‘Silicon Valley’. Creepy-looking guy was accused of sexual assault and he asked his wife to issue a statement supporting his innocence. Seriously, if your husband is being accused of sexual assault, you should let him deal with it. Issuing a statement together when you were not there at the time of that the assault took place shows how weak you are as a woman!

Anyways, back to this case. This blind item is not about this actor, but about his lawyer’s other client. Now, this brings up a lot of questions. If this actress was trying to find this guy’s call records, is it because they actually conversed with each other as opposed to what he claims and she wanted his call records as proof that the affair did happen? It is strange indeed that this lawyer decided to support her and fight for her. We were wondering how can she get such a high-profile lawyer if she’s making all this up and if the affair happened in her head. If no calls were made from his number to hers, why would she have his Call Data Records retrieved? We have been asking this whole time about the calling question. She claimed that he called and spoke to her and yet, he said that he did not have a personal relationship with her hence no personal calls were made.

So many questions! Just check out the blind item below from DNA to see for yourself.


Bollywood Blind Item


Bollywood Blind Item 7 – March 2018


Did Nawazuddin Siddiqui's lawyer help a leading Bollywood actress obtain call records of an actor?

Nawazuddin Siddiqui may have gotten the clean chit in phone call records case, but his lawyer, Rizwan Siddiqui was taken into custody. He was produced in court on Saturday for obtaining the Call Data Records (CDRs) of the actor’s wife.

According to a report in Times of India, the Thane crime branch investigating the case suspects that Rizwan may have used similar tact to source records for a Bollywood actress too. The report reveals that the police said the said actress was involved in a high-profile, heavily publicized argument with another bigwig from the movie industry. Both the parties made public allegations against each other.

The police said that these call detail records (CDR) might be helpful to the actress to strengthen her case this other actor. Rizwan was held by Thane crime branch from his residence on Friday evening in the CDR racket busted on January 24.

“We came across chats between Rizwan and Prashant Palekar who is one of the arrested detectives where he was negotiating for the CDRs of Nawazuddin’s wife,” said DCP Abhishek Trimukhe, Zone I, Thane police. “They settled for an amount of Rs 30,000 and the deal was finalised,” he added.

Police also confiscated two laptops, three mobile phones and CCTV footage from Rizwan’s office.


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Bollywood Actress: Kangana Ranaut

BigWig: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – March 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – March 2018

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43 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Seems finally the sidha-sada insan from village facade of mr. Actor siddiqui is falling apart. First the controversial book and now this. Also, I don’t find him that outstanding an actor as otherwise claimed (I am ready for down votes). I feel he kinda repeats the same act.

  2. Nars says:

    Republic and Times India did full segments for Hrithik and yet everu single journalist agrees Kangana and hrithik shared a love affair. Chauba did a 2 hour interview with hrithik and even he doubts Hrithik. Y? Everyone know they had a lover affair and kangana has basically told everyone she loves too passionately, to the point it is psycho. Y is she not hiding her psychoness? If she cared about her image she would never disclose that.

    Now its rumored that call records exist. But hrithjk claim he never had a single personal conversation with her. Y? Y hasnt rakesh talked about the conversation kangana had with him regarding Hrithik sending a possible undercover detective on her? (She said stalker by her apartment & hacking emails) inside info. On whi she was email while in ny. ?

    • Rashmi says:

      Kangana said only that she sincerely loved Hrithik, who then betrayed her. Do you consider sincere love – psycho? love is forbidden? It was Hrithik’s initiative to beg Kanganа to work with him in Krish 3, she refused and that’s a fact. She was so passionately fond of Hrithik that she did not even want to work with him?

      • Nars says:

        In her last interview she said her exes always accuse her of loving them like a psycho. And she said if she loves the way she does and they think she is a psycho then she will find another. I am only using the term psycho because se used it to describe her process of loving.

