Bollywood Blind Item 5 – August 2018

Today’s first blind item comes from Hindustan Times in Malavika Sangghvi’s collumn. First of all, what an illustration of this actress! Maybe the writer sees her this way, but it’s funny and strange at the same time. Speaking of which, did you see how Kim Kardashian looks now? Like a cyborg or a female robot. It’s like she went under the knife and had the surgeons suck all the fat out of her. It’s scary and probably, she doesn’t realise how dangerous these procedures are. But yes, she looks like that caricature below in the blind item.

So back to this blind item, it seems even the media is not buying this engagement either. Now that he is in India with his parents to officially meet her family, people are really perplexed because before this, everyone assumed it was a PR-fabricated relationship but now all of this is a little confusing. It seems that they are hell-bent on proving to the media and fans that they are indeed together. Let’s wait and see what she has planned for us this weekend. The media is saying it’s an engagement party while some of her close friends say they didn’t get an invitation. Others are saying they are getting married. Let’s just wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy this blind item below from HT.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – August 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – August 2018


True Lies

“I saw it! You saw it? She was flashing it when she waved ya. It was huge. Def an engagement ring! See her older pictures na? There was not that ring. I recognised it when she came out of the car. She was trying to make it catch the photographer’s flash. Like this, she did.”

“No ya, why would she do that? She doesn’t want anyone to know. She took it off at the airport. It’s on YouTube, Google it. She was trying to hide it from puppy-ratsies.”

“No ya, she DOES want people to know! She’s trying to make, you know who, ‘J’. She’s hoping this will shake him up, like proving her point. Giving him an ulti-mating.”

“Arrey ya, she’s forgotten him completely! She’s very happy with this one. She told my sister’s bua’s neighbour’s cousin sister, who sometimes goes to do her waxing and all, that she was very happy. Only some date issue for him still.”

“Too much excitement then! You know that filum writer for some net magazine, I was telling you about? She was telling someone in the compartment today that ‘bahut tension hai aaj kal, sab star wedding dates ka.’ Meaning, too many weddings these days, Dips and Rans too na? They have to work overtime. Some get to go to Italy too! Means, public wants to know, no? To the last second they want to know. Everything!”

“That way our Neha girl was clever. She toh made overnight wedding! And, still got viral pictures and all. Same thing these days. Why to make big-big wedding and spend so much money and fly? These people are cleverer. They will make abroad plans. They only will enjoy! And they will send the pictures all over.”

“I think that’s why she’s doing it. She wants to make viral picture of her wedding and make it go bigger than Deepika’s, no? It’s all competition. So she is getting married quickly before. Simply.”

“Ya simply. She’s going to make a wedding. To break the nets.”


OSOP Guesses

She: Priyanka Chopra

Him: Shah Rukh Khan

Dips: Deepika Padukone

Rans: Ranveer Singh

Neha: Neha Dhupia

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – August 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – August 2018

Bollywood Blind Item 5 – August 2018

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29 Responses

  1. leaps says:

    waiting for kjo to send out a blind stating alia/rk secretly got married in Bulgaria he must really be feeling a little ignored LOL

  2. Letstry says:

    Ugh that’s so cute what you’re saying about these two. The way she was acting i always wondered why he never said “enough”. Too bad for that source tho

  3. Letstry says:

    @monalisa omg i didn’t know SRK issue with DP was this deep. I noticed a lot of his fans hate her and trash her every chance they get. That’s unfortunate. Never heard about him rejected Padmavati tho. She have a cameo in Zero.

    You right about everything else. Anushka was pretty hostile with her that i remember.

    Maybe both are just people who forgive easily. I do remember her father saying she doesn’t hold grudge for too long.

  4. Pooja says:

    Ranbir is this generation’s lallu khan.

  5. Letstry says:


    You did make some excellent points. Deepika is no saint that’s for sure. Remember the whole Tamasha promo? No i don’t want to.
    At some point i feel like if Ranveer didn’t hold that relationship it would have been over long time ago. It was so obvious she wasn’t into him. Also the tattoo thing? He is fovever getting clowned for that and that’s not fair.

    Just like i wish he steps up more for her. I also wish she will stop making stuff that will get people to make fun of him.

    I was definetely missing some details about the whole thing aha.

    Maybe you are already a shipper? They are very cute also it’s so obvious they are in love with each other. I have a soft spot for them more than any couple because of the way it started and evolved. She is now commenting “mine” on IG. Something i never though i would see ever.

