Bollywood Blind Item 4 – June 2018

Today’s blind item is about this actor, who has been divorced for over a year now. We understand that you might be confused because he is not the only actor, who has been divorced. There are two others, one who recently announced his separation and another one who has been divorced for years now. The blind item is talking about this actor, who was originally a director and producer. He is also a singer and has been actively performing on stage.

Last year, he was a very popular subject in blind items – all because of his relationship with an actress way younger than him. They were on and off for a while until this year when they broke it off for good. Since then, she has been the subject of blind items that described the way she dumped this actor over the advice of her astrologer. She is now happily in a relationship with a childhood friend, who also happens to be a photographer.

Now that we are writing about it, we can’t help but wonder if this actor sent out this blind item to show that he is also happily in a relationship with a childhood friend. Since he and his alleged friend are so quiet about, we doubt there will be pictures. Speaking of pictures, the other day the actor shared a nice shirtless pic of him and instantly, we thought that he is still trying to show the ladies out there that he is single and ready to dingle and mingle – whatever comes first.

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 4 – June 2018

IT has been a while since this good-looking actor’s divorce. And rumours of his onoff romance with a leading lady have died down too. But it’s hard to keep a strapping bloke down. We hear the star has found comfort in the arms of an old friend of his. The lady who lives between Mumbai and Dubai and the star have been spending their free time together. No, we wouldn’t say they are dating. But we would say they are friends with special benefits. So yes, most of their hanging out is, erm, playing indoor games.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Farhan Akhtar

Leading Lady: Shraddha Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item 4 – June 2018

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6 Responses

  1. leaps says:

    yup the man is still going through his mid life crisis phase why is wasting his life and not directing a movie

  2. Rashmi says:

    Farhan was never known as a handsome guy. this is absolutely not he, but someone else (I even know who)))

  3. GG says:

    No matter what he does like workout a lot , build muscles he still cannot pull off the “hot” look. he is average looking and ok actor. But why is he hell bent on torturing us with his “singing” skill is beyond me. its awful!

  4. Pokerface says:

    He’s a douchebag who cheating behind his wife but hide that trashy image behind MARD by pretend he care so much about women and their right. Getting involved with him is one of Shraddha Kapoor’s biggest mistake but luckily she realized it before its too late because rohan >>>>>> farhan.

  5. naughtytrini says:

    I am not buying the breakup, I think shradda and him are still together

  6. sefora says:

    Who’s the friend??

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