        • Rashmi says:

          Now it is clear. Kangana is very fond of self-irony. but she knows how to love sincerely, without looking back and she is really trustful. It was Hrithik who used the term psycho to seem a victim. He enlisted the support of his friends, even promised the role of Yami Gautam in the film Aditya Chopra, if she would give him public support. She gave, but Vani Kapoor took the role (Hrithik again deceived) if he had not tried to play the role of an innocent victim and a holy angel, my sympathy for him would have been more

  3. Manisha says:

    Why do comments related to HR-KR “feud” always end up in name calling from both sides? Why do people even get so worked up about any of this? Personally, I don’t care much for either or any celeb really to idolize them so much that I would call someone else delusional for not liking/supporting my “idol”. Commenters – please grow up and talk reasonably. Hence I stopped going to paid shitvilla – there are enough adults nowadays acting like immature teens, let’s please keep it mature and calm here as I want to continue reading this site above others. – Peace

  4. Deepak says:

    hahahhahahaa…… a blind about HR and golden-girl spamming the comments….

    • Rashmi says:

      it’s a paid troll. Hrithik have their whole team on Pinkvilla, twitter, facebook, and even here. it’s terrible, really

      • Goldengirl says:

        Lol paid. KR n her fans vivid imagination. Something is call fans . KR has her whole team on pv Twitter fb and here. It’s disgusting. Hrithik doesn’t need to do anything. Proofs and actions are enough. Public is not blind. Above all I m not paid . In fact I don’t belongs and live in India. You are paid that’s why think everyone is paid. Truth doesn’t need to be paid.

        • Rashmi says:

          go kiss in the ass of his impotent Hrithik from whom even his wife escaped))))Your place on the sales site Shit villa,)))))))))))

          • goldengirl says:

            go kiss the ass of stalker and cheap Kangana who is dumped by all men . and even her father disown her. Your place is on shit villa n here . By abusing you are showing your frustrations BTW his wife is back with him and said KR is lying. She knows better than any of us, Stops bringing his wife here. But then KR n her bots bash everyone be it HR, his kids, his dad, his ex wife, his friends, whole BW. Doing all but not giving PROOFS.

    • Goldengirl says:

      You mean stating the facts with proofs. Hahaha. .

      • Anu says:

        I wonder why any discussion about Kangy and Hrithik has to take up an India-pak intensity! I think a lot of people supporting Kangana do not idolize her (including me) but just that her story sounds really reasonable as compared to the one dolled out by the superhero. @gg, I have had a couple of romantic relationships where I don’t have any proof. Not everyone is a selfie-obsessed teenager and a lot of grown-ups do other stuff on dates rather than clicking pictures of what they are eating or how much they are kissing. I don’t want to unnecessary argue but I feel it is perfectly normal to not have a proof of a relationship. Much more normal than a universe with imposters, stalkers, and autistic witches…common sense man, common sense!

        • Goldengirl says:

          Her story sounds reasonable? I respect Kangana for her craft and talent but sorry Hrithik story sounds more believe able than made up by the queen. He has proofs. If you have a 7 yrs relationship, you do have some proofs. In today’s time if we go to anyone house, or party, we do have some proofs. Her emails show it was one-sided. It’s not normal not to have proofs. It’s not normal to crop and misuse a pic. It’s not normal to send 3000 emails. She lied about engagement. See her lawyer is a criminal. Today another actress filed a case against Rizwan. If Hrithik was guilty, he wouldn’t have gone to court and stretch the matter. She would not have refused to provide her gadgets. Common sense man common sense. Also, see she admit dating Ajay in 2011 and Nicholas in 2012. There are pics too. Later said I m single so how it’s 7 yrs relationship? She lied about that going is award but the truth is there that she was not nominated nor shradhha wins. It was kokana who won.. I too don’t want to argue unnecessarily but raising valid questions. Her lawyer’s bad reputation and the way he fights for her show she is lying. Just because she is a woman doesn’t make her a saint or a victim. Hrithik is a man but it doesn’t mean he is a culprit and not a victim. Not to forget KR has a political background and many calls out her lies. Her EX BF who lived with her too said many things but since he is a man no one will trust him. I am among those who don’t support my favs if they are wrong and do mention their change of statements be it DP, HR, Salman, RK etc.