    • Pooja says:

      @Monalisa…. Your right….Your argument seems to be very much valid and sensible. I just realised that I didn’t think it from an overall perspective.

      On an other note I’ve realised that Ranveer is trying to reduce the hate deepika gets. I mean I bileve ranveer played a huge role in mending her relationship with many people in the industry, and ranveer knows how to mange his public image better than many people in the industry.

      In Entertainment business only those people will be successful who knows how to build bridges and manage people than those who are temperamental and emotional. Both ranveer and deepika know how to do it. This is the reason why virushka (tempermental amd bad at managaing people) are hated in both cricket fraternity and industry. Thankfully both rs-dp know how to play the media and pr game. Good for them.

      Yep it’s best for them to not do certain things just to please the public or to just show the world how close they are. They definitely know each other more than we will ever. Deepika looks happiest with ranveer. Lucky people.
      It always media who tries to rake up shit to increase their readership.

    • Monalisa says:

      @letstry I don’t think the tattoo bothered him much as it bothers others. Contrary to what is portrayed in the media apparently she was very in to him and serious way before it became obvious. She just hid it. This was an inside comment made by a person claiming to be a friend of a friend of DP. When this was made I never believed it but whatever that person wrote in 2013 all came true eventually. That person said DP will never let go of RS and for it to end RS will have to leve. Back then everyone was predicting when DP will dump RS but she was the confident one saying it will never happen.

      Also I know this other person (from my online gossip days) who swears that she used to see DP and RS sister hanging out around Mumbai (back then his family is not known) also stuff like DP attending his family events (I recently saw a pic in a Deepveer fc of DP and RS with his cousin and that pic was shared by his cousin in 2013 according to the fc), her families love for him and his families love for her, him going to Bangalore, also many other insider stuff she seem to have some connection. She never disclosed her source and I never believed her to begin with. How I wish I have a way to contact her again for some more gossip. She seemed legit now.

      For a long time I believed they were selling casual hookup as a relationship so I actually never bought any of the things or info I used to get. Now I’m very pissed I never believed this info. I could have been a shipper if I believed. Rofl.. RS is more demonstrative and expressive but I’m sure if he never got love from her in the private he would never have been with her for so long.

  6. Two cents says:

    I don’t think she is trying to upstage the DP-RK wedding. No normal person would go to such lengths. I think she is trying to rattle SRK and convince the junta that the relationship is for real. SRK should give her his blessings and let her continue with the fake marriage although I don’t think they will head to the alter. Their engagement will be called off within the year. PC is a smart, shrewd woman, not the type to throw caution to the wind and get engaged/married in haste. There is only one thing that can make even a smart woman do stupid, illogical things – a man! That’s a scorned woman right there!

    • NewGirl says:

      She signed movies with Salman and Aamir this year. Socializing with Manish Malhotra and even KJo. Priyanka has been naming and shading him for a while now trying to get a reaction out of him. SRK’s minding his own business right now….

      Agree with everything you said. I cannot take this engagement seriously for the same reasons. Let’s see where this goes, she might just do this for her image.

  7. Letstry says:

    Not related to anything but i noticed how RS never defends DP in any circumstances? He showers with compliments for sure but when he comes to take her side he is ?????

    All of her contempories husbands whenever she was in beef with their wife would immediatly stop being friendly with her whether or not she was right. It’s petty but it’s absolutely correct because why stay over friendly with someone who is beefing with your wife??? It’s weird. Even nick stopped liking DP pictures after he got with PC.

    Then i remember how he let her go through the Karni Sena situation alone (publicly) only to please the producers. He shouldnt be friendly with swara either knowing how she tried to stop the release of their film. But he never said anything against this people from the industry even when controversy was over. It’s so off putting that his desire to please everyone trump his love for her in that way. If you cannot stand up for the one you love in front of everyone idk what is it.

    After mariage i hope he steps up because honestly that’s not good if she have someone in her life but still have to fight her public battle alone? No good.

    PS : i would have said the same if DP was working with RK when he had a beef with RS but RS and RK never had a beef so

    • Pooja says:

      Same Rs is too much of a people pleaser. We definitely don’t know how thing’s go on the inside. But to the outside world it does look like dp fights her own battles. Like virat puts anushka before every other friendship. But then again most industry collegues and cricket collegues hate virushka soo. Maybe ranveer knows how to handle the situation better.

      Or maybe we all know how Pc’s pr works, hardly any big names from the industry are coming….

