Bollywood Blind Item 6 – February 2018

The movie-making business isn’t what it used to be. This blind item from Mumbai Mirror pretty much sums up what every producer goes through, especially the ones whose projects don’t make that much money. It’s the reason why old production houses have to join hands with other production houses to get enough money to make a film.

One of the reasons why movies don’t make that much money anymore is because people don’t get that excited to flock to theatres anymore. Why should they queue up to pay a lot of money to watch a film that they don’t know if it’s going to be worth the ticket price? Why should they when they can actually watch the film on TV a couple of weeks or months after its release?

Honestly, it is what we do as well. We have no intention of wasting money to watch films that don’t look that interesting. Cinemas these days are only to watch extravagant or larger-than-life movies, at least to us. If you can get to watch the film at the comfort of your home, why should you waste your time and money to watch it in theatres?

It’s why the cinema going audience has dropped drastically over the years. As for this producer, she is still new and should have opted for smaller films. She choose to work with this director, who is known to be bad at handling budgets and movie productions. Now, her film is over-budget and the director has only just managed to finish the first schedule.

Let’s see how she manages to get out of this mess. She can seek the help of her favourite actor. After all, she did produce his national award winning film for him. Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 6 – February 2018

THIS film producer is quite the new kid on the block, but has already made a big splash in the industry. An ambitious person, and a go-getter, she came into the business with little capital to invest. But she managed to raise capital thanks to coproductions with well-known houses. Now we hear she is over-committed and in debt. She owes at least three directors several crores each. And there are rumours of her cheques bouncing. Let’s hope she clears her financial mess soon, because Bollywood neither forgives nor forgets.


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Film Producer: Prerna Arora

Bollywood Blind Item 6 – February 2018

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5 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    I was so happy when I got to know prerna was doing well… I thought it make a lot of difference to the way films will be made since prerna told that she ensure all the female characters will be stronger ones… I hope she gets out of this mess…

    I think prerna was putting her hands into too many projects and I think she wasn’t prepared for anything like this to happen to kedarnath………

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