        • Rashmi says:

          Finally! absolutely logical point of view. No Kangana fan does not worship Kangana. no one! I will say more, Kangana herself does not want her to be godforsaken, they never tried to seem like an angel and play the role of Saty Savtri. she is absolutely normal woman with her pluses and minuses, with her strength and weakness. and of course it is not ideal. but there are no ideal people in the world! I do not understand why actors and actresses try so hard to be perfect? this is wrong. and yes, I absolutely agree that if a woman and a man meet, there can be no evidence. I also do not have a photo with my ex, why? why should I think about proving that I had this relationship? if Kangana wanted to blackmail Hrithik for manipulation, then of course she would have proof. but she did not think about it. Even Monica Lewinsky could never prove her affair, with Clinton, if not for the sperm on the skirt. but Monica was in politics and was not naive as Kangana. But if it were not for this stain, everyone would have believed that she slandered Bill

        • tokumei says:

          first of all a photo is not the only proof one can have about a relationship….and your case cannot be compared to that of a celebrity like hrithik…do you think nobody will notice hrithik and kangana in a hotel lobby or a restaurant or any place of that sort?…..btw if you dont mind me asking , how did you and your ex plan your meetings?..there would surely have been texts or calls or some kind of communication between you two right?…dont tell me you used telepathy..all these are recoverable proofs…and if by any chance they were meeting up in foreign countries..surely their passports will be enough to nail the fact…so no spottings,no texts,no calls,no travel records no hotel booking in a relationship that supposedly lasted for years…sorry but my common sense definitely cant accept bs like this..and now .kangana giving hrithiks number to procure his call records is very suspicious..its definitely not to prove that they used to call each other…cos if that was the case…kanganas call records alone aremore than sufficient to prove the same…she was obviously trying to dig up dirt on hr….btw stalkers and imposters are an absolute reality especially in case of celebrities..just because you have lived too simple a life (not in a demeaning way)so as not to encounter them doesnt mean they dont exist…as for autism/aspergers hr never mentioned was a self diagnosis by kangana in one of the emails she wrote which must be wrong…btw i do think there is a good chance of her suffering from bipolar disorder……erotomania can be seen in manic episodes of bpd which can explain all this and also the conviction with which she presents these events in her interviews.(she doesnt realise she is lying) not trying to shame her by labelling her as a ‘psycho’ or anything of that sort…lot of famous actors have bipolar disorder..and if my assumption is true ,she surely will have my empathy..

          • Rashmi says:

            That is, if I had phone calls with my ex, I should write them down? or how? about the photos, Sunny and Dimple were together for a very long time, but only recently we all saw their photos. Really the reporters slept before? Did not you read the blind where it was clearly written that Hrithik forbade reporters to make joint photos from Kanganа? he tried not to even go out with her to public places, about this, too, were blind, did you sleep at this time?

          • tokumei says:

            no need to write them down…the network service provider will have the can get your ‘own’ call records from the service provider with some effort in a perfectly legal way…ofcourse getting someone else’s call records is a violation of privacy and a criminal offence…but for proving that there were regular calls from hrithiks number kanganas call records alone would suffice right?…and i think you really didnt get what i said in my previous comment…my very first sentence was “photo is not the only proof one could have”..and now you are pointlessly defending the absence of photos when i have downplayed it already…and to be perfectly clear sunny dimple is a very wrong comparison…there have been numerous witness accounts about them over the years from sunnys ex amrita singh to common people who bumped into them together..and sunny was the main guy in charge in dimples sisters funeral..the videos are in youtube(simple kapadias funeral)..just imagine..if sunny denies their you think dimple will not be able to prove it.???.not that she would want to..but she surely could..the records of their travel communication eyewitnesses friends relatives..there are trails everywhere..but here hrithik is telling that if there has been one sighting of him and kangana alone with each other you may hang him…any sane individual would give him the benefit of doubt…and what is this “didn’t you read the blind” nonsense..of the hundreds of blinds published a vast majority might be true but you cant generalise…some of them are either planted, made up on the spot, or just act as fillers…its upto our common sense to decide which is which…please do share the link of the so called blind in which you have based your whole judgement on…im curious.::-)..but just remember this… kangana has got no proof…nada..NOTHING…dont compare this to monica clinton scandal pls..monica didnt accuse bill to begin with…she confided in a friend who recorded her..and fbi came into the scene..the blue dress was necessary to prove that there was sex.which is very tricky to prove as bill and monica being in the same room doesnt prove anything.they may or may not have had sex…here HR is asking you to just prove that they hung out in private.. which would a very simple thing if there was actually an affair..but unsurprisingly it looks like it’s just not that easy for kangana to do that .so inone of your comparisons hold water….its time to wake up and smell the coffee rashmi…..and if possible try to give logical replies without getting worked up…