    • Monalisa says:

      @letstry That is very harsh on RS. The same thing could be said about DP, you know. You are only seeing Dp’s pov and judging RS. They have never accepted they are in a relationship yet you want him to beef with people she has problems with. Also before 2016 they were more open to talk about in others defence and support each other in public. Now both of rarely does in public. And I’m of the opinion not everyting should be done for the public eyes. They know their equation if both of them are happy who are fans who see less than 1 percent to judge them.

      He spoke in her defence during the cleavage controversy. I think he tweeted something in her defence. Eventhough along wit DP he got trolled for Tamasha promotion. He attended two of Tamasha promotion event to support DP and show his stans that they should stop trolling her because he was ok with it. Even during depression he supported her.
      If RS spoke during Padmavati issue Karni Sena would be more outraged. And media will make articles saying Khilji speaking in defence of Padmavati. Uou know how media will pour more petrol on the fire. You may not know this but people (I don’t know wheather they are Karni Sena or their supporters) tweeted such disgusting things tagging them. They had a problem that two people who are having s** in real life were playing Khilji and Padmaavat such disgusting way some tweets were worded. The breakup rumours last year was a pr stunt by Bhansali to calm down this according some SKJ articles. Recently when Shobha De tweeted that Khilji is going to marry Padmati in real life people threatened her by saying they will report her to the police. RS did say he was enraged and people had to physically hold him because of it. I think DP had a lot to do with preventing from speaking out because when he gets angry he is hot headed according to both of them. Also he outed Swara by saying she texted him congratulating him for Padmavat. That shows her open letter was just a letter to get at DP as she had no problems with him doing Padmaavat.

      I see a lot of RS and DP stans taking Virat or Anu’s conduct as perfect and DP should be like Anu or RS should be like Virat. Anu is not a perfect gf in comparison to DP and vicecersa. I have a lot to say to prove this point but my comment will get long so will not write about them.
      Let me end this by that they both publicly supported and stood by each other prior to mid 2016. Maybe it had to with Padmaavat. I’m not bashing DP because I have seen her supporting him publicly and standing by him in the past when very few people from the industry did. Even RS supported her and stood by her and one Padmaavat incident made people forget all the things he done. Most people forget the past events but I actually remember it well enough unlike stans of RS who bash DP and stans of DP who bash her for the lack of public support. I swear I’m on the verge of becoming a DeepVeer shipper with all the defencing I’m doing for them.

    • Monalisa says:

      @pooja Everyone is a people pleaser in bollywood. Even DP is cordial to people who are not nice to her or wronged her. Remember the blind about what happened with ABsr, yet after that party invitation debacle and ABsr calling her out she is so friendly and nice to him. She go to their parties and ABjr and Shweta are invited to her parties. She is nice to Neetu and Rishi eventhough they thrashed her in public. I will not bring up RK because they were exes and she did have a go at him before becoming his driend. Even after what happened during Bajirao releaae time, SRK saying that he will only pospone the clash if she publicly admitted that she was afraid BM will flop if it does not happen. Yet she tweeted challenge accepted (showing that she will go against SRK) and deleted the tweet when she got called out. And agreed to do Zero even when SRK rejected Padmavat for the reason. Despite Anu going around saying not so nice things about her and calling her not her friend, she still maintain that they are friends and always praise. I can go on but I think you get my drift. So both DP and RS are like that. I’m sure if someone ask DP about her equation with PC she will say they are good. Even in that infamous Cannea interview she said she enjoyed working with PC.

  8. Isa says:

    She basically invited RS but not DP like who does that? So petty!

  9. yuri says:

    PC is ruthless and an achiever for sure. I believe she will go to any length to hurt her high profile ex for all the years she wasted on that relationship as well as crush her competition which she thinks is deepika. Her real enermy is herself, keep your focus on the good things you’re doing without resorting to cheap tactics. There are plenty of other starlets on the rise and eventually she won’t be able to keep up. Whatever she’s doing isn’t sustainable at her age, it takes too much energy to be this fake

  10. Monalisa says:

    Seriously, PC wants to upstage DP by tying the knot before her. Lol… I want be surprised if Aloobir gets married in September to upstage both Nickyanka and DeepVeer. Rofl.. And Nickyanka and Aloobir should be in competiotion not DeepVeer.

    If this blind is tru, I never thought I will see such pettiness from her side. DP and PC may not be on good terms but RS and PC still seem to be on good terms. Atleast respect RS and try not to upstage his wedding. Or are they pretending to be on good terms. Anyways contrary to popular belief RS and PCjr are much closer than PCsr and him. RS calls jr his bff and they have known each other (as Pari was on the marketing team of BBB) even before RS’s debut. PCsr is more like a work friend for him.

