Bollywood Blind Item 2 – March 2018

The first blind item for today comes from BollywoodHungama. We are surprised that BH also publishes blind items now. Surprised because these people have such good relations with celebrities that it might be hard for them to talk bad about them even if it’s in a blind item.

The blind item below has been reported earlier, it’s nothing new. The problem is these stories are not going to help this movie and this actress in any way. Unless, they are using reverse psychology to make us go see this film. You know, when the bar is raised so low people will be nicely surprised at how good the film is. You never know!

We are curious to see how this movie fares at the box office. It will be interesting to see how the audience takes it and reacts to this type of film. The blind item below is about the producer of this film and how he’s worried that this film is not really good. It’s funny because it stars his wife and yet, he could not have made sure earlier that this movie is the type of film that is suitable for her? Or was he too busy ‘mentoring’ his muse to bother about this? And now that the film is ready to be released, he’s having third thoughts. Third thoughts because they already had second thoughts when they decided to postpone the release of this film.

Enough said, check out the blind item below to know more.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – March 2018

Bollywood Blind Item: Failed promotions and flat comeback attempt for this actress

Word is, one of the leading production houses’ head honcho is a worried man these days and is suffering from a strange syndrome. Looks like his plan to re-launch a once popular veteran actress has failed. A little birdie tells us that the producer spent a lot of time and resources, developing marketing strategies in a bid to create positive buzz around the said project but unfortunately, all that planning and plotting has been unsuccessful. Such an awkward position to be in, for both the studio and the concerned actress, right?

So the film was originally supposed to release earlier but was pushed ahead as the studio cited a reason that they did not want to jeopardise their business prospects clashing with the blockbuster of this year, whose release date got shuffled. The real reason, it is touted, is that the studio head was extremely dejected that the promos of his pet project failed to create an impact and subsequently he gave an earful to the PR and the marketing head to come up with better strategies. The junta is not very kicked about its trailer neither is there any particular interest revolving around the movie or the actress anymore.

Last heard, the studio now has sort of given up on the project and are just waiting to get done with it. The marketing team has been instructed to stop spending on the promotions and cut back whatever costs they can on the film and just release it without any showsha. Tough luck for the actress, eh?


OSOP Guesses

Head Honcho: Aditya Chopra

Film: Hichki

Actress: Rani Mukherjee

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – March 2018

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19 Responses

  1. Monalisa says:

    I read several comments on PV posts about Aditya Chopra, where the commentators wrote that Yash Chopra must have ghost directed DDLJ. I’m starting to believe it. The movies he directed when his father was alive (after DDLJ) were ok, but the first movie he directed after his father’s death was crap. Also most movies YRF produced after Yash Chopra’s death were crap. Apparently the last movie he greenlighted before his death was Gunday. It maybe a typical masala movie but it was still better than the recent YRF movies.

    • Admin says:

      Thing is, AC in his head thinks he’s a bigshot and knows everything about how the industry works. He thinks of himself the Godfather, who just sits in one place and makes decisions about things relating to his company. It’s why he has fallen flat on his face. Wonder where he is still getting the money. But he’s smart, he hires Aamir or Salman and makes a big budget film that brings a lot of money. Then, he uses that money to make other small-budget films.

  2. Universal says:

    Ok, this might be an unpopular opinion but I think Rani has been trying to prove a point since quite a bit now. Even in No one killed Jessica, her act to look badass felt quite a stretch. In her many movies in recent years, she seemed like trying to do all different kind of roles that her peers were doing and that forced effort was visible in Aiyya, Mardani etc. Also, not ready to accept she is past her prime and making a comeback. She needs a good cast around her to get in the groove slowly. May be big studio name allows her to always be the focal point in all her comeback movies.

  3. Nar says:

    How bad is this film? Worst than the garbage YRF has been producing? Y is he so worked up about this movie compared to the other rubbish they dish out? After Gunday, Kill Dill, Befikre etc. what else does he have to lose?