  5. Goldengirl says:

    Kangana is always obsessed with hrithik. She said she crossed rivers and mountains to meet him. Much before kites , in an interview she express her desire to marry him. Even her ex adhyan confirmed her obsession with hrithik. No sane person will send 3000 emails and think if someone dance at your party means he or she is your bf/gf. She is still talking about him and hires his ex manager. Proves her obession.Hrithik didn’t begged her for k3. He asked her coz she was upset when her role in kites was cut short. She admit it in an interview. It was just a compensation. He values talent. This doesn’t proves or means they had an affair. Hrithik kangana never slept together. His divorce is a personal matter and reason is unknown. It has nothing to do with kangana. Suzzane too clear that hrithik never had an affair with kangana. Who knows better than her. Kangana lawyer is a criminal and exposed her lies. This is a last nail in the coffin.

  6. Samantha says:

    i LOVE Kangana! n i LOVE everything she does! Period!

    Latest being her blasting all the pseudo liberals; abt National Anthem, Pak actors, cribbing Bollywood!

    Kudos Lady Kudos!

  7. Green says:

    I didnt follow all of it and i thought she was telling the truth but it does look like Kangana is obsessed with Hrithik Roshan especially hiring his ex manager after all that. Who does that?

    i have watched a couple of Kangana interviews on Hrithik, she talked about only emails and i still dont know if they slept together or was it just emails? She only talked about emails.

    • Rashmi says:

      If Kangana were possessed by Hrithik, then she would be very interested in working on Krish 3, instead she refused for a long time. it was Hrithik who begged her for this role. so this Hrithik was obsessed and pursued Kangan and of course they slept together. Suzanne filed for divorce from Hrithik during the time of Krish 3, because of e-mails, no wife to file for divorce will not be

  8. Nars says:

    Her view point in love is really something…as if it exist in some outter realm. Anyways her love might be “psycho” love but I still beleive her on the Hrithik affair. I’ve been following her since Queen days, based in my observations, I think she is a terrible liar. I beleive in all she said on that AKA show. Things went down hill with HR because he was too coward to break it off in a civil way.

    So….do call records exist?

  9. Monalisa says:

    What’s up with Nawaz? He is a good actor but his personal life is a mess.

  10. Rashmi says:

    Oh, these fanatics of Hrithik again with their double morality. They are the first to run to discuss and condemn Aamir and Fatima and blindly believe that there was a affair between them, but when it comes to their God, he is all holy. And nothing that in fact he is a deceitful, false, dumb ex with the face and body of a toy Ken !!

    • goldengirl says:

      oh these KR bots with fake feminism here bashing HR and fans. I understand you are embarrassed to see that KR lied. Now, see what her lawyer has done. Aamir Fatima affair is a truth but there is no PROOF of HR KR affair. I never said HR is holly and maintain my statement that NO ONE is saint int BW. They are moral-less but again only i asked KR to prove her allegations as HR has given his sides of proof instead of bashing whole BW and crying foul on media during movie release. The fact is KR is a stalker, a conniving politician, fake, has a vivid imagination with a plastic face and cunning soul. She is such a disgrace to women. Hrithik is hot, sexy and the most handsome actor officially. Your idol is crazy about him. She still can’t stop talking about him and hires his manager.

