Bollywood Blind Item 3 – May 2018

The blind item below talks about a situation that was bound to happen. From DNA, it speaks about how this actress is mad at the production company that launched her. Naturally, it was expected to happen since the other girl is getting all the big projects. You all know this other girl, the boss of this production house is launching big projects left, right and center, and getting her in them.

Perhaps, the actress should be happy that she is not in these projects. We can bet you that the other girl has nothing to do in these films. Big projects with big stars, what could she possibly have in them except for a couple of item numbers? The actress, even if she is getting small projects, she is talented and can carry a film on her own shoulders. These naach gaana roles don’t gel well with her. She has talent on her side and maybe good things will come up for her.

Check out the blind item below from DNA.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 3 – May 2018


Two heroines managed by the same agency, having fashionable, filmi surnames are engaged in a battle. The reason for the war is simple. One of the girls started way before the second one and she even had a big hit recently, with a multi-starrer she acted in, did terrific numbers at the box office. However, she is now relegated to doing medium-budget films for the top boss, while the second girl is chosen to romance all the biggies. Naturally, apni heroine is constantly feeling short-changed and was telling someone close to her that she will protest when the opportunity presents itself. When that happens, we will let you know for sure.


OSOP Guesses

Two Heroines: Parineeti Chopra and Vaani Kapoor

Bollywood Blind Item 3 – May 2018

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18 Responses

  1. Tiya says:

    IMO she’s better off not doing Yrf films. Except for the Khans, all their other movies have been duds lately. If it were left to them they’d have ruined even Ranveer’s career. Pari should just branch out and do movies with other banners like Arjun does. I don’t think Vaani will have a great role in either of the two movies, so there’s nothing to complain about.

  2. sweettooth01 says:

    i think parineeti is overrated..she was good in ladies versus rickey bahl movie..after that shes only good doing the bubbly or natkat straight forward scenes but when it comes to emotional scenes her acting falls flat..right from ishaqzaade..golmaal 3 was on another diffrnt level whr she dint even do basic level acting forget emotional scenes..not a fan..
    i think they shud get some new face whos talented and good looking or atlst talented

  3. Faouzia says:

    The thing is, she didn’t become neither thin nor sexy! When I see Parineeti’s pictures, I can’t not to think that she wasted her time and lost opportunities. For some reason, I think that she’s the type of girls who goes the easy way when wanting to lose weight. A sexy figure takes time, commitment and a mindset change towards eating. She should have taken 2,3 films with no glam roles needed while sticking to a healthy diet and working her a$$ out everyday.

    And I don’t agree with some people here saying that she can not be sexy. Every woman has been made to look sexy, it is an attitude, it doesn’t have to be forced, but learnt. She should just work on her muscles so that she doesn’t look flabby, and on her confidence also, without overdoing it as most of ex-fat people do.

  4. Samantha says:

    It takes immense guts to roam around all the weddings n promotional activities with a huge grin like Rani Mukerji.. when her hubby is now not even hiding his ‘affections’ for a non star Vaani Kapoor! All the movies that went to her needed big actresses; not Vaani! Hats off to Rani! Welcome Rani to the club of Twinkle Khanna n Kajol (of philandering husbands)!

  5. Universal says:

    Absolutely loved Parineeti when she burst onto the scene. She had nice girl next door vibe and looked beautiful. Unfortunately she went the ‘ get thin, be sexy’ way and became one amongst many. I hope she regains that appeal of hers. She has natural screen presence and talent to be successful. Wishing her all the love and luck.

  6. Random says:

    Parineeti has every reason to be mad at Mr India. He literally just ruined her career.
    Right at the start of her career she hot many big offers such as Holiday, Jai Ho, Dharma project directed by Punit Malhotra, another Dharma film with Ranbir(both eventually got shelved) but Mr India didn’t let her sign these films even though she openly said she wanted to act in some commerically bigger films because her three film deal with yrf was not complete.
    He didn’t even let ger sign any other Production house’s films till the first three years. She was systematically forced to remain under YRF.

    She couldn’t sign Piku because Mr india had already offered her some random film oppodite Aditya on the same theme. Also she couln’t do Udta Punjab because Mr india had “adviced” her to take a break to loose weight.
    Both these films got the lead actresses Filmfare awards. Imagine her career if she did those films.
    People say that if Alia had Dharma then Pari has yrf. But they don’t know that Karan gives Alia each and every of his film and even request other directors to take her in films(He himself said that he requested Imitiaz to take her in Highway in an interview with DNA). Mr India on the other hand not only gives most of the films to his own sugarbaby, but restricts Pari from taking good projects from different Productiom houses.
    I think Parineeti should leave YRF and run away from them as soon as possible to save the face of her career like Bhumi is doing too.

  7. Rad says:

    Lookswise Vaani is definitely better looking. But Pari had that girl next door charm which she completely spoiled by trying to transform into a sexy siren. She should have just maintained her USP which would have gotten her roles like the ones Bhumi is doing for which she would have been very suitable. She dug her own grave, Now she can’t complain.