    This hidden monster called Aditya should take a chill pill and re-evaluate all the crap he’s been doing since forever…starting with “Stop criticizing others and fix urself first”

    • Rashmi says:

      I love your comment, my dear. you’re completely right. Aditya is a despot, as his father Yash used to be, but Yash did good films, Aditya had big problems with it

  4. Amanda says:

    Almost many popular actresses of yesteryear don’t get successful comeback…. Rani was away from limelight for too many years and expecting fans to go crazy over her return is too much… Hope the movie receives good word of mouth if it is really wellmade…. Madhuri,Juhi,Karishma etc have all failed to make a mark during their second innings….. Sri did a successful comeback in english vinglish,but failed in her second BW movie Mom and also in her much hyped tamil return Puli…. Kajol keeps doing films with gaps with hits and misses, Her last tamil film VIP 2 didnt garner any hype and flopped…

    I think if long breaks are taken,audience hardly warm up to them… The actors should always stay in limelight to stay relevant…

    Only Amitabh Bachchan did a success return and is still in demand…… I didnt like Dharmendra in Yamla pagla deewana… Even Rajesh Khanna’s last B grade movie Wafa: A Deadly Love Story was a flop….

    I think once a famed actor retires,it should be for life….. Else they better plan their comeback with care,choosing appropriate roles and good director and story…..

      • Admin says:

        What doesn’t this man complain about?

        • Amanda says:

          Yeah,SKJ keeps writing open letters so often…. The only good thing he writes about is SLB,whole Bachchan family and Sridevi….. All articles related to his favs are sugar coated …

    • Rashmi says:

      The return of Aishwarya also failed, although she has millions of fans. even strange, at one time Juhi, Madhuri, Rani Kajol Aish were legends with a billion army of fans, but after years the audience completely forgot about them and switched to younger and more modern actresses. The same fate awaits Deepika, Priyanka and so on

      • Amanda says:

        Thats why I feel,once a famed actor retires,he/she should retire for life….. I guess their fans want to remember them as they were in their peak….

        • Pooja says:

          Don’t think so ppl should try like ab sr u may succeed but problem with female superstar they don’t want to play mother role like madhuri ma’am as sonam’s(too old for daughter)but u have to accept that u can’t play girl in 20s n 30s at age of 50.ab sr play srk father role at age of 54-55 when srk was 32-33.they have to accept reality but universal truth 40-50yrs old male accept as boy but not females actors can do same.sad but reality

          • Pepeas says:

            Correct, they can’t play a college girl forever. I think the problem is that good roles are rarely written for older women (and even older men who are not Khans) in our industry. What is exciting for good actresses if a producer says: “mam, we want you to play Ranveer Singh’s mummy ka role”. Ok, but what is the character, actually? Is she essential to the story? Does she have any interesting lines to say? Like, Ratna Pathak-Shah’s role in JTYJN was a good role. Supriya Pathak’s role in Ram-Leela was powerful. They were not just boring, generic mummies saying “beta, khana khaya?” but could show their acting skills, like Sridevi in English Vinglish. I think Rani is trying the right thing – a lower budget film with a strong story and role for her. Whether the audience will accept it is another thing.

      • Pooja says:

        Indian mostly go for male star driven film. sridevi English vinglish was earn 35cr with budget of 12cr n ash sarbjit budget was 30cr n earn same so flop.same with bebo’s heroin n madhuri’s gulaab gang even she refer as female amitabh bachchan of bw till content too strong like piku n queen even anushka’s pari its Indian mostly refer strong male star over female star.

        • Rashmi says:

          Tanu and Manu Return was the highest grossing film among heroines for all time in Bollywood, not the Queen or Piku

          • Pooja says:

            Yaa but its bcz kangana’s queen acting which make ppl to go for twmr when 1st twn came its was hit like small budget film in IPL season get hit is huge think then queen who change kangana’s career 180 degree anand l rai not have fund for making twmr but queen success came n producer came to cash on kangana’s success n for funding than twmr able to reality of making so is was bcz queen success make queen it more crucial film for kangana than twmr yup its was damm entraining.deserve all success.

          • Rashmi says:

            I was talking only about the box office now, that is, as a fact, Tanu and Manu were much higher than the Queen or Piku at the box office. (I do not know who gave me dislike, people are strange, they are greedy to put Like, but with pleasure put dislike, , although I try not to do so)

          • Pooja says:

            Twmr success proportional to queen success I’m talking about content not which is bigger success at that point of view twmr was 155cr film at that point of time only khans n hritik film(inflated) cross 200cr mark not even ajay or akki film done more than 120cr.

      • Rashmi says:

        what strange people are there! put me like their arm hurts, but put dislike, always please. sorry guys, now I will do the same in large quantities

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