Bollywood Blind Item 7 – April 2018

The blind item below comes from Mumbai Mirror and it’s about something that most actors are guilty of doing. Actually, actors who don’t have much to do and just want to create the hype that they are being signed on for films left, right and center.

It’s a famous practice and honestly, it’s only something that is practiced in the entertainment world. As for this actor, we don’t know why he is doing this unless he is interested in signing for more films of this genre. There was just a new report the other day on how he was having fights with his dad regarding their upcoming film. He wants the film to be more creative and more intelligent. Maybe he is having second thoughts and wants to work with other directors on serious films instead. We have to wonder whether he can say no to his father when he comes to him for a film. Can he or is he forced to agree?

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – April 2018


A leading actor, who has a major biopic coming up, seems to be in love the genre a bit too much. He has asked his publicists to link his name to any upcoming biographical film. While several in the industry are surprised to see his name being linked to a film on someone or the other, it’s the directors who are having the last laugh. He wasn’t even approached, they tell us.


OSOP Guess

Actor: Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – April 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – April 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 7 – April 2018


Bollywood Blind Item 7 – April 2018


Bollywood Blind Item 7 – April 2018

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8 Responses

  1. Alok says:

    I think Hrithik needs to gracefully retire. His last movie of note was Agneepath. His style of acting is too filmi. Krishh is a disaster of a series. Honestly, it’s just embarrassing. His time is up.

  2. Rajeev says:

    How can Arjun or Hrithik know Wat projects this director is working on? I mean he is no SLB n there was never any news about his projects. The article not only mentioned the projects but also the names n says Arjun will do the first film etc. How can PR of any star know all this details? Unless they hv been approached (Anushka denied Sultan rumors till end) or unless the director planted the same. Something doesn’t add up.

  3. Senior says:

    Mumbai Mirror Blinds are mostly Fake. Hrithik has never signed up so many films at same time in his entire career. He is busy with 3 films till 2020. And he already told in a recent interview that he is not interested in Biopics n only interested if the script is compelling enough. Clearly, the article was planted by the director. And Mumbai Mirror had to fill up the pages somehow.

    • Rashmi says:

      Mumbai Mirror was the first to write about the fact that the SRK is unhappy with editing the Fan and is afraid that it will be a flop. result? The fan of the flop.Mumbai Mirror was the first to write that Hrithik and Susannah are getting divorced while Hrithik was lying to the whole country that between him and Suz all is well. I tend to believe any Mumbai Mirror gossip more than any word of Hrithik

  4. Rad says:

    I honestly don’t understand how Arjun Kapoor manages to land so many movies and always has some or other upcoming releases. He is pleasant enough in interviews etc but cannot act, is not that great looking or macho or anything and does not seem to have a great fan following either.

  5. Rashmi says:

    Hrithik becomes obsessed. I still remember Krish 4 announced right during a clash with RaeΠ΅s, I remember the huge machinations and manipulations of Hrithik with the box office. then no analyst would not publish the data of Kaabbil, anyway Rakesh – the calculator called the sum of 2 times more. What happens with a silly ex, is it a disease of unhealthy ambitions?

  6. Amanda says:

    It seems both hrithik and Arjun are keen to work with the director but the director has no such plans .. Just wondering if both have the same PR agency……

    Usually biopics fetch a lot of awards… So many are trying to do biopics…..

    Seriously, the krish series should stop…. HR should try sone other genre… Multistarer are fine too…

    Arjun already has two movies with parineeti .. Audience will get bored watching them back to back…..arjun should work in thrillers, playing some sophisticated high profile criminal …

    The thriller/mystery genre is not much explored by bollywood… Romance, action and comedy genres are more explored here…

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      Hrithik is managed by Spice pr. Same as DP and Aamir. Arjun is a YRF talent, YRF talent management got in-house pr to manage their clients.

      Arjun sleep-walks through all his roles. A very limited actor with a weak screen presence. I think he can survive if he put some more effort and choose roles that are within his acting capabilities. He is better than wooden face Sid for sure.

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