    The only people (in the recent times) who had a private wedding in bollywood is Rani and Aditya Chopra. All the others (while they maintain they are private) release some tidbits/pics/videos after and before the wedding. Everyone does it but only one couple get bashed.

    • Letstry says:

      “Only one couple get bashed” true there. Yesterday i’ve seen a PC stan saying DeepVeer are overdoing it. Seriously? Kind of hypocritical knowing the parade PC herself is doing. I guess DeepVeer is easy target.

      On others news RS is now invited to the party including KJO (haha) and Pari but for some reasons no others bollywood big name has been mentioned and it’s a 200 invitation list.

      PC wouldn’t dare not inviting others actresses… would she? I know she is pretty cordial with all them. That being said inviting most actresses + RS and not DP would create another fanwar i think.
      But she have the right to invite who she wants it’s her big day.

    • Pooja says:

      I never seen ranbir ever smile when ever alia is with him.his face look so sad same like he was with Katrina he never will marry alia he just faking it for saving his sinking career advised by kjo aunty.

    • Pooja says:

      Sonam so called private person released her mute video chatting with her husband its so disgusting.

  11. NewGirl says:

    Who wrote this column ? It was so annoying to read.

    Nick Jonas and fam look so cute at the airport lol! I wish PC all the best.

  12. Letstry says:

    This is all so weirdly fast for no reason. If you are sure about someone why not trying to get to know each other??? It takes years to know someone and even there it never complete. he could have wait at least a year like it’s brother then propose especially he is 25. We know most mariage that went so fast always crash and burn. But good/bad for him India mariage don’t break easily.

    As for the other couple, i understand they always been a somewhat private couple compare to the first one but it’s their wedding. They allowed to go BIG and EXTRA if they want. Some people do 3 engagements parties even. But i guess they don’t need all of that. 6 years relationship doesn’t need validation at this point although the no phone policy is excessive.

    I was looking foward DeepVeer wedding since i don’t remember. Too bad we won’t get to see. PC’s one should be huge. She is making a true big deal out of it but also you have all the BW and HW folks that might come. A true crossover.

    • Monalisa says:

      @letstry I think the no phone policy for DeepVeer wedding is to control what gets leaked from their wedding. If you look at Virushka and Sonand wedding a lot of intimate moments from the wedding got leaked by the guests. Maybe DeepVeer want to make sure only pics/photos approved by them get officially released so they can maintain some privacy. I’m sure they themselves or atleast their stylists will post pics/videos on social media after the wedding. Atleast I’m counting on Ranveer to post a pic on insta because he was the one who said when he get married he will shout from the rooftops. Nowadays social media is the way to make big announcements.

  13. Pooja says:

    OMG now I really bilieve Pc is pretty dangerous, like she’s staging the whole engagement and maybe even marry Jonas boy( who swings the other way) just for the sake of upstaging deepikas wedding. This show’s how far she can go to get what she wants.

    Now I understand why Deepika is wary about Pc.

    I bilieve srk-pc affair happened, but now i’ll have to rethink on how much her pr used this affair to make it more than what it actually was…. PC’s pr is pretty rampamt on every Bollywood gossip column.

    • Letstry says:

      I didn’t want to believe she would go THAT far for competition but i truly don’t understand the sudden rush???
      Even Sonam had been engaged 1 year before actual wedding so what’s all of this thing that PC is doing?

      Deepveer wedding has been announced forever and we all knew it was going to be NOV. She said RS is her friend yet trying so hard to overshadow his wedding by having hers 2 months prior.

      Engagement party should be interesting. All the BW folk including maybe DeepVeer will be there playing hypocrite and side eyeing each other. Such a weird industry.

  14. Nagashree says:

    It’s Deepika and Ranveer Singh*

  15. Amanda says:

    Why is dick’s err.. sry Nick’s day flaunting that present so openly in front of cameras unless it was meant for flaunting..

    Every thing looks so fake and staged… Hope she gets fake happiness with this fake marriage.. Good luck pc

    • Amanda says:

      22 dislikes already…. I was trying to say Nick’s dad and not day.. Thanks phone..

    • Amanda says:

      I think PC’s main intention to get married might be to cool down her critics and Sallu’s fans who called on her for being unprofessional. She probably get married around the same time as the bharat’s shoot i.e. sep and oct.

  16. naughtytrini says:

    Dips and RANVEER!!! not ranbir, everybody knows ranbir not going to marry soon, he needs to bed more women before throwing in the towel.

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