Bollywood Blind Item 4 – February 2018

These two actresses were thought to be really good friends just because they are related to each other. And also, most probably because they acted in a film together, which was heavily promoted as them being cousins. Over the years, it has become clear that they are not that close to each other. The younger actress said that it’s because she is not of the same age as the other actress. It seems that these two don’t actually get along because as family members, they didn’t support each other.

Both of their fathers were in the film industry and there was a period when one of them didn’t do well while the other one was doing really well. Something must have happened then. We don’t really know for sure, so we are just guessing. It is really strange how they never liked each other. Over the years, it seemed that the tension built up between these two because of their respective husbands. So now, they are like sworn enemies or something until their favourite male co-star get them together for a picture and then, they are all smiles! What can we say, they are great actresses!

Check out who we are talking about in this blind item from Filmfare Magazine.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 4 – February 2018


Guess who? These two industry divas don't want to cross each other's path

It’s a known fact that these two industry divas, related to each other cannot see eye to eye. So now when one was scheduled to shoot at the latter’s studio, it was a huge matter of concern for all. While one will be shooting her film at the said studio, the other one will be busy promoting her film at the same premise. However, their respective teams have taken complete precautions of their schedules and timings not clashing. They have made sure there is no reason for either to bump into the other. And by sticking to the plan, they’re sure it’ll be a smooth sailing ride. We wish them all the luck.


OSOP Guesses

Industry Divas: Kajol and Rani Mukherji

Bollywood Blind Item 4 – February 2018

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13 Responses

  1. sweettooth01 says:

    kajol has always been super proud and can snub ppl around her easily..i dont think theres any warmth about her..
    rani had a tough life growing up and when ur cousins dont help you or put in a good word for you when they r in tht position and treat u like they can say or do anything sarcastic to you just bcos theyr btr off,it does leave a lasting impression on ones minds and they dont tend to like each other for a really long time..

    also taking a selfie with smone u dont like is probably a mature thing to do instd of avoiding it when ur next to each other as tht wud put the other ppl around us in an awkward situation..i think a lot of us do that..go back and take a look at ur cousins wedding wud be full of those :p

  2. Rashmi says:

    What kind of fathers are we talking about here? Kajol and Rani have no known fathers, but mothers. Tanuja and Rani’s mom (forgot the name), or was I wrong, guys?

    • lightsaber says:

      @Rashmi: Rani and Kajol’s fathers belong to a family of filmmakers
      (directors/producers/movie studio owners/actors too). I just realized that their fathers were cousins, which makes Rani and Kajol second cousins, all the more distant relationship. Ayan Mukherji is part of that same family tree.

      • Rashmi says:

        Thank you very much for your reply. I did not know. I thought that Kajol and Rani Mama are famous actresses in the past. I know that Tanuja and Nutan were sisters and thought Rani was Nutan’s daughter or niece. but what was the name of the fathers of Rani and Kajol? Rani and Kajol Mukherjee, I know that Tanuja Mukkerji from birth, how then did this connection with Rani through the fathers? thanks again for your attention and replies

        • lightsaber says:

          @Rashmi: You are welcome! That’s true. Tanuja Samarth and Nutan Samarth are sisters and both actresses. Tanuja married Shomu Mukherjee and their daughters are Kajol Mukherjee and Tanisha Mukherjee.

          Nutan married someone outside the industry. Her son Mohnish Bahl is an actor too. That makes Mohnish a cousin of Kajol and, Tanisha, but they aren’t close either because Nutan and Tanuja were never close, and there’s more bitter family history there.

          According to wiki, Rani’s mom was a singer but her sister (Debashree Roy; Rani’s aunt) is a very well-known actress in the Bengali film industry.

          That’s some Mukherjee/Samarth family history in a jifyy. Phew! But there’s a lot more history buried there because these families have been part of the industry for at least 7 decades now.

          • Rashmi says:

            but Rani is also Mukherjee, which means that both sisters Nutan and Tanuja married two Mukherjee brothers who were related to the industry. I have been so fond of Bollywood for so long, but it turns out I do not know so much, for example I was sure that Rani and Kajol became actresses for their mothers – tanuja and Nutan (it was a mistake on my part) I did not even think about their dads. thanks to you, I learned. Bollywood is a very mysterious and dark place. Thank you again for your attention and answers.

          • lightsaber says:

            @ Rashmi: FYI: Rani’s dad is Ram Mukherjee (cousin of Kajol’s dad Shomu Mukherjee), hence Rani Mukherjee. And yes, Nutan is not Rani’s mom; and Nutan did not marry anyone from the Mukherjee family.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:


            Take a read when you have the time.

            Nutan is not Rani’s mother – She is actually the mother of Mohnish Bahl, the man that acted in Hum Sath Sath Hain as the older brother, Maine Pyaar Kiya as the villain and others.

          • lightsaber says:

            @Nars: I realized after reading Rashmi’s comment that this Mukherjee/Samarth family tree must be helluva confusing for Bolly fans outside South-East Asia!

          • nars says:

            without wiki I know nothing too – four generations of filmy business – WOW!

  3. Amanda says:

    Competition among relatives will always be intense… I can tell that from my own experience..

    • lightsaber says:

      @Amanda: There’s that. Perhaps it has just continued generation after generation, which may have started with their respective fathers careers in the industry, who were brothers . But always wondered if there’s more,

  4. lightsaber says:

    Is the equation between Rani and Kajol indeed as sour as the media makes it out to be? We all have cousins that we don’t share a close bond with, but that doesn’t unambiguously translate into a tense relationship. But it did seem weird that Kajol, Tanuja, Tanisha were not invited to Rani+Adi wedding reception in Mumbai. On the other hand, this was post-2012 Adi+Ajay D fallout over their movie releases, so hard feelings cannot be ruled out.

    And to think that both Rani and Kajol were in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and shared screen space. Rani was very new to the industry (only 2 years of experience) then but Kajol already had 6 years of experience with DDLJ in her kitty. Looking at their “bees saal baad” (1997-2018) relationship, I sometimes wonder what the climate on the KKHH sets were like?

    Any insider info admin or anybody – blast from the past?

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