    On a different note for the previous few days the site was asking me to log in to post comments which I could not. I’m glad we are now back to the old format.

    • kiran101 says:

      What you said is true! but hindsight is always 20/20… Pari’s game plan had 50-50 chances to work. Some transformations worked for a few some did not. But from her point of view ..she being from Yash Raj camp i see her point on increasing her glam quotient . If she was destined to be a star…it could have worked, but it did not. There is nothing to say that staying the same girl next door would have saved her career.

      Even in Vani’s case…she is being pushed by Yash raj…i do not see audience going gaga…Vani must be doing these movies for free or almost free. Atleast pari makes some money from her movies. I do not see Vani becoming big.

    • Rad says:

      @kiran101 As the saying goes ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. She was doing so well πŸ™‚

    • Kiran101 says:

      She was doing well…but there are not many roles for girl next door/performances. Adding glamour would increase her chances with big stars and filmography. She clearly wanted that…be a mainstream actress.

      She can always play girl next door roles (after all it takes dressing down and less make up for such roles…in BW). Also, yash raj has always encouraged its actors to undergo glam transformation…ex Vaani, Anushka etc.

      One cannot play safe when one has ambition…esp in BW.

      Vaani has really bad features(a lot of people said that after Befikre, and she was said to have gone under knife…yet she has a very wide mouth)…Pari has better facial features than Vaani. But Vaani is taller and leaner…so she can carry sexy outfits better than Pari.

    • Rad says:

      IMHO nowadays there is more scope for ‘girl next door’ roles. Look at the roles Bhumi played in all her 3 films, Kriti played in ‘Bareilli ki Barfi’. Whats more audience appreciate it more, with all these becoming hits.

      We are sick of movies of rich ultra glam characters with no content or story. Ppl appreciate movies with Rajkummar rao, Irrfan Khan, Ayushman Khurana in them more than our so called superstars. So she just had to sit tight and wait for work to come. If her ambition was to become a glammed up doll who just exists in the movie for the glamour quotient, any of her well wishers could have told her that she can never become one because she naturally does not have a sexy look, no offense.

  8. Pooja says:

    Vaani now look more manly than most of actor like rk n varun tiger etc she ruin her face I seen her in shuddh desi romance she was such cutie with dimple I still can’t believe she do all this to her already beautiful face bcm manly looking

  9. naughytrini says:

    I haven’t seen either of them act but if going by the pic above I had to choose an actress, I would choose Vaani. I heard Pari have talent but honestly if I am looking at a movie trailer with her in it I wouldn’t go to see it just because in my opinion she just doesn’t have that vibes, she seems so like the girl next door. I have looked at her interviews on youtube and I find her a bit pretentiously fake. I think that in her mind she should be big like PC even though she don’t have that audience pull that PC has. I don’t know if to feel sorry for her but I don’t think people should compare vaani with pari in the sense that vaani have her sugar daddy aditya, is not like it is vaani’s fault that aditya likes her more than pari. Anyone who could get that bit of extra advantage to try to make their career takes it, and I hope vaani’s takes full advantage of her sugar daddy.

    • Monalisa says:

      @naughtytrini Vaani does not look like that anymore. She has ruined her face by going under the knife. Watching her in Befikre was torture.
      Mediocre actress with zero screen presence. But she is a good dancer.

    • Kiran101 says:

      @mOnalisa… when i watched Befikre i was thinking how something was so off with Vaani in close up’s. Plastic surgery or not she looks really weird and distracting when in close up shots.

      I dont see her making it Big.She is not bad but average actress from what i saw in befikre only. I do not see her winning people somehow.

    • Monalisa says:

      @kiran101 I agree. No matter how much Aditya Chopra try to sell her she will never make it big. Adi should get over his obsession with Vaani and give a chance to actresses like Pari and Bhoomi.

      I still can’t understand what was so wrong with her face in Befikre that made me cringe everytime her close-up was shown. Her chin/ jaw/ mouth area was weird to the point of distraction. Maybe she did Befikre way too soon after the surgery before everything settled down. Some may think I’m shaming Vaani for her looks, which I’m not but as @pooja commented, her post surgery face looked more manly than Ranveer in Befikre. And Ranveer is not someone who’s got a chocolate boy, pretty boy face like Tiger, Shahid, Karthik Aryan. I
      I hope she is not casted opposite Tiger in that YRF dance movie with Hrithik. That would be a miscast of epic propotions.

  10. Pav says:

    When pari was initallin launched, there was something about her. I used to prefer her more than Shraddha or Aalia. But when he returned from her break, it was like she’s a different person and it was all negative vibe.
    About Vaani , I have watched only Befikre. She didn’t really do justice to the character at all. I’m confused whether she’s pretty or not.
    Heard she got the movie with RK too.

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