      • Rashmi says:

        for especially not smart visitors of this site I write once again. Last. Fanatics of a silly ex, do not write to me. do not answer me. You are deeply unpleasant to me, just like your fake idol. I do not write and do not react to you. I write “aside”, write to the side also. I do not need to receive answers from you in my email. Do not spam my mail with your answers. With Ken’s fanatics, I have a short conversation – goodbye. I hope this time will be clear.

        • Goldengirl says:

          Ok dumb and blind visitor to this site. Bots if stalker and psycho don’t write to me or about my opinion. Simple. You are rude and impolite to me just like your fake and stalker idol. Your comment was A reaction to my comment. Read it carefully. even a kid can get it. But then you are lying again. I don’t like to talk to stalker bots. You don’t have answers to the real questions. Goodbye.

          • Rashmi says:

            understandably. In order to understand the meaning of my commentary, I need a brain. but where to be the brains of the fans of the silly ex? I’m not even offended. I am laning. I love clowns

          • goldengirl says:

            haha ok, miss vivid imagination fan. i love stalkers and blind people.. Abuse and bash coz you got trap in your own words. When having no answer so abuse? Where are the morals and class of psycho fans? i dont feel insulted at all. i love jokers.
            P.S He might be silly but not EX. Its your idol VIVID IMAGINATION.

          • Rashmi says:

            мьламлоатомлактпмквошщуаолшщкполшеапглш984г тсо ромгрвнпыныпаеакчс тсмоагшагогопгомш8гмпг8пипилррщштлшрщ9тшлорьщод0ь)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  11. Goldengirl says:

    Well kangana is a liar and had an imaginary affair with hrithik. She fails to prove her allegations and only playing a woman card. Her lawyer is a criminal too and his actions shows how bad person he is. There were no call records as hrithik nails down her allegations with evidence. She is a stalker and harassing hrithik. Rizwan only support criminals and wrong doers.

    • Pooja says:

      Then u r imaginary too

      • goldengirl says:

        i am not KR to imagine 😛 i state the facts based on PROOFS.Where is my imagination? Ask KR to provide a single claim of hers. See her lawyer is of a bad reputation and involves in crime as well. Instead of accusing me talk some sense and give proofs.

        • Pooja says:

          How hritik get kangana’s personal pix if he never ever chated with her n shown to media.

          • goldengirl says:

            She herself send him those pics. Its from her email id. She herself admits sending him those pics. Importantly Hrithik didnt show it to media. He is not that low. Dont blame him for t hat. why she morphed and misuse the pic and lie about Paris engagement? why she didnt answer it when these questions were raised?

          • Pooja says:

            Go read news before ur nonsense speaking n when kangu’s speak about engagement??? Which interviews??? That pix what crop not morphed dumbo any sane person remove 3rd person body in pix if its nothing to do that person y snatch that person in legal fight.

          • Goldengirl says:

            U go n see her interviews before your nonsense speaking. She said it at AKA n barkha dutt interview . Then her lawyer said it too in a video. Cropped n misused to show she was in a relationship. There was not a body but whole person. Only insane person will do it. Legal fight coz of stalking and harassing.

          • Admin says:

            Actually, he did call the media to his house and showed them these pictures. A journalist friend said that and she was very disgusted that he thought doing that would further support his case. There are about three other journalists who said the same thing so it cannot be a lie.

          • Pooja says:

            Thank for clearing like hritik his fan also live in fake n pretending life.

          • Goldengirl says:

            Like kangana her fans lives in a fake and imaginary life.

          • Goldengirl says:

            Ok admin I trust you. You know more than us. But you too know she sent him those pics. She threatens to scar him for life if he rejected her. Secondly everything is fair in love and war.

    • Tina says:

      LoL….So Rizwan paid to get proof that should ideally have been provided for free as part of due process? That’s not a poor reflection on Kangana, it’s a poor reflection on the justice system.
      Imagine if Kangana had to go through this what an average girl would need to do to fight such insinuations about her character.

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