Bollywood Blind Item 5 – October 2018

There has been a trend of similar blind items that has been released since the #MeToo movement took off in full force in Bollywood. The blind item below, though, is not part of that. It is just a simple case of something that happened to this girl. Initially, we thought that this was one of these blind items but no, nothing like that. So the girl in the blind item below is still considered new. She is actually more famous for her pictures and dance moves that she shares on Instagram than being an actress. She is currently shooting for a film with Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather and it will be interesting to see where her career goes after that.

Also, she was rumoured to have broken up with the young star boyfriend, but they were spotted again earlier this week together. That’s false news, then. The story goes that she auditioned and almost got a part in one of the biggest film in Bollywood. This film was big in India as well as internationally, mainly China. We can’t remember if we heard this before, but this girl has auditioned for a lot of roles, most of which she couldn’t land. In fact, the last movie of hers that released, she got that role when her star boyfriend further pushed for her to be in the film.

She seems to think that she didn’t get the film because she didn’t sign on to the talent agency that the production house recommended to her. Who knows?! Nowadays, everyone is doing that. It’s like if you work with an actor or his production house, he refers you to his talent agency. It’s how Salman Khan got Reshma Shetty all these young actors that he was launching. KJo also uses Reshma’s services for his minions. So, that’s how the industry operates these days.

It will be interested to see this girl in her upcoming film. Hopefully, it’s not a 5-minute role. By the way, her PR is quite active in spreading stories about her just to keep her in the news. They spread the stories and then, she denies it. Check out the blind item below by PinkVilla. It might be a slightly confusing blind item, you will get what they are trying to say.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – October 2018



This actress was DENIED a role as she said NO to join the talent agency owned by the production

This actress is not many films old in the industry but has surely made a mark in the industry. The actress will soon be seen in a movie that has been in headlines, all credits to the veteran actor who was a part of it. So our gossip bird has told us that this Bollywood diva was denied a role in a BIG banner film because because she refused to join the talent agency owned by the production. The film went on to become a huge hit and the superstar in the movie owned the production house.

This actress simply lost out on a deal for saying a NO for joining the talent agency. Yes, you heard it right! The movie also did wonders at the International box office market. A source told us that this Bollywood diva was almost signed and had started prepping for the role. She was replaced at the last minute by another actress who happened to be a part of the agency owned by the producers.
A lot of people know that the actor shot for nearly one and half schedule before the NEW heroine joined and this was the reason behind it. That’s true! This actress has also made headlines for her relationship with another B-Town’s popular STUD boy.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Disha Patani

Movie: Bharat

Veteran Actor: Salman Khan

Big Banner Film: Dangal

Superstar: Aamir Khan

Stud: Tiger Shroff

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – October 2018

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4 Responses

  1. sana says:

    Okay..when did Aamir open up a talent management company? Dangal released in 2016. And veteran actor who made headlines for wrong reasons are Nana Patekar and Alok nath, not Salman! Salman khan ko veteran actor bana dia.. hadh ho gaye

  2. Pooja says:

    She remind me user Katrina in 2day generation like she use lallu to get film n her over active PR who link her name every A-lister’s film announced as her female lead then same time director deni or same time user kaif.disha just following her path.

  3. Monalisa says:

    Tbh Disha would be a total miscast for either of the Dangal girls. Fatima, Zaira and Sanaya were perfect for their roles.
    Never heard that Disha shot for Dangal before she got replaced or that she was considered for the role to begin with. Wouldn’t there be news if an actress get replaced after she shot nearly one and half schedule.

  4. Anon says:

    Calling her an actress and a diva and putting it in that she was first choice for Dangal.
    Yes, Disha”s PR is active.

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