Bollywood Blind Item 2 – May 2018

It has been wedding season in Bollywood since last December. One couple, who quietly tied the knot, is featured in the blind item below. Like no one knew they tied the knot until they themselves announced it on their social media account. As usual when weddings of celebrities happen like this, quiet and sudden, the media rushes in to bring up the reasons why. You all saw the same type of blind item for a Bengali actress when she got married, but until now we ain’t see no bump. Whatever is the case with the below couple, they are adults with jobs so there’s nothing to worry about. Also, he’s has such a nice-looking face. Check out the blind item below from Mid Day. Here’s wishing the couple a happy married life.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – May 201


Pregnancy behind actress’ sudden marriage?

Friends of the couple can’t stop speculating about an impending pregnancy

This ravishing model-actress sprung a surprise when she got married to an old friend without the usual brouhaha associated with a famous wedding. Turns out, the duo was in a steady relationship for the last few months, but the sudden wedding grabbed eyeballs. Friends of the couple can’t stop speculating about an impending pregnancy. Wait and watch whether the rumours are true.


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – May 2018

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7 Responses

  1. Rad says:

    Its sad that anytime a female celebrity gets married suddenly people start speculating if she’s preggers. But what’s sadder is that most of that times its true.

    Why is nobody talking about Himesh’s wedding which also happened around the same time as Sonam’s?

    • Venus says:

      Yes we should talk about Himesh’s wedding, about this wedding pics where he was acting like the bride with all the focus on him, and also his airport look where he was wearing more makeup than the bride πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. That guy takes himself wayyyy to much seriously.

    • Rad says:

      Haha atleast for that reason we should talk about it. So that we can have a ball poking fun at him :-D. But seriously how come he being the publicity monger that he is, his wedding went totally under the radar is beyond me.

  2. Netarious says:

    Heard thats how she was sustaining herself till she did tv and talk shows. There was a time she wasnt doing anything

  3. zara says:

    people said the same for sonam…even for anushka… it is the new norm of speculation

  4. Pav says:

    Congrats Neha.. but I remember someone has mentioned in OSOP that she’s a high escort.

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