Bollywood Blind Item 6 – October 2018

The blind item below is about something that you already know about. Earlier this week, it was reported that his company has fired him after a few actresses made very public allegations against him. He has since fled the country because he was afraid he would get arrested and all that. The blind item is about him and how he molested girls working for his company. It is really shameless that everyone working with him knew how he was and yet, they kept him. It is also sad for the girls involved because being shocked and traumatised like this is going to scar them for life. Hopefully, this shameless predator will pay for what he did. Let’s hope so. If not, he will get it on the other side!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 6 – October 2018


TWO women got in touch with your diarist recently to deliver some disturbing news. They say they worked for a leading talent management and merchandising firm, and that the company’s founder molested them at their plush Bandra office. Now, this is the same office space, which has hosted parties attended by the A-list of Bollywood. And the founder continues to manage a talented actor and a sultry leading lady, among others. More names come tumbling out from the country’s #MeToo revolution.


OSOP Guess

Founder: Anirban Blah

Anirban Blah

Bollywood Blind Item 6 – October 2018

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14 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    centipede milipede

  2. sharuna says:

    he looks like a lunatic, i don’t understand why girls as young as nidhi agerwal who are just 20 want to sleep with him

  3. Lucy says:

    Admin could you please delete my other comment,there isn’t any option for me to do so.

  4. Rashmi says:

    all the blind about Sushant were confirmed. he doesn’t really know how to behave. I now believe that the 1,000 percent any insider news is true (with a few exceptions such as Sid = Alia and Ranbir – Alia)

    • Lucy says:

      I was wondering how she has not yet come out with her allegations,maybe she thinks movie will be shelved if both director and actor are accused a5 same time.director is already facing charges,

    • Rashmi says:

      I ask obsessed stalkers not to write to me. your place in hell, away from any of my mention

  5. Anonymous says:

    All the top actress talk about feminism and girl power, but none of them are saints. It makes me laugh at the double standards of fans, when it comes to their favorites have all the excuses in the world but if it is other actress they don’t leave a chance to strip her. It is true females are their ownss biggest enemies

    • Lucy says:

      This suddenly exposes the strong feminist ,not afraid of anybody image that these ladies views about kangana are certainly changing,atleast she said something even though there were traces of personal issues.very disappointed with sonam,anushka,deepika,kalki,radhika apte all of whom give lengthy interviews about what women should do and how strong they should be.all have become mice and are hiding,sonam quit Twitter,I can understand as she must be expecting things about her father,why are the rest the current atmosphere any man who tries to slut-shame these ladies by saying they slept with so and so will be publicly why are they being so afraid to speak anything.what gossip can really come out about them,most of it is already out through blind items.what more could they have done that the managers are holding them to ransom.

      • LondonThumakda says:

        @Lucy, the only thing I can think is they’re ashamed to admit it to their families/partners, plus there will be a section of the public that will shame them, after all the desi junta likes their women to be virginal and pure. i know i’m just making excuses at this point…and like you i just wish they had come forward anyway….but looks like thats not happening, none of those blinds about a-list actors being exposed are coming true.

    • Lucy says:

      London,the a list actors as in salman will never come out,because most of what he has done is public what does he have to loose,the others have built a squeaky clean image which will be tarnished.i bet salman is the one who is having peaceful nights as what else can tarnish his image,after all he has done he has a rabid fan following,do you think that will change.instead his fans will be happy saying our star gets to be with all the girls.akshay always goes for the not so successful women,and its more the women who agree as it is a stepping stone to success.i doubt there will be any evidence of him forcing or harassing any woman.aamir has consensual extramarital affairs but never heard of him harassing anyone or casting couch.amitabh there isn’t an iota of chance to get exposed,he will die like raj kapoor Rajesh khanna with his legacy intact.

      But again all those who have come out with stories are ones who lost out on work due to harassment,no one who has got the work after trading sexual favours has come won’t happen,also isn’t expected,but they can talk about other forms of harassment which happens right.not necessarily the sex parts.

  6. Rashmi says:

    Actresses top will NEVER have the courage to open your mouth. because they themselves are not without sin. because they were silent for years and covered the criminals. because it is money. power, popularity, influential connections on which they depend. Even Deepika, when she can give influential support to victims, prefers to keep silent and again talk about her depression and hide behind pre-wedding articles. and all this is the correct position, there is so much dirt in bollywood that every word of you will be used against you

  7. Monalisa says:

    @Admin, one of Kwan employee spilled the beans that, kwan management is threatening their actresses DP, Sonam, Radika, Jacky, Shraddha, Kriti that they will bad mouth them and ruin their reputation (most probably put out fake negative blinds/stories) if they talk against Anirban or try to dissociate from Kwan. Such a disgusting a**hole he is. Now we know why the actresses are not speaking or dissociating from Kwan. I hope the actresses stay strong and they get out of this mess.

    • Tina says:

      They should resist and drop him. If they give into his blackmail now, the blackmail will increase and the bar for it will keep getting lower. Creeps like him get off on making women more and more vulnerable – it’s not about sex, it’s about power over another human being mind and body. (Like Sajid, he just wanted to degrade that girl so he could feel powerful). To these actresses – Save yourselves now, when you still have support. Turn the tables on him and strip him of all power to hurt you. Go get a lawyer now. Remember, you don’t need them, they need you.

  8. Rad says:

    So as per KWAN the aggrieved girls are supposed to contact the committee set up by them and they will keep the grievance confidential and act on it? Yeah right!!!

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